Amorette (24-Note)

Tuning Scales
Formatmetal disc
Drivecenter, 2 circular holes, center spindle
Size30.5 cm (12 inch)
Holes per inch

This list is based on The Organette Book, by Kevin McElhone, and in cooperation with the MBSGB Archives.

6???illegible except '…st,….'
?Hear My Cry. [number unclear].
?Nun Danket Alle Gott, Choral. [see 6461?].
39Golden Rose Waltz, The. [suspect #]
104.? unclear
248Crosspatch Polka.
261Jolly Tars Polka. [suspect #].
273Moonlight Revels Barndance.
590There is Life for a Look.
619Once we were Sweethearts.
4510There is Life for a Look.
6005My QueenCoote
6018Tanze, Puppchen, Tanze. Polka.
6048Helige Nacht
6057Washinton Post March.Sousa
6062Two Little Girls in Blue.
6064Strolling Round the Town.
6068Billet Doux. [number unclear].
6075Stamboel 3 von Lopaja.
6104Spassvogeichen Rheinlander.
610.Spread Eagle March.
6110Say au Revoir but noy Goodbye.
6122Wintergartensterne Waltz Potpourri.
6134Heel & Toe Polka.
6144Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
6145Sun of My Soul.
6147Mountain Bell Scotish, The. [yes spelt that way!].
6148Biarritz Barndance.
6152Maggie Murphy's Home. song.
6158Safe in the Arms of Jesus. [or maybe #6108].
6159Jaukee Doodle. [Yankie Doodle?].
6163Highland Scottische.
Good original,
6165When the Summer Comes Again - Waltz.
6172The Old Folks at Home
Good original,
6175Father O'Flynn.
6195Hold the Fort.
6196Abide With Me.Monk
6198Sweet By & By. [usually seen as Bye & Bye].
6199Ring the Bells of Heaven.
Good original,
61..Flora Schottisch. [unclear]
6200What a Friend we have in Jesus.
Good original,
6201Onward Upward.
6202Hark, Hark! My Soul
6207Jesus, Lover of My Soul.
6208There is a Green Hill Far Away.
6209Washed in the Blood of the Lamb.
620.Where is My Boy Tonight?
8210At the Cross there's Room.[number perhaps 6210?]
6211Gate Ajar for Me, The.
Good original,
6212Why Not Tonight? [number suspect might be 6210]
Good original,
6214What Shall the Harvest Be?
6215Killarney - Irish Ballad.
6221Letzte Rose, aus Martha. (Last Rose of Summer).
Good original,
6223Heil din im Siegenknang. / God Save the King.
6229Oesterreichische National Hymne.
6237O Schone Zeit O Sel'ne Zeit Lied.
6239Rule Brittania. x2.
6252Sweetheart May.
6254She was a Dear Little Dicky Bird.
6260Alive on the Ocean Wave. [sic!].
6264Darling Mabel
6274Soldiers of the Queen, The.
6276What is Home without a Mother.
6278What is Home without a Mother.
6282The Kiss That Loves a Sailor.
6283Whose There …….. at Home. [unclear].
6290Brittania. song. [actually Rule Britannia].
6291.? - illegible
6296Croquette Polka.Auvrai
6308Lead, Kindly Light.
Good original,
6309Home Sweet Home.
6312Shall We Gather at the River.
6313Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine.
Good original,
6314He Leadeth Me Oh Blessed Thought.
6323Men of Harlech.
6342Madchens Klage Russ Lied.
6344Die Nachtigall Russ Lied.
6348Star of the …. - from The Geisha [maybe'my soul]
6358Little Dolly Day Dream.
6364Mistletoe Bough, The.
6371For Old Jakes Sake Waltz. [might be old Lake].
Good original,
6380Queen of the Earth
6384Golden Times Barndance.
6386Hand in Hand Barndance.
6391Forgotten Rose Waltz. [suspect #].
63.4College Hornpipe. [# is not 6364].
6408Shall I be an angel, Daddy
Good original,
6410Let Me Take You Home Again.
6414When a Little While has Flown.
6442Sweet Rosie O'Grady.
6455Onward Christian Soldiers.
6456Kriegsmarsch der Buren.
6461Now Thank We All Our Lord. [Our God?].
6463Banshee Barn Dance, The.
6477Woodland Cascade, Schottische.
6486All Along the Rails. song.
6489What Ho! She bumps.
6495Why Boys Why?
6511British Grenadiers March, The. x2
6512Death of Nelson, The. song.
Good original,
6517Good Bye and God Bless you, Jack.
6518I'll Be You Sweetheart
Good original,
6519The Ship that Belongs to a Lady.
6526Bravo! Dublin Fusiliers or Ireland's Reply.
6539Smoke, Smoke, Smoke.
6551Fiddle & I Waltz.
6553Army Lancers Quadrille, The. Part 1.
6553Army Lancers Quadrille, The. Part 2.
6553Army Lancers Quadrille, The. Part 3.
6553Army Lancers Quadrille, The. Part 5.
6554Stars & Stripes Forever.Sousa
6585Alh Konntichoch Einmal so Lieben, Walzer.
6588Trust in the Lord
6594Gospel Bell, The.
6604Are we to Part Like This?
6608Stamboel No.1.
6610Emma Schottisch.
6716Honeysuckle & the Bee, The.
6752Skylark! Skylark! song.
6762Fol The-Rol-Lol Song.
6769Old Brigade Song, The.
6804Rock of Ages.
6810Just as I am, Without. [yes,without, is the title]
6812A Few More Years Shall Roll.
6920Kirschen in Na…. G…… Walzer.
6923G…ukelwalkzer aus Metropol.
6928In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree.
6932Stop Yer Tickling Jock.Lauder, Harry
6940Ballsiren Walzer.
6941K…. mich …. …. ….om funfe.


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