Aeolian (58-Note)

InstrumentAeolian Grand
Aeolian Orchestrelle
Formatpaper roll
Size10.125 inch (25.7 cm)
Holes per inch6.00

This list is based on The Organette Book, by Kevin McElhone, and in cooperation with the MBSGB Archives.

We'll Walk Our Road TogetherSir. Wm Younger
I Want to be in Dixie
Panis AngelicusCesar Franck
H1001Bell of the Ball - Waltz
H1004Come to the Cabaret
H1009Land of Hope & Glory / Pomp & Circumstance
4003Star spangled banner, marching thru Georgia etc.
10037Rhapsodie Hongroise #2
10046Op.11 E Minor. Allegro MaestosoChopin
10050Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.12Liszt
10051Bataille. Etude de ConcertL.M.Gottschalk
10057Sonata, Op.27, No.2. MoonlightBeethoven
10079A Marionette's Funeral March
10087Leonore overture #3
10120Invitiation To The Dance
10133Concerto, Op54. A Minor. 1st Mvt. allegroR. Schumann
10154Alba (sunrise)
10163Marche Funebre, Sonata, Op.35Chopin
10173Symphony #5 Op64
10224Symphony No. 2Beethoven
L10244Grand Choeur in DW. Faulkes
L10272Il Me Disait, Op.23, Valse LenteP. Ferraris
10292Tocatelle, Op.26Dupont
10294La Lisonjera. The FlattererChaminade
10312Hunting Song, Op.82R.Schumann
L10325Sigurd Act 2, Scene 7. DansesE. Reyer
L10348Fantiasia in CB. Tours
L10350Because. songG. d'Hardelot
10367BSymphony No.3 Im Walde. 3rd Mvt. Part 2. AllegroRaff
10378Fifth symphony waltz
L10385Song D'Automne WaltzA. Joyce
10425Symphony #1
10579La Campanella
L10686Reve au Champagne, Op.100, ValseR. Vollstedt
L10736The Sunshine of Your SmileL. Ray
10787Chant sans Paroles. Op.2, No.3 in FTschaikowsky
L10800March of the Jewish WarriorsShinn
L10825Monsieur Beaucaire, Selection Roll 1Andre Messager
L10859Military PostludeLeake
20005Il Bacio. The Kiss, WaltzArditi
20053Waltz QuadrilleG.W. Allen
20180Mazeppa, Grand Galopp de concertWollenhaupt
20296Jeunesse DoreeA. Cady
20334Wedding Of The Winds - Waltz
20381Bonne-douche polka
20448Willow Grove March
20493Merry American march
20498The Singing Girl MarchVictor Herbert
20666Creole BellsJames B.Lampe
20777The Choristers WaltzBernard Phelps
3??77Echoes of …
30003William Tell Overture
30015Tannhauser OvertureWagner
30039Martha OvertureFlotow
30059Poet and peasant Overture
30073Mignon OvertureThomas
30075Le Prophete. Coronation MarchMeyerbeer
30087Erminie PotpourriJakobowski
30186Maxmillian Robespierre Overture
30232Pagliacci PrologueLeoncavallo
30313The Serenade. Women, Lovely WomenVictor Herbert
30322Die Walkure
30383La Boheme
30423Die Walkure
30440Hero & Leander. Act 2, The Sacred DanceMancinelli
30452Hamlet(ballet music)
30509Paragraph III Overture
30513Le Roi de Lahore
30571Prince Methusalem Overture
30668Cendrillon. Le Sommeil de CendrillojnJules Massenet
40001The Lost ChordSullivan
40013In old Madrid
40016Now I Lay me Down to SleepWalbridge
40021The Holy CitySullivan
40025Bedouin love song
40041Wait for the Turn of the TideClifton
40091GoodbyeF.P. Tosti
40097Oh, that we Two were MayingGounod
40406Doux Sommeil. Sweet Slumber. Cradle SongGabriel-Marie
40477Ballet Mignon
40645Souvenir d'un Bal Costime. Cuqetee. Pas de QuatreH. Labadie
50012Ave MariaGounod
50016Abide with Me. EventideMonk
50079CalvaryPaul Rodney
50125The Redemption. Unfold Ye Portals EverlastingGounod
50162Hymn Selection, 2 verses of each tune
1. All saints
2. Nicea
3. Eventide
4. Toplady
5. Sabbath
50331Palm Sunday Hymn - All Glory Laud & Honor
60070The Broken MelodyVon Biene
60588Danse D'AmourJ.E. Clark
60608Offertoire in G
60612Sextet from Lucia di Lammermoor
61796Alpine Fantasie, Op.452Moses-Tobani
62658Offertoire for Christmas
62918Every little movement (1910)
10001Symphony, No.8. B minor. (Unfinished). First Movement, Allegro moderatoSchubert
10002Symphony, No. 8. B minor. (Unfinished). Second Movement, Andante con motoSchubert
10004Nocturne (Fifth), Op. 52Leybach
10008Andante, Op. 122, No. 1Merkel
10009Sonata (Organ), Op. 42. Second Movement, AdagioMerkel
10010Grand Offertoire de Ste. Cecilia, No.2Batiste
10011Melodie, Op.8, No.3Paderewski
10011Symphony, No.5, Op. 67. C minor. First Movement, Allegro con brioBeethoven
10015Dame Macabre, Op. 40Saint-Saens
10016Serenade, Op. 63, No. 2. WaltzVolkmann
10018Kamennoi-Ostrow, Op. 10, No. 22Rubinstein
10020Flying Dutchman. OvertureWagner
10020Symphony, No.5, Op. 67. C minor. Second Movement, Andante con motoBeethoven
10021Melody in FRubinstein
10025Valse, Op. 11, No.2Widor
10027Chanson d'amourJoseffy
10030Symphony, No.5, Op. 67. C minor. Third Movement, Allegro scherzo; Fourth Movement, Allegro prestoBeethoven
10032Murillq. Allegro de Concert, Op. 138Terschak
10034Symphony (Eroica), No.3, Op. 55. First Movement, Allegro con brioBeethoven
10035Symphony (Eroica), No.3, Op. 55. Second Movement, Marcia funebreBeethoven
10036Symphony (Eroica), No.3, Op. 55. Third Movement, ScherzoBeethoven
10037Rhapsodie Hongroise. No.2Liszt
10041Valse Caprice, Op. 31Scharwenka
10048Flying Dutchman; Spinning SongWagner
10049Valse, Op. 34, No.2Chopin
10050Rhapsodie Hongroise. No. 12Liszt
10051Bataille. Etude de ConcertGottschalk
10054Peer Gynt, Suite I. Op. 46 No.1, Daybreak; No.2, Death of AaseGrieg
10055Peer Gynt, Suite I., Op 46 No.3, Anitra's Dance; No.4, Hall of the Mountain KingGrieg
10056Dying PoetGottschalk
10057Sonata, Op. 27, No.2. MoonlightBeethoven
10058Symphony. No. 1. Op. 21, Key C. First Movement, Adagio molto. AllegroBeethoven
10059Symphony. No. 1. Op. 21, Key C. Second Movement, Andante cantabileBeethoven
10060Symphony. No. 1, Op. 21, Key C. Third Movement, MenuettoBeethoven
10061Symphony, No.1, Op. 21, Key C. Fourth Movement, Adagio. Allegro vivaceBeethoven
10062Symphony, No.7, Op. 92. Key A. First Movement, Poco sostenuto. VivaceBeethoven
10063Symphony, No.7, Op. 92. Key A. Second Movement, AllegrettoBeethoven
10064Symphony, No.7, Op. 92. Key A. Third Movement, ScherzoBeethoven
10065Symphony, No.7, Op. 92. Key A. Fourth Movement, Allegro con brioBeethoven
10066Last HopeGottschalk
10070Grillen, Op. 12, No.4Schumann
10075March Funebre et Chant SeraphiqueGuilmant
10078Capriccio, Op. 41Klein
10079Marionettes Funeral MarchGounod
10081Liebesnacht, Op. 40Scharwenka
10083Marche HeroiqueSaint-Saens
10085Cavatine, Op. 85, No.3Raff
10087Fidelio (Leonore). Overture. Op. 72, No.3Beethoven
10090Fantasie for Organ, No.7Dubois
10091Offertoire, No.2. Key EDubois
10097Scenes Pittoresques. No.3, Angelus; No.4, Fete BohemeMassenet
10098Valse, Op. 34, No. 1Chopin
10101Celebre MinuetAlbeniz
10101Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.6Liszt
10102Serenade, Op. 10Cui
10103Traumerei and Little RomanceSchumann
10104Pastorale. Transcribed by F. ArcherMailly
10105Graceful Dance. Henry VIIIGerman
10106Intermezzo. Henry VIIIGerman
10111Sonata, Op. 13. First Movement, GraveBeethoven
10112Sonata, Op. 13. Second Movement, Adagio; Third Movement, AllegroBeethoven
10115Etude, Op. 10, No.2. A minorChopin
10115Sortie (Recessional)Du Mouchel
10118Quintet (String), No.3. G minor. First Movement, AllegroMozart
10119Quintet (String), No.3. G minor. Second Movement, MenuettoMozart
10120Invitation to the DanceWeber
10120Quintet (String), No.3. G minor. Third Movement, Adagio rna non troppoMozart
10121Quintet (String), No.3. G minor. Fourth Movement, Adagio; Fifth Movement, AllegroMozart
10126Song's Without Words. No. 34, Spinning Song; No. 30, Spring SongMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10129At Evening, Idylle, Op. 52Buck
10132Choral MarchBuck
10133Concerto, Op. 54, A minor First Movement, Allegro affettuosoSchumann
10134Concerto, Op. 54, A minor Second Movement, Intermezzo. Andantino graziosoSchumann
10136Valses, Op. 70, No.2 and No.3Chopin
10137Symphony, No.6 (Surprise). First Movement, Adagio. VivaceHaydn
10138Symphony, No.6 (Surprise). Second Movement, AndanteHaydn
10139Symphony, No.6 (Surprise). Third 'Movement, MenuettoHaydn
10140Symphony, No.6 (Surprise). Fourth Movement, Finale. AllegroHaydn
10142Symphony, No.4. Fourth Movement, Vivace. (Clock Movement.)Haydn
10143Concerto, A minor. Finale. Allegro vivacePaderewski
10144Symphony, No. 1. MenuettoMozart
10145Awakening of SpringE. Bach
10146Caprice, Op. 31, No.6Moszkowski
10147Suite d'Orchestre (Premiere), Op. 39. No.3, Air and VariationsMoszkowski
10148Traumbilder (Dream Pictures). FantasieLumbye
10149Dans Ie Hamac, Op. 37, No.2MacDowell
10151Romance for VioloncelleDethier
10155Hungarian Dance, No.6Brahms
10156Witch's Frolic CapriceH.N. Bartlett
10158Carnival de Venice, LeLa Hache
10161Erl-King. Trans. by LisztSchubert
10161Illusions PerduesGottschalk
10162Papillon, Le (The Butterfly)Lavallee
10163March Funebre (Posthumous 1829). Op. 72, No. 2. Note-This should not be confused with the first “March Funebre II which is the one more universally knownChopin
10165Symphony, No. 41 (Jupiter). Key C. First Movement, Allegro VivaceMozart
10166Symphony, No. 41 (Jupiter). Key C. Third Movement, MenuettoMozart
10168Theme; Variations and Finale, No. 63Dethier
10173Symphony, No.5, Op. 64. Second Movement, Andante cantabileTchaikowsky
10174Preludes, LesLiszt
10175Symphony, No.6, Op. 68. Key F. First Movement, AllegroBeethoven
10176Symphony, No.3 (Scotch). First Movement, Andante con moto. AllegroMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10177Symphony, No.3 (Scotch). Fourth Movement, Allegro vivacissimoMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10181Suite Alg,erienne, Op. 60. Marche MilitaireSaint-Saens
10182Aubade Printaniere (Spring, Serenade)Lacombe
10185Dolce far niente. Tempo di GavotteBraga
10195Sonata, Op. 26. Third Movement, Marcia FunebreBeethoven
