orguinette.jpg Welcome to The Organette Music Repository, where you'll find information on music for all organettes. Organettes are a small hand-cranked reed organ, usually designed for tabletop use. Popular from the 1870s through the early 1900s, hundreds of models were manufactured, playing thousands of tunes. Hymns, popular music, classical—they're all available as you turn the crank.

mandolina.jpgNow, over a hunderd years later, many of the music rolls, sheets, discs, or rollers have begun to deteriorate. It is the goal of The Organette Music Repository to preserve that music for the enjoyment of everyone, while it can still be researched, scanned and duplicated.

We need your help! This project will succeed because people like you are willing to share a bit of information and music, contributing to an effort which benefits everyone. Please Log In and join the project, making The Organette Music Repository a success!1)

1) P.S. We've tried to make adding information as easy as possible, but if you're unable to do so for any reason, please contact the Administrator. (About The Organette Music Repository) There are volunteer editors who can add your music information from other formats—even printed lists. Don't give up!
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