Autophone (32-Note)

Tuning Scales
Formatcardboard strip
Drivemiddle, rectangular holes
Size7.25 inch
Holes per inch

#401+ Sacred, #501+ Popular, #701+ Classical
401Precious PromiseE.P. Bliss
402The Sweet Bye and ByeWebster
403Close to TheeVail
404What shall the Harvest beBliss
405It came upon the midnight clearWillis
406America / Heil Dir Im Siegerkranz
New recut,For
407Jerusalem, the GoldenA. Ewing
408Jesus of Nazareth passes byPerkins
409Hold the FortBliss
New recut, For
411St. LeonardDykes
412Abide with meMonk
413Hymn to JoyBeethoven
414Christ is Risen (Easter Anthem)Arthur Sullican
416We shall meet bye and byeH.P. Main
417Yield not to TemptationPalmer
418Nearer, my God, to TheeHastings
New recut, For
419I am playing for youSankey
420Even MeBradbury
421Hark, hark, my soulDykes
422Where is My Boy Tonight
New recut, For
423Onward, Christian SoldiersSullivan
424Rock of AgesHastings
425ArielL. Mason
426Portuguese Hymn
429Duke Street
430I need Thee every hourLowry
New recut, For
431So I can wait
432Angels Ever Bright and FairHandel
434Old HundredMartin Luther
442Where is My Boy Tonight
501Die Wacht Am RheinCarl Wilhelm
502Cheer, Boys, Cheer
503Then You'll remember me (Bohemian Girl)Balfe
504Once againSullivan
505Far AwayMiss Lindsay
506John Brown
507First Love (Waltz song from Olivette)Sullivan
508I think of theeFr. Abt
509Oft in the Stilly NightStevenson
510The LullabyEmmet
511The Exile's LamentFr. Abt
512Sweet and Low (Tennyson)Barnby
513A Violet from Mother's GraveW.H. Fox
514Of the Girls I am so shyPratt
515How dear to me the Hour, 1st.Kleber
516How dear to me the Hour, 2nd.Kleber
517Serenade to IdaWeingand
518Volkslied—The Long, long weary day)
519Cradle's Empty, Baby's goneKennedy
520O, ye tearsFr. Abt
521Waltz Song—Hope on, hope everWebster
522Now the Swallows are ReturningFr. Abt
523The Marseillaise Hymn
524Far o'er the Stars is thy RestFr. Abt
525Bessie, the Maid of DundeeGilbert
526Policemen's Chorus (Pirates of Penzance)Sullivan
527The Arkansas Traveler
528O, Could I teach the NightingaleKeller
529Gott Erhalte Franz den KaiserHaydn
530Back to our Mountains (Il Trovatore.)Verdi
531Down Among the Sugar Cane
532Chorus from MassanielloAuber
533Cradle SongMendelssohn
534Ye merry BirdsGumbert
535The Blue Alsatian MountainsAdams
537The Praise of TearsF. Schubert
538Babies In Our Block
538Over the Garden WallG.D. Fox
539Dancing In the BarnTurner & Orrin
540When the Leaves Begin to FadeJ.A. Snow
541The Cuckoo's SongJ.R. Emmet
542Warble, Warble, Little BirdMartinetti
543The McIntyresHarrigan & Braham
544The Parting KissSydenham
545Peek-a-BooWm. J. Scanlan
546In Einem Kuhlen GrundeGluck
547Wir Winden Dir Den JungfernkranzVon Weber
548Within a Mile of EdinburghOld Scotch Air
549Marching Through Georgia
550THe Rose—An Alexis Send Ich DichHimmel
551Red White and Blue
552Auld Lang Syne
553Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
554Rally Round the Flag
555Ask Me Not Why (Fille du Rigement)Donizetti
556Miserere (Trovatore)Verdi
557Ueber Berg, Ueber Thal (Die Afrikareise)Von Suppe
558Lasst Die Lieder Klingen (Bettelstudent)Millocker
559Last Rose of Summer (Martha)Flotow
560Die LoreleiSilcher
561Der Rothe Sarafan (Russian National Hymn)
562Chorus from I PuritaniBellini
563Home Sweet HomePayne
564When the Swallows Homeward FlyAbt
565The Star Spangled BannerKey
701Waltz—The Beautiful Blue Danube, No. 1Strauss
702Waltz—The Beautiful Blue Danube, No. 2Strauss
703Aux Bords du RhinHennes
704TraumereiF. Schumann
705Romance—Sweet ReposeH. Lichner
706A Song of SummerFennimore
707The Lawn Tennis Galop
708Waltz—One Thousand and One nights, No. 1Strauss
709Songs Without Words, No. 4Mendelssohn
710Songs Without Words, No. 9Mendelssohn
711Songs Without Words, No. 22Mendelssohn
712Waltz—Sounds from Vienna WoodsStrauss
713Theme from 7th SonataBeethoven
714Andante and var. from 10th SonataBeethoven
715Andante from 12th SonataBeethoven
716Minuet, from 18th SonataBeethoven
717Waltz—Il BacioArditi
718The Wedding March, No. 1Mendelssohn
719The Wedding March, No. 2Mendelssohn
720Minuet, from Symphony in E flat)Mozart
721Waltz—Les SirenesMozart
722Galop—Free that ReedR.E. Burleigh
723Galop—Just the StuffR.E. Burleigh
724Waltz—The Lily and the SunflowerH.B. Morris
725Mazurka—“No. 10 in the Blue Book”Rhyner
726Gavotte—Secret LoveResch
727Cornet Solo—William TellRossini
728Maiden's Prayer—SemiramideRossini
729The Charming WaltzWaldteufel
730Reverie—A Dream of the BallBurleigh
731Minstrel's Polka
732Von Webber's Last Waltz
733Trio, from Rakoczy MarschFerd. Beyer
734Bruker Lager MarschJ.N. Kral
735Chorus—Each New Feast Day—FaustGounod
736Pizzicato From SylviaDelibes
737March of the Cameron Men
738Waltz from the Chimes of CornevilleFlotow
739Violetta Polka—Merry WarStrauss
740Waltz—Nur fur Natur—Merry WarStrauss
741Stephanie GavotteCzipulka
743Gretchen Waltz—FaustGounod
744Polka—Wien ueber alles
745Laura Waltz 1—BetelstudentMillocker
746Laura Waltz 4—BetelstudentMillocker
747Victoria PolonaiseRichter
748Polka—La Bonne BoucheGodefroy
749The Parade MarchRichter
750Waltz—Les RosesRichter


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