10196Trio, Op. 49. D minor. Second Movement, Andante con motaMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10197Symphony, No.6, Op.68. Key F. Third Movement, AllegroBeethoven
10204Fete ChampetreMattei
10205Letzter Fruhling, Op. 34Grieg
10207Schneewittchen, Op. 135, No.2Bendel
10209Bal Costume, Op. 103 No.3. Berger et BergereRubinstein
10210Bal Costume, Op. 103 No.4. Marquis et MarquiseRubinstein
10210Sonata, Op. 26. First Movement, Andante, with variations 1 and 5Beethoven
10211Bal Costume, Op. 103 No. 10. Bojard et BojardeRubinstein
10213Fruhlingslied (Spring Song)Henselt
10214Water Scenes, Op. 13. No.3, Water Nymph; No.4, NarcissusNevin
10216Communion in E minorBatiste
10219Scene Veneziane. No. I, CarnovaleMancinelli
10224Symphony, No.2. Key D. First Movement, Adagio moltoBeethoven
10225Symphony, No.2. Key D. Second Movement, LarghettoBeethoven
10226Symphony, No.2. Key D. Third Movement, ScherzoBeethoven
10227Symphony, No.2. Key D. Fourth Movement, Allegro moltoBeethoven
10229Symphony, No.7. Key C. Second Movement, Andante con motoSchubert
10230Sin! El! BalladCaballero
10231Ballade, Op. 19Leybach
10235Reves (Dreams) No. I, Berceuse; No.2, Scherzino; No.3, Chant d'AmourAlbeniz
10240Etude, Op. 10, No.6Chopin
10241Sirene, La. Caprice de ConcertTerschak
10243Sonata, Op. 2, No.2. Second Movement, AdagioBeethoven
10244Sonata, Op. 2, No.3. Third Movement, Scherzo and TrioBeethoven
10247Symphony (Eroica), No.3, Op. 55. Fourth Movement, Allegro moltoBeethoven
10249Polonaise, Op. 53. A flatChopin
10251Tendresse, LaCramer
10252Prelude and Fugue in D majorJ.S. Bach
10253Symphony GothiqueWidor
10256Suite, Op. 113. MarciaLachner
10258Symphony Gothique. Fourth MovementWidor
10259Idomeneo. Placido e il MarMozart
10261Sonata (Organ), Op. 42. First Movement, MaestosoMerkel
10262Elevation, No. 25. D minorBatiste
10263Prelude and Fugue, Op. 35, No. lMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10265Sonata., Op. 50. Preludio and FugaGuilmant
10267Danse RustiqueWm. Mason
10268Triumphal March, Op. 26Buck
10271Orchestral SuiteHeinrich
10273Swallows. Valse melancoliqueKlein
10275Remember Me. NocturneBrinkman
10276Polonaise, No.2. Key ELiszt
10277Kaiser MarchWagner
10278Symphonie, Op. 26 (Landliche Hochzeit). Second Movement, BrautliedYoldmark
10279Symphonie, Op. 26 (Landliche Hochzeit). Third Movement, SerenadeGoldmark
10280Fantasie Sonate, Op. 65. Grave. AllegroRheinberger
10281Fantasie Sonate, Op. 65. Adagio. Finale. AllegroRheinberger
10282Sonata, Op. 119, No.6. Preludio. IntermezzoRheinberger
10283Sonata, Op. 119, No.6. Marcia. re1igiosa. FugaRheinberger
10284Bolero, Op. 30Sarasate
10285Walzer, Opo 48, No.2Tchaikowsky
10286Offertoire, 'Op. 35, No.4Lefebure-Wely
10288Fantasie in E minorLemmens
10289Vecchio Minuetto, Op. 18Sgambati
10290Shepherd's Call Bunning
10292Tocatelle, Op. 26Dupont
10293Symphony, No.7. AndanteMozart
10298Tarantelle, Op. 174, No. 10Raff
10299Aeolian PastoraleH. Clark
10301Rhapsodie EcossaiseHauser
10303Legende, Op. 314, No.7Bohm
10305Symphony, No.6, Op. 74. B minor. Third Movement, Allegro vivaceTchaikowsky
10306Berceuse, Opt 57Chopin
10307Scherzo, Op. 20. B minorChopin
10308Gavotte in EJ.S. Bach
10309Serenade. Sing, Smile, SlumberGounod
10312Hunting Song, Op. 82Schumann
10313Slumber Song, Op. 124, No. 16Schumann
10315Etude in GLambert
10316Serenade Key AHeller
10317Fantasie Polonaise, Op. 19. Allegro moderatoPaderewski
10318Fantasie Polonaise, Op. 19. AndantePaderewski
10322Scherzo alIa PolaccaCapen
10324Symphony (American) No.5. Second Movement, LargoDvorak
10328Symphony, No.6, Op. 74. B minor. First Movement, Adagio. AllegroTchaikowsky
10329Symphony, No.6, Op. 74. B minor. Fourth Movement, Adagio lamentosoTchaikowsky
10330Poeme Pastorale. IdylleJakobowski
10332Symphony, No.6, Op. 74. B minor. Second Movement, AllegroTchaikowsky
10334StormJ. Kunkel
10336Melody for SeraphoneH. Oark
10337Valse PoetiqueGottschalk
10340Espana RhapsodieChabrier
10341Mazurkas, Op. 6 No.1, F sharp minor; No.2, C sharp minor; No.3, Key E; No.4, E flat minorChopin
10341aMazeppa. Poeme Symphonique, Part ILiszt
10341bMazeppa. Poeme Symphonique, Part IILiszt
10343Souvenir d'AutomneSchlesinger
10344Symphony, No.8, Op. 93. Key F. Second Movement, Allegro ScherzandoBeethoven
10345Ballet Suite. No.1, Scene de BacchanaleHadley
10346Ballet Suite. No.2. Intermezzo. No.3. FinaleHadley
10348Symphony (American) No.5. First Movement, AdagioDvorak
10349Symphony (American) No.5. Third 'Movement, ScherzoDvorak
10350Symphony (American) No.5. Fourth Movement, AllegroDvorak
10352Au MatinWm. Mason
10354Morris Dance. Henry VIIIGerman
10355Torch Dance. Henry VIIIGerman
10359Salammbo. Symphonic PoemCauffman
10361Sonata, Op. 47 (Kreutzer). Key A. First Movement, Adagio sostenutoBeethoven
10362Sonata, Op. 47 (Kreutzer). Key A. Second Movement, Andante con variazioniBeethoven
10363Sonata, Op. 47 (Kreutzer). Key A. Third Movement, PrestoBeethoven
10364aSymphony, No.3 (1m Walde). First Movement, Allegro, Part 1Raft
10364bSymphony, No.3 (1m Walde). First Movement, Allegro, Part IIRaft
10365Symphony, No.3 (Im Walde). Second Movement; Largo, Part 1Raft
10366Symphony. No.3 (Im Walde). Second Movement, Allegro, Part IIRaff
10367aSymphony, No. 3 (Im Walde). Third Movement, Allegro, Part 1Raff
10367bSymphony, No.3 (Im Walde). Third Movement, Allegro, Part IIRaff
10368Love SongJonas
10369Waltz, Op. 64, No.3Chopin
10370Marionettensprunge. Kleines BalletGoldbeck
10371Mexican DancesGoldbeck
10372Etude, Op. 22, No.4Wollenhaupt
10373Sonata, Op. 42, No.1. Largo et MaestosoGuilmant
10374Sonata, Op. 42, No. 1. Pastorale. FinaleGuilmant
10376Night SongSternberg
10378Symphony, No.5, Op. 64. Third Movement, WaltzTchaikowsky
10384Cat's FugueScarlatti
10387Toccata and Fugue in FJ.S. Bach
10388Symphony, No.1, Op. 68, C minor. First Movement, Un poco sostenutoBrahms
10389Symphony, No.1, Op. 68, C minor. Second Movement, Andante sostenutoBrahms
10390aSymphony, No.1, Op. 68, C minor. Third Movement, Adagio. AndanteBrahms
10390bSymphony, No.1, Op. 68, C minor. Fourth Movement, Allegro non troppoBrahms
10391Quartet (String), Op. 131. Fourth Movement; AdagioBeethoven
10392Variations on Chorale St. AnthonyBrahms
10394Quartet (String), Op. 131. First Movement, Adagio rna non troppoBeethoven
10395Quartet (String), Op. 131. Second Movement, Allegro moderatoBeethoven
10396Quartet (String), Op. 131. Third Movement, PrestoBeethoven
10398From Foreign rarts, Op. 23. No.1, Russia; No.5, Italy; No.6, HungaryMoszkowski
10399Rhapsodie Hongroise, No. 14Liszt
10404Jet d'Eau, Le. Op. 17Sydney Smith
10407Papillon, Le {The Butterfly)Grieg
10411Sonata, Op. 53 (Waldstein). First Movement, AllegroBeethoven
10412Sonata, Op. 53 (Waldstein). Second Movement, Adagio; Third Movement, RondoBeethoven
10413Symphony. No.2. G minor. First Movement, Allegro moltoMozart
10414Symphony. No.2. G minor. Second Movement, AndanteMozart
10415Symphony. No.2. G minor. Third Movement, Minuetto. AllegroMozart
10416Symphony, No.2. G minor. Fourth Movement, Allegro assaiMozart
10419Polacca, Op. 72Weber
10422Grand Offertoire de Ste. Cecilia, Op. 9, No.3Batiste
10423Sonata, Op. 57 (Apassionata). First Movement, AllegroBeethoven
10424Sonata, Op. 57 (Appassionata). Second Movement, Andante; Third Movement, AllegroBeethoven
10425Symphony. No. 1. Key F. First Movement, Andante maestosoHadley
10426Symphony, No. 1. Second Movement, AndanteHadley
10427Symphony, No. 1. Third Movement, ScherzoHadley
10428Symphony, No. 1. Fourth Movement, AllegroHadley
10429Symphony, No.3, Op. 90. Key F. First Movement, Allegro con brioBrahms
10430Symphony, No.3, Op. 90. Key F. Second Movement, Andante; Third Movement, Poco AllegrettoBrahms
10431Symphony, No.3, Op. 90. Key F. Fourth Movement, AllegroBrahms
10434aYouth of Hercules, Op. 50. Symphonic PoemSaint-Saens
10434bYouth of Hercules, Op. 50. Symphonic PoemSaint-Saens
10436Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.1Liszt
10437Romanza, Op. 21Schuett
10443Prelude, No. 6;Fugue No.6; D minor; Book 1J.S. Bach
10444Prelude, No.7, Fugue No.7; E flat; Book 1J.S. Bach
10446Prelude, No.9, Fugue No.9; Key E; Book 1J.S. Bach
10455Prelude, No. 18, Fugue No. 18; G sharp minor; Book IJ.S. Bach
10472Prelude, No. 11, Fugue No. 11; Key F; Book IIJ.S. Bach
10476Prelude, No. IS, Fugue No. 15; Key G; Book IIJ.S. Bach
10486Traumbild, Ein. (Reverie)Koerner
10487Sonata (Organ), Op. 65, No.4Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
10488Sonata (Organ), Op. 65, No.6Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
10489Sonata (Organ), Op. 65, No.5Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
10491Spinning Song, Op. 81. A flatLitolff
10494Quartet, No.4. First Movement, Allegro; Second Movement, MenuettoMozart
10495Quartet, No.4. Third Movement, Adagio; Fourth Movement, Allegro assaiMozart
10499Rosamunde. Entr'Acte, No.2Schubert
10501aQuintet, Op. 163. First Movement, Allegro. Part 1Schubert
10501bQuintet, Op. 163. First Movement, Allegro. Part IISchubert
10503Sonata, No. 18. Fantasia. IntroductionMozart
10504Sonata, No. 18. Fantasia. First Movement, Molto AllegroMozart
10505Sonata, No. 18. Fantasia. Second Movement, Adagio; Third Movement, Allegro assaiMozart
10508Quintet, Op. 163. Second Movement, AdagioSchubert
10509Quintet, Op. 163. Third Movement, ScherzoSchubert
10510Quintet, Op. 163. Fourth Movement, AllegrettoSchubert
10511Fantasia and Fugue in G minorJ.S. Bach
10512Concert (Organ), G minorHandel
10517aSymphony, No.7. Key C. First Movement, Andante. Part ISchubert
10517bSymphony, No.7. Key C. First Movement, Allegro. Part IISchubert
10518Symphony, No.7. Key C. Third Movement, ScherzoSchubert
