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Tuning Scales
Formatpaper roll
Size13.75 inch
Holes per inch1.88

4 (80 feet)Sweet Hour of Prayer - Bradbury
Tell me the Old, Old story - Doane
We Shall Meet Beyond the River - Main
I need thee every hour - Lowry
Ring the Bells of Heaven - Root
Hold the Fort - Bliss
Jerusalem the Golden
Onward Christian Soldiers - Sullivan
14 ft
12 ft 4 in
8 ft 4 in
8 ft 4 in
8 ft 4 in
8 ft 4 in
8 ft 4 in
12 ft 4 in
Good original,
10Picnic Polka
La Belle Bohemienne Polka
Wright Complimentary Polka
Good original,
30The Minstrel Boy
I Dream I Dwelt
Robin Adair
Mollie Darling
Coming Thru the Rye
Good original,
53Caledonian Quadrille No. 1
Caledonian Quadrille No. 2
Caledonian Quadrille No. 3
Good original,
54Caledonian Quadrille No. 4
Caledonian Quadrille No. 5
Good original,
55Marseillaise Hymn
Full Moon Union
When you and I were young
Last Rose of Summer
Good original,
58When I first put this uniform on
If your anxious for to shine
Prithee Pretty Maiden
Silvered is the raven hair
A Japanese young man
Good original,


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