Ariston (16-Note)

Kinder Ariston
Tuning Scales
Formatcardboard disc
Formatzinc disc
Drivecenter, 4 circular holes, center spindle
Size21.4 cm
Keys per inch7.26

8700Frauenherz. (Wife's Heart). Polka-Mazurka.Strauss
8701Valse de Boccaccio. Strauss
8702Les Roses Valse.Metra O.
8703An der schonen Blauen Donau, Walzer.
8704Carmen Polka. Bizet
8705Die Glocken von Corneville.
8706Mazurka aus Donna Juanita.
8707Valse de Faust Gounod
8708Invitation a la Danse. / Aufforderung zum Tanz.Von Weber C.M.
8709La Csarine MazurkaGanne, Louis
8713Tyrolienne. Rossini
8714Madame Angot Polka.Lecocq
8715Le Petit Bleu Valse. / Weingeister. Wensel, Leon
8716La Mascotte, Walzer.
8717Miss Helyette Valse.Deransart, Ed.
8718Fanny Rosa. Polka-Mazurka. Richter C.
8719Boccaccio Marsch.
8720Les Lanciers Quadrilles. No.1,2,3,4,5.
8722J'ai Perdu ma Gigolette - Couplet.Delormel
8724Hundert Jungfrauen, Walzer.
8725Loin du Bal, Intermezzo.Gillet, Ernest
8726Sperlings Polka. / The Sparrows. M.Meanveot [? can't read]
8727La Petite Mariee, Polka. / Die Kleine Neuvermahlte.Arban
8728La Mascotte, Polka. Deransart Ed.
8730Les Lanciers t.5 [part 5? - might be 8720].
8731Kinderball Schottische. ZINC disc
8732Roses aus dem Suden, Walzer.
8733La Marseillaise.
8734Le Petit Vin de Bordeaux, Polka.Wenzel
8735Auf Dem Omnibus. / On the Omnibus.
8736Le Petit Duc, Polka / Der kleine Herzog.Arban
8737Baby-Polka. Nouvelle Danse.Paul, Francois
8738Die Elsasserinnen.
8738Les Alsaciennes, Polka-Mazurka. / The Alsatian Girls.Tedesco E.
8739Gentilette, Schottische.St. Angelo,
8740A Travers Paris, Galop.Fischer E.
8742Teufels Marsch.
8743La boitense, Komisches Lied. [hl said 5743??].
8744Les Gardes Municipaux, Chansonette.Courtois, Paul
8745Marche Lorraine.
8751Kanarienvogel, Walzer.
8753Unter dem Doppeladler Marsch.
8760Che ridere, Polka.Becucci
8773Schottisch dell' Eliseo nella Gran Via / La Gran Via.
8775Walzer del Cavaliere di Grazia (nella Gran Via).?
8780Kinderball [note can only read 878x].
8782Dancing in the Barn, Danse Figurante. Galimberti G.
8783Kreuz-Polka Bohemienne Danse Figurante.
8786Danse Figurante - Valse (Boston) Louis XV.
8788Danse Figurante - Season.
8790Faust Up to Date.Pas de Quatre. [seen zinc & card].
8791All Right, Valse.Bouillon, Emile
8792Lingaling Polka.Eugene Dede Fils.
8794Santa Lucia, Canzone (Salon Mignon = hl 9/98)?
8795Bells of Corneville,The. ZINC disc
8796Vita Allegra.
8798Berline Rhthmee, Polka.
8799Espana Suite.
8821La Brabaconne. ZINC disc
8822Pleasure to Tell - Polka.
8824Rattenfanger Walzer.
8825Das Bienenhaus.
8826Au Souper, Lied.
8827La Brabaconne. (Belgian National Anthem) [number882?]
8834Mazurka aus Das Leben fur den Far/Lar.
8843Shine, Shine, Moon!
8845Only a Broken Toy.
8846Frivolity Barn Dance.
8847?Soldiers of the Queen, The.
8847?Whisper & I Shall Hear.
8849Little Dolly Daydream.
8854Gay Tom Tit, The.
8859Victoria and Merry England.
8862Woodland Flowers.
8863Shaeffer's Celebrated Solo Jig.
8864Midshipmite, The.
8866She was one of the Early Birds.
8868Darling Mabel.
8870We Take Off our Hats to the Queen.
8880Die Glocken von Corneville. Quadrille No.5.
8884It's a Great Big Shame.
8885Where there's Love at Home.
8888From Greenlands Icy Mountains.
8892Work for the Night is Coming.
8896Little Mary.
8897Whiter than Snow.
8900Gospel Bells.
8901What Shall the Harvest be?
8903La Posta of Washington Marcia. [note mix of languages!].
8907Permette Girof Valse.Marenco R.
8909Meet me at the Fountain. [might be 8099].
8931Rose Mousse, Walzer.
8936There'll come a Time.
8940Bid me Goodbye for Ever.
8943While London's Fast Asleep.
8947Belle of New York, The. She is the Belle of New York.
8948Belle of New York, The. They all Follow Me.
8949Belle of New York, The. Belle Parissienne.
8951Belle of New York, The. When we are Married.
8952Shall I be an Angel Daddy?
8955For the sake of the Little Ones at Home.
8957For Old Time's Sake.
8959Home, Sweet Home.
8960?Happy Darkies Barn Dance.
8961Our Lodger is a nice Young Man.
8962Spinn, Spinn! - Swedish folk song.
8963Let 'em all come.
8965Cock of the North, The.
8970Schatz Walzer.
8995Man from Cook's, The.
8996Soldiers in the Park, The.
8997As your Hair grows Whiter.
8999O Capo e Mare, Canzone.

16003?Goodbye & God Bless you Jack.
16004You've got a Long Way to Go.
16007The Farmer's Boy.
16010Honeymoon March, The.
16014Geisha Lancers, The. Parts 1,2,3,4,5.
16019Sweet Rosie O'Grady.
16024Break the News to Mother.
16033Nouvelle Danse Salon Mignon.
16036Valse Bleue.
16037A Francesca March.
16040Girly-Girly. sung by R.G.Knowles.
16044Florodora Waltz.
16051Voglio Fischiar. Canzone. Gigerlkonigen.
16056I'll be Your Sweetheart.
16085San Toy. Me Gettee Out Quick.
16087Monte Cristo. Valse.
16088Sourire d'Avril. Valse.
16093Waltz from The Fortune Teller.
16097I can't Tell Why I Love You, but I Do.
16114Once we were Sweethearts
16118Edward VII Grand Triumphal March.
16124Honeysuckle & the Bee, The.
16126Good-bye Dolly Gray.
16139The Church's One Foundation.
16145Rest in the Lord. Hymn.
16158Everybody's Loved by Someone!
16175Miller's Daughter, The. from Three Little Maids.
16176Girls, Girls, Girls. from Three Little Maids.
16183Deutschland, Deutschland, uber Alles. Austrian National Hymn
16236Giovanottino mi garbate tanto.
16241Uocchie c'arraggiunate, Canzone.
16251Put me Amongst the Girls.


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