10519aSymphony, No.7. Key C. Fourth Movement, Allegro vivace. Part ISchubert
10519bSymphony, No.7. Key C. Fourth Movement, Allegro vivace. Part IISchubert
10520Air de Ballet, No. 1Chaminade
10523Liebeslieder Walzer, Op. 52. Nos. 1-4Brahms
10524Liebeslieder Walzer, Op. 52. Nos. 5 and 6Brahms
10525Liebeslieder Walz~r, Op. 52. Nos. 7-9Brahms
10526Liebeslieder Walzer, Op. 52. Nos. 10-14Brahms
10527Liebeslieder Walzer, Op. 52. Nos. 15-18Brahms
10528L'Allegro. Sweet Bird, that Shun'st the Noise of FollyHandel
10529Fugue in C majorBuxtehude
10531Grand Festival March. Composed in commemoration of the one-hundredth anniversary of the Independence of the United States of AmericaWagner
10534Meditation, Op. 16Klein
10535Grand Chorus, Op. 84Guilmant
10536Cantabile, Opt 41Loret
10538Symphony (Organ), No.4. Andante cantabileWidor
10539Canon, OPt 56, No.5Schumann
10541Canon, OPt 21, No.3. Key FSalome
10542Fantasia, Op. 15, No. 1Sjogren
10543Rhapsody on Christmas ThemesGigout
10544Marche SolennelleLemaigre
10545Sonata (Violin), Op. 96. Key G. First Movement, Allegro moderatoBeethoven
10546Sonata (Violin), Op. 96. Key G. Second Movement, Adagio; Third Movement, ScherzoBeethoven
10547Sonata (Violin), Op. 96. Key G. Fourth Movement, Poco AllegrettoBeethoven
10548aSymphonischer Prolog. Francesca da Remini, Part IFoote
10548bSymphonischer Prolog. Francesca da Remini, Part IIFoote
10550From the Cradle to the Grave, Op. 202. Bridal ProcessionReinecke
10551From the Cradle to the Grave, Op. 202. Birthday MarchReinecke
10551Quintet (Clarinet). LarghettoMozart
10552From the Cradle to the Grave, Op. 202. The Child DreamReinecke
10553From the Cradle to the Grave, Op. 202. O Lovely May: O Happy DayReinecke
10554Songs Without Words. No. 18, DuettoMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10559Sonata, No. 15. Key D. First Movement, Allegro; Second Movement, AndanteMozart
10560Sonata, No. 15. Key D. Third Movement, Theme and VariationsMozart
10561Sonata, Op. 24, No. 1. First Movement, AllegroWeber
10562Sonata, Op. 24, No. 1. Second Movement, AdagioWeber
10563Sonata, Op. 24, No. 1. Third Movement, MinuettoWeber
10564Sonata, Op. 24, No. 1. Fourth Movement, RondoWeber
10565Sonata, Op. 120, No.3. First Movement, Allegro moderato; Second Movement, AndanteSchubert
10566Sonata. Op. ,120, No.3. Third Movement, AllegroSchubert
10567Hymn of NunsLefebure-Wely
10568Tremolo EtudeGottschalk
10569Sonata, No. 1. Allegro. AndanteHaydn
10570Sonata, No.1. FinaleHaydn
10571Sonata, No.6. First Movement, ModeratoHaydn
10572Sonata, No.6. Second Movement, Scherzando; Third Movement MenuettoHaydn
10573Sonata, No.5. D minor. First Movement, Allegro moderatoP.E. Bach
10574Sonata, No.5. D minor. Second Movement, Cantabile e mesto; Third Movement, AllegroP.E. Bach
10575Marche SolennelleMailly
10578Soiree a St. Petersburg. (Romance)Rubinstein
10579Campanella, LaLiszt
10580Valse, OP. 34, No. 1Moszkowski
10581Symphony. No.2, Op. 61. Key C. First Movement, Sostenuto assaiSchumann
10582Symphony. No.2. Op. 61. Key C. Second Movement, ScherzoSchumann
10583Symphony. No.2, Op. 61. Key C. Third Movement. Adagio espressivoSchumann
10586Prelude to Oedipus Tyrannus of SOIihokles, Op. 35Paine
10587Symphony, Op. 42 (Ocean). Fifth Movement, ScherzoRubinstein
10588Symphony. No.2. Op. 61. Key C. Fourth Movement, Allegro molto vivaceSchumann
10589Sonata (Violin). G minor. First Movemept, Andante; Second Movement, AllegroTartini
10590Se tu m'ame se sospiri (If Thou Lov'st Me)Pergolesi
10594Post, Die (The Post)Schubert
10602Sonata, Op. 31, No.3. C minor. First Movement, AllegroBeethoven
10603Sonata, Op. 31, No.3. C minor. Second Movement, Allegretto vivaceBeethoven
10604Sonata, Op. 31, No.3. C minor. Third Movement, MinuettoBeethoven
10605Sonata, Op. 31, No.3. C minor. Fourth Movement, Presto con fuocoBeethoven
10607Trauermarsch. B minorBeethoven
10608Abendlied, Op. 85, No. 12Schumann
10609Concerto, No.7, Op. 38, E minor Second Movement, AdagioSpohr
10610Adagio for Cello. Key DRopartz
10611Symphony. No.3. E flat. First Movement, Molto AllegroMozart
10612Symphony. No.3. E flat. Second Movement, AndanteMozart
10613Symphony, No.3. E flat. Third Movement, PrestoMozart
10614Marie, Op. 18, No. 1. Key F. Bitte (Request), Op. 9, No.3. D flatFranz
10615Childe Harold. Leise Zieht durch mein Gemiith (Softly Through My Heart Doth Ring)Franz
10617Mazurka, Op. 68, No.2. A minorChopin
10620Dreamy LakeSchumann
10621Water Lily (Male Chorus)Abt
10622Huntsman's FarewellMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10625Communion, Op. 29, No.3. Key EBatiste
10627Rondo No. 20. A minorMozart
10628Symphony, No.2. Op. 34. Key A. Im Fruhling (Spring), AdagioPaine
10631Abends, Des, Op. 12, No. 1Schumann
10642aQuartet (String), Op. 161. Key C. First Movement, Allegro. Part ISchubert
10642bQuartet (String), Op. 161. Key C. First Movement, Allegro molto moderato. Part IISchubert
10643Quartet (String), Op. 161. Key C. Second 'Movement, Andante un poco motoSchubert
10644Quartet (String), Op. 161. Key C. Third Movement. ScherzoSchubert
10645Quartet (String), Op. 161. Key C. Fourth Movement, Allegro assaiSchubert
10646Elevation. Key GBatiste
10647Novelette, Op. 21, No.1Schumann
10651En Automne, Op. 36, No.4Moszkowski
10653Impressions Breves. No.1, TristessePaulin
10654Impressions Breves. No.6, Rythme de BalletPaulin
10658Symphony, No.6, Op. 68, Key F. Second Movement, AndanteBeethoven
10659Symphony, No.6, Op. 68. Key F. Fourth Movement, Allegro; Fifth Movement, AllegrettoBeethoven
10661Am Springbrunnen, Op. 85, No.9Schumann
10662Gartenmelodie, Op. 85, No.3Schumann
10663Air and Gavotte, from Suite in DJ. S. Bach
10664Serenade Don Juan, Op. 38, No.1Tchaikowsky
10665Wiegenlied (Berceuse), Op. 28, No.1Simon
10666Mazurka, Gp. 26Zarzycki
10667Sonata (Violin). Key D. First Movement, Adagio; Second Movement, Allegro con fuocoNardini
10668Sonata (Violin). Key D. Third Movement, Larghetto; Fourth Movement, Allegretto graziosoNardini
10669Chanson d'AutomneBottari
10671Valse, Op. 70, No. 1. G flatChopin
10673Symphony, No.9, Op. 125. D minor. First Movement, Allegro rna non troppoBeethoven
10674Symphony, No.9, Op. 125. D minor. Second Movement, Molto VivaceBeethoven
10675Symphony, No.9, Op. 125. D minor. Third Movement, Adagio moltoBeethoven
10676Symphony, No.9, Op. 125. D minor. Fourth Movement, Presto. Part IBeethoven
10677Symphony, No.9, Op. 125. D minor. Fourth Movement, Allegro assai. Part IIBeethoven
10678Symphony, No.9, Op. ,125. D minor. Fourth Movement, Andante maestoso. Part IIIBeethoven
10682Soirees de Vienne, No.2. Valse Caprice after Franz Schubert. A flatLiszt
10684Fantasie Polonaise, Op. 106Raff
10686Soirees de Vienne, No.7. Valse Caprice after Franz Schubert. Key ALiszt
10688Offertoire. Andante from Symphony, No.6. Transcription by BatistBeethoven
10690L'Alouette. D flat. Transcription by Mili BalakirewGlinka
10694Etude, Op. 10, No.3. Key EChopin
10695Hiawatha's Wedding Feast. Onaway, Awake BelovedColeridge-Taylor
10700Polonaise. Key DMoniuszko
10705Fackeltanz, No.3. C minorMeyerbeer
10710Marche Triomphale, Op. 14. E flatBatiste
10711Victoire ,March, La. Key FLefebure-Wely
10712Serenade, Op. 69, No.3Volkmann
10714Romance sans paroles. Key FLefebure-Wely
10717Marche Mignonne, Op. 15, No.2Poldini
10718Mazurka, Op. 38. Key FLiadow
10722Znasz-li ten Kraj? (Connais-tu Ie Pays?)Moniuszko
10723Przasniczka (La Fileuse)Moniuszko
10725Piesn Wieczorna (Chant du Soir)Moniuszko
10737Postludium. Key FSelby
10741Valse Caprice, Op. 53. E flatHofmann
10747Priere, Op. 22. D flatCallaerts
10749Romanze, Op. 4. Key DHeitsch
10755Elegie. Trans. by CzernyErnst
10757Laurin Ballet, Op. 53 No.7, Valse Coquette. Key GMoszkowski
10760Sonata, Op. 14, No.2. First Movement, AllegroBeethoven
10761Sonata, Op. 14, No.2. Second Movement, AndanteBeethoven
10762Sonata, Op. 14, No.2. Third Movement, ScherzoBeethoven
10769Tarantelle, Op. 65. C minorThalberg
10771An der Quelle, Op. 46, No. 1Arensky
10772aCapriccio Espagnol, Op. 34 No.1, Aldorada; No.2, Variazioni; No.3, AldoradaRimsky-Korsakow
10772bCapriccio Espagnol, Op. 34 No.4, Scena e Canto gitano; No.5, Fandango asturianaRimsky-Korsakow
10773Patrie, Op, 19, C minorBizet
10776Belle au bois 'dormant, La. Op 66 No. 3 Pas de caractereTchaikowsky
10779Violet, Op. 111, No.3Kullak
10781Manfred OvertureSchumann
10783From Foreign Parts, Op. 23. No.4, PolandMoszkowski
10787Chant sans paroles, Op. 2, No.3Tchaikowsky
10790Staccato Etude, Op. 23Rubinstein
10793Nativite, La. (The Nativity)Tombelle
10795Sonata, No.4. B flat. First Movement, AllegroMozart
10796Sonata, No.4. B flat. Second Movement, Andante cantabileMozart
10797Sonata. No.4. B flat. Third Movement, Allegretto graziosoMozart
10798Sonata, No.6. Key F. First Movement, AllegroMozart
10799Sonata, No.6. Key F. Second Movement, AdagioMozart
10800Sonata, No.6. Key F. Third Movevent, Assai AllegroMozart
10801Sonata, No.8. Key C. First Movement, Allegro con spiritoMozart
10802Sonata, No.8. Key C. Second Movement, Andante, quasi un poco adagioMozart
10803Sonata, No.8. Key C. Third Movement, Rondo. Mozart
10804Trio. E flatAlcorta
10805From Foreign Parts, Op.23. No.3, SpainMoszkowski
10806Ruses d'Amour, Op. 61. Recitatif mimique. GavotteGlazounow
10807Ruses d'Amour, Op. 61. SarabandeGlazounow
10808Ruses d'Amour, Op. 61. FarandoleGlazounow
10810Lake, Op. 10, No. 1. No.2, Millstream; No.3, FountainW.S. Bennett
10813Christmas Pieces, Op. 72 No.3, Key G; No.4, Key DMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10814Christmas Pieces, Op. 72 No.5, G minor; No.6, Key FMendelssohn-Bartholdy
10815March grotesque, Op. 32. Key ESinding
10818Cantilene Pastorale. B flat minorHiggs
10819Allegro. B flatMignon
10820Religioser Marsch. A flatMignon
10821Offertoire, Op. 20, No.3. A minorBatiste
10824Marguerite au Rouet, Op. 25. CapriceLazare
10832Vendredi. Saint, Le. (Good Friday). Foeme Symphonique. Key FTombelle
10995A Una Nina RomanceJonas
20002Gabota (L'Ingenue) GavotteArditi
20003Roses from the South. WaltzJohann Strauss
20004Entr' Acte GavotteGillet
20009Media Noche, La. (The Midnight Hour) Mexican DanceAviles
20010Kuyawiak Mazurka. Polish National DanceWieniawski
20012Marche IndienneS. Oark
20020Cuban DancesCervantes
20024Souvenir de Kieff MazurkaSchulhoff
20025Washington Post MarchSousa
20035Valse de ConcertJosef Wieniawski
20039Hoch Habsburg MarchKral
20042Liberty Bell MarchSousa
20043Mecca Schottische
20045Priests' March. AthaliaMendelssohn-Bartholdy
20046Turkish PatrolMichaelis
20051One Heart, One Mind. (The Yorke.)Johann Strauss
20052Mikado LanciersWiegand
20054pelta Kappa Epsilon MarchPease
20060Morgenblatter WaltzJohann Strauss
20061Helene. Valse BrillanteWollenhaupt
20064Tobasco MarchChadwick
20068Hail to the Chief
20073Sultan's Guard March PatrolGro
20074Skirt Dance (Faust Up to Date). Tempo di SchottischeLutz
20075Sounds from Home. WaltzGungl
20077Irish PatrolPuerner
20082Pierrot GavotteLachaume
20085Honeymoon MarchRosey
20086Gold Fever GalopSchulhoff
20092Dance of the BrowniesKamman
20093Thousand and One Nights WaltzJohann Strauss
20099Pacific Waves WaltzKayton
20106Sobre las Olas Waltz. (Over the Waves)Rosas
20108Gavotte, Op. 37, No. 1Dupont
20111A la Espanola (Spanish Dance)de Prosse
20112Senator WaltzBenedict
20114Danzones Habaneros. Como se Murio Merced! Les Refenos; El amolador de tijerasCruz
20118Artist's Life WaltzJohann Strauss
20121Magnolia Blossoms. Waltzde Koven
20123Old Dominion MarchVosseller
20126Empress WaltzWebber
20129Chilperic QuadrilleMarriott
20137In Hoc Signo Vinces. MarchDow
20140Handicap MarchRosey
20143Oriental Echoes MarchRosey
20147Chateau Margaux ValsCaballero
20149Shandon Bells March Mills
20150Capitan, El. MarchSousa
20151Blue Violet MazurkaEilenberg
20155Czardas. Hungarian DanceHasselman
20157Garden of Love. WaltzesRosenbecker
20161Live and Love. PolkaVotteler
20165Thunderer MarchSousa
20166Belle of Chicago MarchSousa
20167Guards WaltzGodfrey
20170Polo GalopCatlin
20173Pride of the Navy MarchAndrews
20174Ashes of Roses, WaltzGoldbeck
20175Valse du Clicquot, LaBaynal
20176Verlorenes Gluck, ValseGerchen
20179Always Gallant PolkaPound
20180Mazeppa. Grand Galop de ConcertWollenhaupt
20184Gavotte de Marie AntoinetteNeustedt
20188Serenade, La. WaltzMetra
20189Springtime. WaltzCarreno
20190Aeolian Hall March and Two-StepGearen
20195Up the Street MarchR.G. Morse
20214Wedding MarchSchlesinger
20215Gray Jackets MarchNeyer
20223Mi Teresita WaltzCarreno
20227Stars and Stripes MarchSousa
20233Gondoliers LanciersSullivan
20236Lady Graceful DanceAronson
20240Kleinrussischer KasatchokDargomychsky
20244Blue Danube WaltzJohann Strauss
20246Rendezvous WaltzRasey
20251Wine, Women and Song WaltzJohann Strauss
20255Sounds from the Vienna Woods. WaltzJohann Strauss
20264Babbie WaltzesFurst
20270Wiener Bonbons WaltzJohann Strauss
20275Am Woerther See. Kartner WaltzesKoschat
20290Valse CapriceNewland
20302ChiIimey Swallows. Valse CapriceJacobs-Bond
20303To the Victor MarchJacobs-Bond
20306Memories of Versailles WaltzJacobs-Bond
20307L'Ardita WaltzArditi
20315Spirit of Liberty. Two-StepRosey
20317Chaccone, La. Danse NobleCzibulka
20319Hochzeitslieder WaltzEdward Strauss
20321Runaway Girl. WaltzesKiefert
20323Fortune Teller MarchHerbert
20325Valse MimosaKiefert
20340Down Ole Tampa Bay. Characteristic NoveltyFrancis
20353Tambourine Dance, Op. 327, No. 37Bohm
20365Am NeCkarstrand WaltzMillocker
20371Marche aux FlambeauxS. Oark
20372Smoky Mokes. Cake Walk and Two-StepHolzmann
20383Monte Cristo. Valse TziganeKotlar
20386Pas des PatineursJouve
20462Man Behind the Gun MarchSousa
20469You and I, Op.233. GavotteCzibulka
20470Edelweiss Waltz, Op. 19Koerner
20492Florodora WaltzKiefert
20524Sailor's Hornpipe
20527Second Company MarchReeves
20535Regatta Two-StepVan Baar
20544Twenty-second Regiment MarchHerbert
20593Florodora MarchLeslie Stuart
20607Volunteers Polka-MarchMetra
20610Russische Wachtparade. Russian Guard Mount MarchEilenberg
20650Calanthe. WaltzesHolzmann
20666Creole Belles. Ragtime MarchLampe
20696Souvenir de Varsovie. MazurkaSchulhoff
20714Dawn of the Century. MarchPaull
20724Darkness. Cinquieme Valse BostonRamenti
20735Valse Rose, Op. 16Margis
20745Valse des Alouettes. CorypheesDrigo
20790Peaceful Henry. Slow DragKelly
20816aBouquet de Rose(y)s. Medley Landers. Figures 1, 2, 3Rosey
20816bBouquet de Rose(y)s. Medley Landers. Figures 4 and 5Rosey
30002Rienzi. OvertureWagner
30003William Tell OvertureRossini
30004Jolly Robbers. OvertureSuppe
30005Morning, Noon and Night. OvertureSuppe
30006Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die. VorspielWagner
30007Lohengrin. OvertureWagner
30009Freischutz, Der. OvertureWeber
30014Faust. IntroductionGounod
30015Tannhauser. OvertureWagner
30016Raymond. OvertureThomas
30018Merry Wives of Windsor. OvertureNicolai
30019Rigoletto. Bella Figlia. QuartetteVerdi
30022Roi d'Ys, Overture, LeLalo
30024Am Heldengrabe. At the Hero's GraveDvorak
30025Parsifal. VorspielWagner
30026Otello, Act. II. Ave MariaVerdi
30027Aida, Su I del Nilo al Sacro lido (On! of Nilus' Sacred River.)Verdi
30029Lohengrin. Preludio, Act IIIWagner
30031Oberon. OvertureWeber
30034Egmont. OvertureBeethoven
30035Midsummer Night's Dream. Wedding MarchMendelssohn-Bartholdy
30037Faust. Waltz and ChorusGounod
30038Jubel. OvertureWeber
30039Martha. OvertureFlotow
30040Bohemian Girl. OvertureBalfe
30041Fra Diavolo. OvertureAuber
30042Walkure, Die. Ride of the WalkiiresWagner
30044Robin Hood. Selectionsde Koven
30046Stradella. OvertureFlotow
30050Tannhauser. MarchWagner
30052Zampa. OvertureHerold
30053Magic Flute. OvertureMozart
30054Figaro's Hochzeit. OvertureMozart
30055Falstaff. Act III, FinaleVerdi
30058Faust. hmtasie Brillante by Sidney SmithGounod
30059Poet and Peasant. OvertureSuppe
30060Ernani, PotpourriVerdi
30063Gabriella. OverturePizzi
30064Lohengrin. Wedding MarchWagner
30067Semiramide. OvertureRossini
30068Trovatore, Il. MiserereVerdi
30071Pique Dame. OvertureSuppe
30072Caliph of Bagdad. OvertureBoieldieu
30073Mignon. OvertureThomas
30074Trovatore, Il. Ah Me, To Have Love Like Mine Is; Sound the Loud TrumpetVerdi
30075Prophete, Le. Coronation MarchMeyerbeer
30078Feramors. BajaderentanzRubinstein
30080Night in Grenada. OvertureKreutzer
30081Faust. Act IV., TerzettoGounod
30082Reine de Saba, La. Marche CortegeGounod
30083Attila. Spirit ImmortalVerdi
30085Lalla Rook. OvertureDavid
30088Huguenots, Les. Danse BohemienneMeyerbeer
30091Jubel. Overture, Op. 66C. Bach
30099Faust Ballet Music. Nos. 3, 4 and 5Gounod
30103Chimes of Normandy. OverturePlanquette
30105Popular Medley Overture, No.2 Containing Excerpts from William Tell Overture and Cavalleria Rusticana Intermezzo
30106Midsummer Night's Dream. OvertureMendelssohn-Bartholdy
30107Midsummer Night's Dream. ScherzoMendelssohn-Bartholdy
30108Euryanthe. OvertureWeber
30109Fatinitza MarchSuppe
30110Bronze Horse. OvertureAuber
30117Faust. Cavatina-AII Hail, Thou Dwelling; QuartetGounod
30124Manon Lescaut. Duet, Act IIPuccini
30128Philtre Overture, LeAuber
30133Jean de Paris. OvertureBoieldieu
30135Midsummer Night's Dream. NocturneMendelssohn-Bartholdy
30136Whitsuntide in Florence. PotpourriCzibulka
30139Faust. KermesseGounod
30141Faust. Aria-Calf of Gold; Terzetto, Finale-Holy AngelsGounod
30148Masaniello. OvertureAuber
30149Aida. Romanza—Celeste AidaVerdi
30153Lohengrin. Farewell, Dear SwanWagner
30154Faust. Scene e Chorale, Act II., 'Gainst the Power of Evil. Duetto, Act IlL, Let Me GazeGounod
30155Faust. Church ,Scene, Act IVGounod
30157Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die. Introduction, Act IIIWagner
30161Tristan and Isolde. PotpourriWagner
30163Huguenots, Les. Corale and Cavatina—Say, Gentle PageMeyerbeer
30164Maritana. OvertureWallace
30169Patience, PotpourriSullivan
30172Maritana. Prison SceneWallace
30176Romeo et Juliette. Le BalGounod
30181Robert le Diable. Cavatine-Robert, toi que i'aimeMeyerbeer
30186Tannhauser. Evening Star Song. Transcription by LangeWagner
30189Hansel und Gretel. OvertureHumperdinck
30190Carmen. Prelude. Canzonet BohemianBizet
30193Norma, PotpourriBellini
30194Rob Roy. Selectionde Koven
30207Boccaccio: Love is a Tender Flower; He Is a Prince; Cooper's Song and ChorusSuppe
30209Lucia di Lammermoor, PotpourriDonizetti
30216Grande Duchess. Selections. Chanson et Valse; Duet-Pour espouser une Princesse; Couplet des lettresOffenbach
30221Parsifal. Scene of the FlowersWagner
30224Hansel and Gretel. Scene 2-Duet: Der Kleine Sandmann; Scene 2Pantomime Music; Scene 3-Knusperl WalzerHumperdinck
30225Tristan and Isolde. Death of IsoldeWagner
30227Mireille. OvertureGounod
30241Struensee. OvertureMeyerbeer
30244Walkure, Die. Wotan's FarewellWagner
30245Walkiire, Die. Magic Fire SceneWagner
30252Trovatore, Il. n BalenVerdi
30254Faust. Cavatina-Dio PossenteGounod
30258Feramors. LichtertanzRubinstein
30260Luisa Miller OvertureVerdi
30263Norma. Duet-Hear Me, NormaBellini
30269Werther. Aria—Un autre est son epoux. Symphonie, Act IV.—La nuit de NoelMassenet
30277Manon. Finale. DuetJules Massenet
30283Huguenots, Les. Act III.-Coro con ballo; Act IV.-Duetto: 0 Ciel! dove vai tu?Meyerbeer
30287Masaniello MarchAuber
30293Guarany, II. Sinfonia OvertureGomez
30294Geisha. Jack's the BoyMonckton
30297Geisha. Toy MonkeyMonckton
30299Geisha. Jewel of AsiaPhilip
30300Tannhauser. Elizabeth's PrayerWagner
30315Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die. Walther's Prize SongWagner
30318Lohengrin. MarchWagner
30318Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die. WaltzWagner
30320Lohengrin: Elsa's Balcony SongWagner
30321Lohengrin. The Swan, The SwanWagner
30323Faust. Soldiers' Chorus and SerenadeGounod
30327Faust. OvertureWagner
30329Spring. OvertureNembach
30333Carmen. Terzet. Act IIIBizet
30336Tannhauser. Shepherd and the PilgrimsWagner
30352Pinafore. Can I Survive This Over Bearing?Sullivan
30353Pinafore. O Bliss! O Rapture!Sullivan
30356Pirates of Penzance. Oh! Dry the Glistening TearSullivan
30362Daemon. LesginskaRubinstein
30366Meistersinger, Die. Choral and Love SceneWagner
30376Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die. Eva and the Cobbler PoetWagner
30377Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die. Grand QuintetWagner
30379Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die. Chorus: AwakeWagner
30380Meistersinger von Nurnberg, Die. FinaleWagner
30388Traviata, La. Waltz and,Duet, Un di felice, etereaVerdi
30390Traviata, La. Finale, Act III., Quintet-Ah I Thy Sire!Verdi
30391Sapho. SolitudeMassenet
30402Rheingold, Das. Giants Bring Back FreiaWagner
30412Aida, PotpourriVerdi
30421Walkiire, Die. Sword in the TreeWagner
30432Walkure, Die. Wotan's Farewell and Magic Fire SceneWagner
30433Hero and Leander. PrologueMancinelli
30453Traviata, La. OvertureVerdi
30455Rosamunde. OvertureSchubert
30457Siegfried. Mime's ComplaintWagner
30465Siegfried. Siegfried in the Forest (Waldweben)Wagner
30468aSiegfried. Introduction, Act III., Wotan and ErdaWagner
30468bSiegfried. Introduction. Act III., Wotan and Erda. Siegfried Hears of His BrideWagner
30472Siegfried. Triumph of LoveWagner
30475Fervaal. Entree de Fervaal et ceremonied'Indy
30480Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) OvertureMendelssohn-Bartholdy
30482Leben fur den Czaar, Das. Trio and Chorus: Nicht des Sohnes KiissGlinka
30485Leben fur den Czaar, Das (Du brichst an den Morgenroth.)Glinka
30486Prince Igor, Le. Air du Prince IgorBorodine
30488Eugen Onegin. Arioso des LenskiTchaikowsky
30489Dae,mon. AriosoRubinstein
30492Dame de Pique, La. Scene and Aria des FurstenTchaikowsky
30493Russalka. CavatinaDargomychsky
30495Roi de Lahore. March CelesteMassenet
30497Namensfeier. Overture, Op. 115Beethoven
30509Paragraph III. OvertureSuppe
30514Sapho. Prelude, Act V. Les Faux TziganesMassenet
30515Roi de Lahore, Le. Entr'Acte, Act V., Dance of the Parisian SlavesMassenet
30522Aida. Act IV., FinaleVerdi
30523Aida. Introduction, Act IIVerdi
30525Little Duke. FantasieLecocq
30529Carmen, Act. III. Introduction and ChorusBizet
30532Judith. Holofernes' War SongSerow
30540Russian and Ludmila. Love's Luxurious StarGlinka
30541Daemon. I'm He to Whom You've ListenedRubinstein
30544Hans Heiling. OvertureMarschner
30548Evangelimann, Der. Potpourri, No. 1Kienzl
30549Evangelimann, Der. Potpourri, No.2Kienzl
30551Titus. OvertureMozart
30553Roberto le Diable. Overture and IntroductionMeyerbeer
30567Fortune Teller. SelectionHerbert
30568Fortune Teller. Serenade of All NationsHerbert
30577Echoes from the Metropolitan Opera House. Introducing selections from Le Prophet, Aida, Cavalleria Rusticana, Boabdil, Tannhauser, Nibelungen Ring, Pagliacci, and William TellArranged by Theodore Moses-Tobani
30586Carmen, Act II. IntermezzoBizet
30588Carnaval Romain, Le. OvertureBerlioz
30592Andrea Chenier. 0 Pastorelle, AddioGiordano
30599Russian and Ludmila. Silent All, and Camp AsleepGlinka
30600Water Nymph. It seems the Trumpet BlowsDargomychsky
30614Rogneda. Scene and Duet: How Can I Stifle My Pangs?Serow
30619Fidelio (Leonore). Overture. Opo 72, No.4Beethoven
30624Galka. Mountain Wind Is HowlingManushko
30626Daemon. Prince's Fellow TravellersRubinstein
30628Juive, La. (The Jewess). Aria-The Creator Sent Me TheeHalevy
30629Queen of Spades. Midnight ApproachingTchaikowsky
30630Queen of Spades. What Is Life? A PlayTchaikowsky
30631Eugen Onegin. Aria-Where, O Where Have You Wandered?Tchaikowsky
30633Russian and Ludmila. Lesginka-Oriental DanceGlinka
30636Romeo et Juliette. Act IV., It Is Still NightGounod
30637Gems of Offenbach's OperasOffenbach
30645Wizard of the Nile. PotpourriHerbert
30668Cendrillon. Le Sommeil de CendrillonMassenet
30669Cendrillon. Les Filles de NoblesseMassenet
30677Lady of the Lake. OvertureCunio
30679Guy Mannering. OvertureBishop
30691Manru. Act III. PreludePaderewski
30697Toreador. Act II. Grand Chorus and MarchCaryll
30711Rigoletto. One Day If I Remember Well. Paraphrase by Franz LisztVerdi
30717Robin Hood. Overturede Koven
30731Snegourotchka. No.3, Le cortege du roi (fabuleux) Berendei; No.4, La danse des BouffonsRimsky-Korsakow
30732Prince Igor. OvertureBorodine
30734Nozze di Figaro, La. Sweet ZephyrMozart
30735Nozze di Figaro, La. Voi che sapete (Silently Blending)Mozart
30740Trovatore, Il. Cavatina. Act I. The Night Was CalmVerdi
30752Fridthjof and Ingeborg. OvertureHanson
30764Parsifal. Finale. Act 111Wagner
30765Parsifal. Good-Friday MusicWagner
30766Rigoletto. Yes, the One Is As Fair As the OtherVerdi
30772Tristan and Isolde. Introduction, Act IIIWagner
30782Damnation of Faust. Margaret's GlorificationBerlioz
30785Hamlet. Mad Song: Oh! Behold Yonder Youthful and Beautiful DamselThomas
30800Iolanthe. SelectionSullivan
30801Overture, 1812, Op. 49Tchaikowsky
40001Lost ChordSullivan
40002Palm Branches (Les Rameaux)J. Faure
40003O Promise Mede Koven
40009Star Spangled Banner
40013In Old MadridTrotere
40014Paloma, La (The Dove)Yradier
40018Who Is Sylvia?Schubert
40019Marseillaise, Lade Lisle
40021Holy CityA'dams
40038Bugle Calls and War Songs. Introducing: Star Spangled Banner; Rally Round the Flag; Marching Through Georgia; Tramp, Tramp, Tramp; When Johnme Comes Marching Horne; Dixie
40039Annie Laurie
40051Sweet VioletsJ.K. Emmet
40054Annie Laurie; Last Rose of Summer; Swanee River; Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms; My Old Kentucky Home; Auld Lang Syne
40054Auld Lang Syne [See Annie Laurie)
40055Sweet and LowBarnby
40057Russian National HymnLwoff
40064Good-night, My ChildF. Abt
40074Come Where My Love Lies DreamingFoster
40076Sweet MarieMoore
40089Sigh No More, LadiesStevens
40092Just as of OldPease
40108Grand Old OceanMillard
40117Angels Ever Bright and Fair. TheodoraHandel
40120Molly OScanlan
40121Valse StyrienneWollenhaupt
40123Nita Gitanade Koven
40128Hearts and FlowersMoses-Tobani
40132Lang, Lang, Ist's Her
40133D'ye ken John PeelMetcalf
40136Idilio Lack
40139Ben BoltKneass
40140Oh, That We Two Were MayingNevin
40157Waldteufel, Der (Demon of the Wood)Bohm
40163For All EternityMascheroni
40168Se Saran Rose (Melba's Waltz Song)Arditi
40175Das was im ersten LenzesstrahlTchaikowsky
40176Einzig Wortchen, EinTchaikowsky
40177Ob heller TagTchaikowsky
40182Kol Slawen. Ich bete an die Macht der LiebeBortnjansky
40191Zigeunerlied. When You and I Met Together
40192Zigeunerlied. Quiet Garden. Waltz Song
40194Zigeunerlied. Ia Stepej I woli dotsch
40195Zigeunerlied. Moi Koster
40197Listen to the Song of the Nightingale. Waltz Song
40213Thou Art So Like a FlowerChadwick
40221Guitarre, Op. 45, No.2Moszkowski
40234Arpeges, Les, Op. 26, No. 12Thalberg
40237Cascade, LaPaur
40258Romanza Apassionata, Op. 7, No.1Orth
40267Kommt ein Vogel geflogen. In the styles of Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Strauss, Verdi, Weber, WaguerScherz
40270Fair Vassar. CapriccioMoses-Tobani
40274Russian RomanceShelley
40283When Church is Out and The Last Good-byeJacobs-Bond
40284When Do I Want You MostJacobs-Bond
40291Polonaise TriomphaleMoses-Tobani
40307Prelude and CantileneRousseau
40308Cantilene, OPt 29, No.2Pierne
40316Yeoman's Wedding Song Prince Poniatowsky
40318Warrior BoldAdams
40321'Tis But a Little Faded FlowerThomas
40324Clang of the Wooden ShoonMolloy
40330Day in June, Op. 7, No.2Orth
40342L'Ange. Fantasie Brillante, Op. 26Nake
40343Moscow Fantasie. Op. 195Oesten
40348Gypsy Airs, Op. 119, No.4Eilenberg
40356Gavotte Humoresque, Op. 17, No.1Schuett
40358Day in Venice. DawnNevin
40359Day in Venice. GondoliersNevin
40376Story of the RoseMack
40378Absent-minded BeggarSullivan
40379Abend, Der. RomanceManjuschko
40380Gondoliera, La. Op. 34Riea
40383Creole Lover's SongBuck
40386Song Without Words, Op. 23Davidoff
40389Amaranthus Caprice, Op. 59Gilder
40390Salome. IntermezzoLorraine
40391Country Dance, Op. 6, No.2Nevin
40393Voices of Spring. Waltz SongJohann Strauss
40394Goblin's FrolicO'Neill
40396Evening SongThallon
40404Little SerenadeGrunfeld
40416Magic of Spring. Waltz SongSapio
40450Megan's Fair Daughter (Merch Megan). Song of Wales
40452Babel. Song of Wales
40457Drink to Me Only, With Thine Eyes
40458British Grenadiers
40459I Am a Friar of Orders GreyReeve
40460Oh, the Oak and the Ash
40473Alpine Storm, Op. 105C. Kunkel
40495American FantasieHerbert
40515Lady Betty. Old English DanceSeymour Smith
40523Good-bye to the Leaves, Op. 78de Koven
40550Language of the Flowers. Yellow JasmineCowen
40551Valse Caprice (Troisieme)Cowen
40565Das einsame Roslein im ThalHermes
40572Dance of the DryadesConrath
40589In Naples FairBowers
40592I Promise youHolst
40604At the Gate of the Holy CloisterDavidoff
40618Heart's Wishes, Op. 5Lichner
40619Air de BalletConrath
40619Krakowiak, Op. 55, No.4Moszkowski
40621Valse CapriceConrath
40627Chapel in the Mountain, Op. 164Wilson
40638O Diarnle tief Drunt im Thal
40680Tarantelle, Op. 14Rubinstein
40690Red Sarafan. Transcription by Muller
40692En Route, Op. 107, No. 12Godard
40694Russischer Volktanz. PlaskaNapravnik
40712Bedouin Love SongHawley
40728Rob Roy. Fantasia on Scotch Airs by Forster
40743Heather Bells. Fantasy, Introducing: Auld Robin Gray; and the Keel RowArranged by W.S. Rockstro
40749Valzer Gentile, Op. 7, No. 1Nevin
40777Galop de ConcertSauer
40790Chaconne, Op. 62Durand
40804Titania, Op. 116Sydney Smith
40818Steppenskizze aus Mitte1-Asien, EineBorodin
40840Lauriger Horatius. Three Verses
40841It's a Way We Have At Old Harvard
40841My Last Cigar. Three Verses
40842Polly, Wolly, Doodle. Three Verses
40843Landlord, Fill the Flowing Bowl. Five Verses
40848Quilting Party. Three Verses
40850Bull Dog. Male Chorus. Three Verses
40857I KnowTrevelyan
40865Frolic of the FlowersStory
40887Staccato CapriceVogrich
40902Etude de Concert, Op. 1, No.1Schlozer
40914Etude de Concert, No.2. L'EteHarris
40915Etude de Concert. No.3. L'AutomneHarris
40934Salut d'Amour, Op. 12. (Liebesgruss)Elgar
40940Valse Chromatique, Op. 22Leschetizky
40941Reine des Fees, La., Op. 42Sydney Smith
40953Husarenritt, Op. 140Spindler
40960Himno Nacional ArgentinoArranged by Pietro Melani
40963Maypole Dance, Op. 45Sydney Smith
40981Promise of Life. Trans. by GodfreyCowen
40987Mandoline, Op. 65. Serenade EspagnoleThome
41010Stay (Reste)Chaminade
41016Tyroler und sein Kind, Der. Trans. by Trehde
50003There Is a Green Hill Far AwayGounod
50005Attila. Jesu Dei ViviVerdi
50007Messiah. I Know That My Redeemer LivethHandel
50008Creation. With Verdure CladHaydn
50009Messiah. Hallelujah ChorusHandel
50011Ave MariaSchubert
50013Nearer My God to Thee Mason
50017Lead, Kindly LightDykes
50022Father, O Hear UsPalmer
50027Saul. Dead MarchHandel
50029JerusalemH. Parker
50032Messiah. OvertureHandel
50033Stabat Mater. Duet-Que est homo; Cavatine-Fac ut PortemRossini
50036Stabat Mater. Chorus-AmenRossini
50037Adeste Fideles
50039Protect Us Through the Coming NightNicolao
50040Mass (Requiem) Rex TremendaeVerdi
50041Mass (Requiem) LacrymosaVerdi
50042Mass (Requiem) Lux AeternaVerdi
50044Pleyel's Hymn. Three VersesPleyel
50047Rock of AgesHastings
50049Stabat Mater. MotettePalestrina
50051Mass (Requiem) SanctusVerdi
50053Jesus, Lover of My Soul; Rock of Ages; Mercy; Sun of My Soul; I Love to Tell the Story; Nearer My God to Thee
50068Messiah. Pastoral SymphonyHandel
50070King of Love My Shepherd IsGounod
50072Elijah. 0 Rest in the LordMendelssohn-Bartholdy
50075Gathering HomeOgden
50086Judas Maccabaeus. See the Conquering Hero ComesHandel
50088Messiah. O. Thou That Tellest Good TidingsHandel
50089Messiah. He Shall Feed His FlockHandel
50090Messiah. Comfort Ye My People. Every Valley Shall Be ExaltedHandel
50098Fear Not Ye, a IsraelBuck
50099Messiah. All We Like Sheep Have Gone AstrayHandel
50102Largo CantabileHaydn
50107Creation. Heavens Are TellingHaydn
50108Let the Lower Lights Be BurningBliss
50109Judas Maccabaeus. Arm, Arm, Ye BraveHandel
50122Siebenter Cherubim-GesangBortnjansky
50125Unfold Ye Portals. RedemptionGounod
50135St. Cecelia Mass. GloriaGounod
50137St. Cecelia Mass. Offertoire. Benedictus. Agnus DeiGounod
50139Ave MariaRossini
50143Passion According to St. Matthew. Around Thy Tomb Here Sit We WeepingJ.S. Bach
50144Christmas Oratorio. Pastoral SymphonyBach
50146Greenville; Hendon; Laban; Marlow; St. Ann's. Two Verses Each
50153St. Martins; Lyons; Amsterdam; Dundee; Sicily. Two Verses Each
50155Balerma; Siloam; Wilmot; Rapture; Dedham. Two Verses Each
50156Woodstock; Holley; Blumenthal; Evan; Shirland. Two Verses Each
50158Arlington; Olmutz; Zephyr; Rest; Grace Church. Two Verses Each
50163Darwell; Silver Street; Meribah; Gould; Stonefie1d. Two Verses Each
50164Woodworth; Truro; Warrington; Cambridge; Heber. Two Verses Each
50165Chesterfield; Mercy; Bethany; Henley; Abridge. Two Verses Each
50166Chorus of AngelsClark
50168Mass (Imperial) Gloria. Qui Tollis. Quoniam tu solusHaydn
50169Mass (Imperial) Credo. Et lncarnatus. Et ResurrexitHaydn
50173Cherubim Gesang, No.2Archangelsky
50177Christmas Carols: Three Ships; The Christmas Tree; Christmas Bells; Child Jesus; Cradled All LowlySmith
50193And It Shall Come to Pass in That DayCase
50195Mass (Seventh) Kyrie. GloriaMozart
50196Mass (Seventh) CredoMozart
50197Mass (Seventh) Sanctus. Benedictus. Agnus Dei and Dona NobisMozart
50223Jesus the All BeautifulO'Conor
50224Colchester. Bowen. Three Verses Each
50228Brentford; Stirling. Three Verses Each
50229St. Johns. Merton. Three Verses Each
50230St. Peter. Whitfield. Three Verses Each
50236Fair Waved the Golden Corn. Processional for Thanksgiving DayKnox
50245Cantate Domino. Key EMosenthal
50254Te Deum in B flatMillard
50255Integer VitaeFleming
50258Stabat Mater. Pro PeccatisRossini
50267Mass in B flat. Credo in unum DeumFarmer
50280Light From Heaven. Arranged by HoldenGounod
50281March to Calvary. RedemptionGounod
50285Messe Solennelle. Et Resurrexit. SanctusGuilmant
50288Lobegesang (Hymn of Praise). Allegretto un poco agitatoMendelssohn-Bartholdy
50289Lobegesang (Hymn of fraise). Adagio religiosoMendelssohn-Bartholdy
50296Mass (Requiem) Requiem Aeternam with Kyrie Dies IraeMozart
50297Mass (Requiem) Tiba Mirum. Rex Tremendae Majestatis RecordareMozart
50298Mass (Requiem) Confutatis. Lacrymosa. Domini Jesu. HostiasMozart
50299Mass (Requiem) Sanctus and Hosanna. Benedictus. Agnus DeiMozart
50301Resurrection of Christ. Chorus. FinalePerosi
50302King Ever Glorious. CrucifixionStainer
50309Faith of Our Fathers
50311At the Cross Her Station Keeping
50318Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. GloriaGounod
50320Mass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Gounod Sanctus. Benedictus. Agnus Dei
50322I Waited For the Lord. Duet and Chorus from Hymn of PraiseMendelssohn-Bartholdy
50332St. George
50338St. Cuthbert
50355Shine On, Bethlehem's StarMeredith
50356Angel's Sweet RefrainMeredith
50360Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Jehovah, Jehovah
50361Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Wie soil ich dich empfangen
50362Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Diess ist der Tag, den Gott gemacht
50363Evangelisches Gesangbuch. O haupt voll Blut und Bunuen
50364Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Jesus, meine Zuversicht
50365Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott
50366Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Wach auf, du Geist ersten Zeugen
50367Evange1isches Gesangbuch. Lobe den Herren, den Machtigen Konig der Ehren
50368Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern
50369Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Befiehl du deine Wege
50370Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Machet auf I ruft uns die Stimme
50371Evangelisches Gesangbuch. Jerusalem, du hochgebaute Stadt
50372My Jesus, As Thou WiltDavis
50382Lead, Kindly LightSullivan
50393Eli. March of the IsraeliteM. Costa
60078In Arcady, Op. 16. No.4, TournamentNevin
60104Sunbeams and ShadowsKeiser
60106Bugville Brigade. March and Two-StepBrown
60112Arabischer Tanz (Peer Gynt Suite)
60112Peer Gynt, Suite II., Op. 55 No.2, Arabischer TanzGrieg
60114Peer Gynt, Suite II., Op. 55 No.3, Peer Gynt Heimkehr; No.4, Solvejg's LiedGrieg
60146Communion. Three VersesMiller
60170Symphony, No.2, Op. 73. Key D. First Movement, Allegro non troppoBrahms
60172Symphony, No.2, Op. 73. Key D. Second Movement, Adagio non troppoBrahms
60174Symphony, No.2, Op. 73. Key D. Third Movement, Allegretto graziosoBrahms
60176Symphony, No.2, Op. 73. Key D. Fourth Movement, Allegro con spiritoBrahms
60180Sonata, Op. 10, No.2. Third Movement, PrestoBeethoven
60196Yale Banner. March and Two-StepHirsch
60214Serenade, Op. 23, No.1Kroeger
60240Symphony, No.5, Op. 64. First Movement, AndanteTchaikowsky
60282Nachtgesang. Voglein schlummern auf den ZweigenKreutzer
60286Abreise. Reiters Morgengesang, Der gute Kamerad; Der Schweizer
60312Judas Maccabaeus. We Never Will Bow DownHandel
60322Quartette in D minor. First Movement, Allegro moderatoT.P. Thorne
60324Quartette in D minor. Second Movement, AllegroT.P. Thorne
60326Quartette in D minor. Third Movement, AndanteT.P. Thorne 1 00
60328Quartette in D minor. Fourth Movement, AllegrettoT.P. Thorne
60332Tendre Aveu, Op. 43, No.2Schuett
60400Cinq Mars Ballet. Introduction, Andante: No.1, Danse des Bergers; No.2, Entree du Jeune Berger et ChorusGounod
60402Cinq Mars Ballet. No.3, Entree des Petits Soins; No.4, Entree des Billets Doux et des Jolis VersoGounod
60408Maria SchottischeRodriguez
60442Im Fruhling. Overture, Op. 36Goldmark
60502Nicht wie Burns. Arranged by Carl Volti
60526Ah! 'Tis a DreamHawley
60528My Little LoveHawley
60552Kermesse. Quadrille. Figures 1, 2 and 3Jacobi
60554Kermesse. Quadrille. Figures 4 and 5Jacobi
60560Suite (Indian), Op. 48, No.2. First Movement, LegendMacDowell
60562Suite (Indian), Op.48, No.2. Second Movement, Love SongMacDowell
60564Suite (Indian), Op.48, No.2. Third Movement, In War TimeMacDowell
60566Suite (Indian), Op. 48, No.2. Fourth Movement, DirgeMacDowell
60568Suite (Indian), Op. 48, No.2. Fifth Movement, Village FestivalMacDowell
60590Elegie, Op. 24. C minorFaure
60608Offertoire. Key GBatiste
60612Lucia di Lammermoor. Sextet: Transcription by Leon d'OurvilleDonizetti
60640Symphony. D minor. Scherzo. Transcription by Josef SchalkBruckner
60652Straszny Dwor. Recitativo i piesn StefanaMoniuszki
60654Hinky Dink. March and Two-StepReese
60668Orpheus. Ballet Suite. No.2, Reigen seliger GeisterGluck
60682St. Andrew. Three VersesThorne
60690Pearsall. Three Verses
60692Riseholme. Three VersesGauntlett
60700St. Bees. Three VersesDykes
60706St. Agnes, DurhamDykes
60708Maryton. Three VersesSmith
60716Horbury. Three VersesDykes
60734Irene. Three VersesScholefield
60740St. Philip. Three VersesBarnby
60806Jerusalem, the GoldenVar. by Spark Ewing
60808Don Juan, potpourriMozart
60820Idylle. D flatFaulkes
60822Meditation. Key FD'Evry
60828Russian Hymn. Variations by Eugene Thayer
60844Scenes Hongroises, No.1Massenet
60850Hunyady Laszlo. OvertureErkel
60858Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche, Op. 28. Nach alter Schelmenweise in Rondeau formR. Strauss
60918Inno Garibaldi, Inno di Guerra. Cacciatori delle AlpiTranscription by Luigi Truzzi
60918O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles). Three Verses
60930Parsifal. Act I. Der SchwanWagner
60932Parsifal. Act I. Das LiebesmahlWagner
60936Parsifal. Act II. HerzeleideWagner
60948Hark, the Glad Sound. Three Verses
60960Mr. Breezy. March and Two-Step
60984O Worship the King, All Glorious Above. Three Verses
60988Jesus Grant Me This I Pray. Three Verses
61004My God, My Father, While I Stray. Three Verses
61040Austrian Hymn (God Preserve Our Noble Emperor.)Haydn
61048Show Me Thy Ways, O LordTorrente
61056Festival March, Op. 7Miller
61076Petite Maison, La. Act III. Entr'acteChaumet
61082Ach Herr mich armen Sunder, Erste Bearbeitung, Four Verses
61088Aus meines Herzens Grunde. Three Verses
61090Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu Dir. Three Verses
61094Der am Kreuz ist meine Liebe. Three Verses
61108Octet, Op. 166, Key F. First Movement, Adagio. AllegroSchubert
61110Octet, Op. 166. Key F. Second Movement, Andante un poco mossoSchubert
61112Meinen Jesum 'lass ich nicht. Three Verses
61112Octet, Op. 166. Key F. Third Movement, Scherzo. Allegro vivaceSchubert
61118Introduction und Tarantella. Ein Marchen aue der ChampagneBrull
61120Pagliacci. Act I. Cantabile Chorus and Bell SongLeoncavallo
61122Am Wasserfiussen Babylon
61124Eins ist Not; Ach Herr, dies Eine. Four Verses
61126Es ist gewisslich an der Zeit. Three Verses
61132Herr und Altster deiner Kreuzgemeinde. Four Verses
61138Vampyr Overture, Op. 42Marschner
61168Liebster Jesu wir sind hier. Three Verses
61174Morgenglanz der Evigkeit. Four Verses
61178Nun lasst uns Gott dem Herren. Six Verses
61180O dass ich tausend Zungen hatte. Three Verses
61206Love Is King. March and Two-StepInnes
61208Lazarre WaltzesBlanke
61236Tristan and Isolde. Introduction, Act IWagner
61238Tristan and Isolde. Introduction, Act IIWagner
61252O Welt, sieh hier dein Leben. Five Verses
61254Schmucke dich, O liebe See1e. Three Verses
61256Sollt ich meinem Gott nicht Singen. Three Verses
61262Grosser Gott, wir Lieben Dich. Choral No. 176 Salmi e cantici; Cantico No. 21; Sommo Iddio noi t'invochiamo vochiamo. Three Verses
61300International Congress. Introducing: Fugue on Yankee Doodle; Hail Columbia; God Save the King; Marseillaise; Wearing of the Green; Wacht am Rhein; Russian Hymn; Italian Song; Polish Dance; Star Spangled BannerSousa
61314Wie soli ich Dich empfangen. Five Verses
61316Wie wohl ist mir, O Freund der Seelen. Three Verses
61360Passing of the Guard, Op. 78 (Die Wachtparade Kommt.)Eilenberg
61366Orpheus in der Unterwelt. OvertureOffenbach
61378Andante et Polonaise', de Concert, Op. 27, Andante. Key ENapoleon
61390Gotterdammerung. Siegfried's Rhine JourneyWagner
61394Panama. Two-Step MilitaireFrankel
61396Land of the Mountain and the Flood, Op. 3MacCunn
61400Otello Overture, Gp. 93. Part I. F sharp minorDvorak
61402Otello Overture, Op. 93. Part II. F sharp minorDvorak
61406Gotterdammerung. Siegfried's NarrativeWagner
61408Russalka. ZigeunertanzDargomychsky
61420Martha, Potpourri. Arranged by Henri CramerFlotow
61438Dowie dens 0' Yarrow, Op. 6MacCunn
61474Mississippi Mamie. Medley March and Two-Step, Introducing: I'd Like to Catch Your EyeSilver
61498Mexicanos, al grito de guerra. Mexican National AirNuno
61500Hamadie Pacha. Imperial Air of Sultan Abdul Hamed Khan II. (Turkey)
61508Dream of Heaven. WaltzBauer
61510In Italian. Overture, Op. 49Goldmark
61512Symphony, No.8, Op. 93. Key F. First Movement, AllegroBeethoven
61514Symphony, No.8, Op. 93. Key F. Third Movement, Tempo di menuettoBeethoven
61516Symphony, No.8, Op. 93. Key F. Fourth Movement, Allegro vivaceBeethoven
61542Variations on an American Air (Swanee River)Flagler
61584Concerto (Organ), No.5. Key F. Arranged by W.T. BestHandel
61588Echoes of Love. WaltzesFerrari
61596Board Walk Parade. March and Two-StepJohns
61628Star Spangled Banner. Variations by Dudley Buck
61654Southern Stars Overture. Introducing: Turkey in the Straw; Old Black Joe; Dixie; Old Folks at Home; Sailor's Hornpipe; My Old Kentucky Home; Listen to the Mocking BirdArranged by Ascher-Mahl
61710Lucy Linda Lady. Medley Waltz, Introducing: My June Time Rose
61710My June Time Rose ('See Lucy Linda Lady)
61762Symphony. No.2, Gp. 70. D minor. First Movement, Allegro maestosoDvorak
61764Symphony. No.2, Op. 70. D minor. Second Movement, Poco AdagioDvorak
61766Symphony. No.2, Op.70. D minor. Third Movement, Scherzo. VivaceDvorak
61768Symphony, No.2, Op. 70. D minor. Fourth Movement, AllegroDvorak
61798Dreams of Erin. Irish Overture. Introducing: Sprig of Shillelagh; Minstrel Boy; Irish Washerwoman; Paddy Whack; Cruiskeen Lawn; Oft in the Stilly Night; Brian Borochmes' March; Low-Backed Car; Blackbird; Savourneen Delish; Paddy O'Rafferty; Paddy Carey; Peter StreetArranged by L.O. DeWitt
61800Vier Jahreszeiten, Die. Symphonie, OP. 30, No.2; First Movement, WinterHadley
61802Vier Jahreszeiten, Die. Symphonie, Op. 30, No.2. Second Movement, Fruhling (Spring)Hadley
61804Vier Jahreszeiten, Die. Symphonie, Op. 30, No.2. Third Movement, Sommer (Summer)Hadley
61806Vier Jahreszeiten, Die. Symphonie, Op. 30, No.2. Fourth Movement, Herbst (Autumn)Hadley
61816Apple Blossoms. ReverieRoberts
61838Love's Garden WaltzesMorse
61846Tristan and Isolde. Act I., Part I. Meeting of Tristan and IsoldeWagner
61848Tristan and Isolde. Act I., Part II. Meeting of Tristan and IsoldeWagner
61886Sonata (Quarta). E flat. Third Movement, FugaCapocci
61890Trompeten Overture, Op. 101Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
61894Nachklange von Ossian OvertureGade
61898Impression d'Italie. No.3, A MulesCharpentier
61914Quartette (String), Op. 22. Key F. Second Movement, ScherzoTchaikowsky
61916Quartette (String), Op. 22. Key F. Third Movement, AndanteTchaikowsky
61918Quartette (String), Op. 22. Key F. Fourth Movement, Allegro con motoTchaikowsky
61934Old Black Joe. Paraphrase by GembelFoster
61954Scenes Poetiques, Op. 46. No.1, Dans les BoisB. Godard
61956Scenes Poetiques, Op. 46. No.2, Dans les ChampsB. Godard
61974Annie Laurie. VariationsBuck
61982Symphony, No.5, Op. 64. Fourth Movement, Andante Maestoso. Part 1Tchaikowsky
61984Symphony, No.5, Op. 64. Fourth Movement, Andante Maetoso. Part IITchaikowsky
61988Rhapsodie Hongroise. No.5Liszt
62026Rhapsodie Hongroise, No. 19Liszt
62058It Happened in Nordland. Entr' ActeHerbert
62076Tristan and Isolde. Love Duet, Act IIWagner
62118Rag Bag Man. Medley, March and Two-Step. Introducing: Cute Little CannibaleeMortimer & Sloane
62122Konigskinder. VorspielHumperdinck
62128Thais. Meditation et Mort de Thais. Paraphrase de Concert by A. PerilhouMassenet
62146Prelude a l'apres midi d'un fauneDebussy
62156Scenes Bretonnes, Op. 24. No. 1, Avant Ie Pardon; No.2, Le Passe-piedRopartz
62172Contes d'Hoffmann, Les. Entr' Acte. Romance. BarcarolleOffenbach
62184Symphonie, No.4, Op. 98. E minor. First Movement, Allegro non troppoBrahms
62186Symphonie, No.4, Op. 98. E minor. Second Movement, Andante moderatoBrahms
62188Symphonie, No.4, Op. 98. E minor. Third Movement, Allegro giocosoBrahms
62190Symphonie, No.4, Op. 98. E minor. Fourth Movement, AllegroBrahms
62202Peche Mignon Overture, Op. 44Langey
62220Christmas Hymns. Two Verses Each
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Sing This Blessed Morn
O Little Town of Bethlehem
62228Himno Nacional ArgentinoAstengo
62260Jolly German Medley Waltz. Introducing: Herzliebchen mein, unter'm Rebendach; Ca, Ca, geschmauset; Ach, wie ist Moglich dann; Ach, du Iieber Augustin; Schier dreissig Jahre bist du alt; Lauterbach hab' ich mein Strumpf verlor'n
62364Capriccio Italien, Op. 45. Part ITchaikowsky
62366Capriccio Italien, Op. 45. Part IITchaikowsky
62368Sonate, Op. 28. Key G. First Movement, Allegro maestosoEigar
62370Sonate, Op. 28. Key G. Second Movement, AllegrettoElgar
62372Sonate, Op. 28. Key G. Third Movement, Andante espressivoElgar
62374Sonate, Op. 28. Key G. Fourth Movement, Presto. ComodoElgar
62388Mexicana. Selection. Introducing: I Have Heard So Much About You; Major Margery; Fickle Weather Vane; I Am the Wizard of Wall Street; The Bolero; I Was Just Supposing; We've Got a Lot to Learn; United We StandHubbell
62398Marching Through Georgia. Three VersesWork
62404Dixie. Three VersesEmmett
62410Konigin von Saba. VorspielGoldmark
62412Konigin von Saba. Act Ir., EinleitungGoldmark
62416Suite d'Orchestre (Premiere), Op. 39. No.1, Allegro molto e briosoMoszkowski
62418Suite d'Orchestr~ (Premiere), Op. 39. No.2, Allegretto giojosoMoszkowski
62420Suite d'Orchestre (Premiere). Op. 39. No.5, Perpetuum mobileMoszkowski
62448Grand American Fantasie. Introducing: Keller's American Hymn; Maryland, My Maryland; Old Zip Coon; Bonny Eloise; Reveille; Tenting on the Old Camp Ground; Dixie; Carry Me Back to Old Virginny; High Level Hornpipe; Massa's in the. Cold, Cold Ground; Old Dan Tucker; Star Spangled Banner; Yankee DoodleArranged by Theodore Bendix
62452Mazeppa. EinleitungTchaikowsky
62456Aida (Duet: Quale insolita giora; Trio: Dessa)Verdi
62466Ruins of Athens. Overture, Op. 113Beethoven
62468Finlandia. A flatSibelius
62490Maritana. SelectionWallace
62518Elysia. Valse LenteBraham
62526Madam Butterfly. Selection. Introducing: Is't Love or Fancy, I Cannot Tell You; Shake That Cherry Tree 'Till Every Flower; Ev'ry Flower; Here the Stirrup Cup For You I'm Mixing; Gently Sir, Gently: Kami, Kami; Farewell; One Fine Day We'll Notice a Thread of Smoke; My Son, Sent to Me from HeavenPuccini
62532Red Mill. Selection. Introducing: Whistle It; Opening Chorus, Act. I Mignonette; Isle of Our Dreams; Go While the Goin' Is Good; Ensemble, Act. I, Moonbeams; Opening Chorus, Act. II, Legend of the Mill; Good-a-Bye, John; Stop Dance; I Want You to Marry Me; Streets of New YorkHerbert
62554March Septet. Merry WidowLehar
62558Lalla WaltzOakley
62560Hermosa (Beautiful) WaltzWells
62564Czar und Zimmermann PotpourriLortzing
62566Waffenschmied, Der. PotpourriLortzhig
62574Dream City, and Magic Knight. Selection. Introducing: (1) Fireman's Patrol; (2) I Fancy You; (3) Farmer's Life; (4) Elsa's Song; (5) Sextette; (6) pance, Opening Chorus; (7) You Ain't My Kind ob Coon; (8) Operatic Maiden; (9) Love by Telephone; (10) Ta, Ta, My Dainty Little Darling; (11) Operatic MaidenHerbert
62578Boheme, La. SelectionPuccini
62582Messiah. And the Glory of the LordHandel
62588Quand l'Amour Meurt. WaltzCremieux
62592Merry Widow Waltz (Ballsirenen Walzer)Lehar
62598Nocturne, Op. 28, No.1Meyer-Helmund
62608I Will Extol Thee, O LordM. Costa
62610Mefistofele. Ridda e Fuga InfernaleBoito
62610Rejoice in the LordElvey
62612He Shall Come Down Like Rain, Op. 53, No.4Buck
62614Saviour, When Night Involves the SkiesShelley
62616Christ Our PassoverShepperd
62618Lord Is My Rock. AnthemWoodman
62634Songs Without Words. No. 29, Venetian Boat SongMendelssohn-Bartholdy
62636O Divine RedeemerGounod
62640Cherry IntermezzoAlbert
62648Arrah Wanna, Medley Overture: Introducing: (1) Arrah Wanna; (2) It's Great to Be a Soldier Man; (3) Won't You Be My Honey; (4) Girlie, I Love You; (5) Nobody's Little Girl; (6) Lovin' Time; (7) Good-bye, Mamie; (8) Arrah WannaMorse
62654Grand Opera Bits. Introducing: Tannhauser (March); Aida (Triumphal March); Faust (Let Me Gaze); Poet and Peasant (Overture); Traviata (Drinking Song); Mignon (Polonaise) ; Bohemian Girl (Then You'll Remember Me); Lohengrin (Prelude, Act 3); II Trovatore (Prison Scene) ; Traviata (Ah, Now I Feel That 'Tis Love); Faust (Flower Song); Rigoletto (One Day That I Remember Well) ; Stradella (Overture); Carmen (Toreador's Song) ; Cavalleria Rusticana (Intermezzo); Tannhauser (Shepherd's Pipe); Martha (Last Rose of Summer and How So Fair); Wm. Tell (Overture); Tannhauser (Pilgrims' Chorus)Arranged by George Rosey
62656Valse CaressanteLambert
62658Air with Variations, Offertoire for ChristmasLefebure-We1y
62674Selene (The Moon) WaltzRisler
62684Lucrezia Borgia. Morceau, by Emil AscherDonizetti
62738Broadway 1908 Selection
62756Symphony, No.4, Op. 60. B flat. Second Movement, AdagioBeethoven
62758Felice, Op. 124. CanzonettaLangey
62780Teddy Bears Picnic. Two-StepBratton
62784Rainbow. Indian IntermezzoWenrich
62796Humoreske, Op. 101, No.7Dvorak
62800Lohengrin. Festal Play and Bridal Song. Transcription by Franz LisztWagner
62814Chocolate Soldier. Selection. Introducing: (1) Bulgarians; (2) Come, My Hero; (3) Letter SongOscar Straus
62816Erinnyes, Les. Divertissement; Danse grecque; La Troyenne Regrettant sa PatrieMassenet
62822Lead, Kindly LightPinsuti
62856Symphony, No.4, Op. 60. B flat. Third Movement, Allegro vivaceBeethoven
62858Symphony, No.4, Op. 60. B flat. Fourth Movement, Allegro rna non troppoBeethoven
62860Luna Walzer. Frau LunaLincke
62866By the Light of the Silvery MoonEdwards
62874Pearls. NoveletteMoret
62876Symphony, No.4, Op. 60. B flat. First Movement, AdagioBeethoven
62878Tuneful Glimpse of Johann Strauss. Waltz, Introducing:' (1) Sounds from the Vienna Woods; (2) Wiener Bonbons; (3) Artists' Life; (4) Wine, Women and Song; (5) Thousand and One Nights; (6) The Blue Danube. Mandolin Arrangement by George SwiftStrauss
62892Songs Without Words. No. 27, Funeral MarchMendelssohn-Bartholdy
62894Im Herbst (En Automne), Op. 11Grieg
62904Quintet, Op. 44. First Movement, Allegro brillante. Arranged by George SwiftSchumann
62926Sizilietta. WaltzBlon
62928Madama Butterfly. Act I. (1) Introduction and Lieut. Pinkerton's Toast to America; (2) Pinkerton's Fascination for Butterfly; (3) Arrival of Butterfly and Her Relations; (4) The Stirrup Cup; (5) Fall of Evening; (6) Finale-Love DuetPuccini
62930Madama Butterfly. Act II. (1) Introduction and Suzuki's Grief: (2) Butterfly's Faith in Pinkerton's Return; (3) Her Chant to Her Child; (4) Gathering Cherry Blossoms for Pinkerton's Return; (5) Finale-The Night's VigilPuccini
62932Madama Butterfly. Act III. (1) Introduction-The Break of Day; (2) Consul Sharpless' Reproach to Pinkerton: (3) Pinkerton's Farewell j (4) Butterfly's Leave Taking of Her Child; (5) Finale-Butterfly's DeathPuccini
62934Holy City. Eye Hath Not SeenGaul
62954Alma, Where Do You Live. Selection Introducing: (1) Boogie-Boo; (2) Alma; (3) Love Me; (4) Childhood Days; (5) Kiss Me, My Love; (6) Sail Home; (7) Don't Let the Girlies Get You; (8) FinaleBriquet
62964African HunterKendall
62968Rag Medley No.9. Introducing: (l) Chilli-Billi-Bee Rag; (2) A Certain PartyMuir & Kelley
62970Princeton. Medley Overture. Songs of Old Nassau: Introducing: (1) Triangle Song; (2) There's a College They Call Princeton; (3) Steps Song; (4) Orange and Black; (5) Where, O Where; (6) Here Come the Elis; (7) Levee Song; (8) Oh, We'll Whoop Her Up For -; (9) Old Nassau; (10) Loving Cup Song; (11) Princeton Jungle SongArranged by George Swift
62972Hans, Ie J oueur de Flute, Potpourri (Hans, the Flute Player.)Ganne
62974Oh, That Classic Rag! Two-Step. Introducing: (1) That Loving Melody Rubinstein Wrote; (2) Narcissus; (3) That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune; (4) That Dreamy Barcarole Tune; (5) Cavalleria Rustican Rag; (6) My Operatic SamsonArranged by George Swift
62980Suite (Second). Op. 14. First Movement, PraeludiumMacDowell
62982Naughty Marietta. Selection No.2. Introducing: (l) Entr'Acte; (2) 'Neath the Southern Moon; (3) Love's of New Orleans; (4) Taisezvous; (5) Live for TodayArr. by George Swift
62982Taisez-vous (Sel; Naughty Marietta, Selection No.2)
62994Spring Maid. Selection. Introducing: (1) Fountain Fay Protective Institution; (2) Fountain Fay; (3) Day Dreams; (4) How I Love a Pretty Face; (5) Two Little Love Bees; (6) Day DreamsReinhardt
62998Dream Melody. IntermezzoHerbert
63010Oh! That Slow WaltzToulmouche-Diodet
63012I Love It. Fantastic RagH. von Tilzer
63024Symphonie, Op. 26 (Landliche Hochzeit). First Movement, HochzeitsmarschGoldmark
63026Symphonie, Op. 26 (Landliche Hochzeit). Fourth Movement, Im GartenGoldmark
63028Symphonie, Op. 26 (Landlicne Hochzeit). Fifth Movement, TanzGoldmark
63038I'm Falling in Love With SomeoneHerbert
63042Tales of Hoffman (Contes d'Hoffmann). Barcarole. Arranged by Franz MahlOffenbach
63044Lucia di Lammermoor. SextetDonizetti
63056Maid of the Pango Isle. Intermezzo, Two-StepIngraham
63058Glory of the Yankee Navy. MarchSousa
63076Alexander's Ragtime BandBerlin
63078Oceana RollDenni
63080Rail and River Rag. Introducing: (1) That Railroad Rag; (2) Steamboat Bill; (3) That Railroad RagArranged by George Swift
63090Prelude, Op. 28, No. 20. C minorChopin
63106Enchantress. Selection. Introducing: (1) I've Been Looking For the Perfect Man; (2) In the Land of My Own Romance; (3) Art Is Calling For Me; (4) When the Right Man Sings Tra-La; (5) I've Been Looking For the Perfect Man. Arranged by George SwiftHerbert
63138Little Millionaire. Medley March and Two-Step, Introducing: (1) Any Place the Old Flag Flies; (2) Oh, You Wonderful GirlCohan
63142Victor Herbert Tuneful Medley Overture. (1) Commandress in Chief; (2) Dreaming; (3) Gypsy Love Song; (4-a) March of the Toys; (4-b) Toyland; (5) Absinthe Frappe; (6-a) Mascot of the Troup; (6-b) If I Were on the Stage; (7-a) Isle of Our Dreams; (7-b) Because You're You; (7-c) When You're Pretty and the World Is Fair; (8) Rose of the World. Arranged by Herman Avery Wade
63146Kwang Hsu. Tean Tse. Chinese MarchLincke
63150Winter Garden, Selection No.3. Introducing: (1) My Sumurun Girl; (2) That Raggedy Rag; (3) Oriental Rose; (4) How Do You / Do, Miss Ragtime; (5) My Sumurun Girl, Arranged by George SwiftHirsch & Henry
63152Jewels of the Madonna. Intermezzo; Introduction, Act IIIWolf-Ferrari
63158On the Road to Zag-a-ZigFinck
63210Here Comes My Daddy NowMuir and Gilbert
63222In the Shadows. DanceH. Finck
63224Favorite Sunday School Hymns: (1) When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder; (2) The King's Business; (3) Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown (4) That Will Be Glory For Me
63232Mariette. Two-Step, PolkaSterny-Courquin
63240International RagBerlin
63244Peg O' My Heart. March and Two-Step (One-Step)Fischer
63246Menuett. E flatBeethoven
63250Home Sweet Home the World Over. Grand Fantasie, as Played in Different Countries: (1) Air; (2) Germany; (3) Spain; (4) Russia; (5) Italy; (6) Scotland; (7) Hungary; (8) China; (9) Ireland; (10) AmericaLampe
63252Valse Caprice, Op. 6, No. 1Nevin
63254Intermezzo, Opo 7, No.3Nevin
63256Bavaria, La. Polka de SalonMurillo
63260Minuet in GBeethoven
63262Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) Hawaiian Song. Two VersesQueen Liloukalani


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