Formatcardboard disc
Formatzinc disc
Drivecenter, 2 rectangular holes, center spindle
Size17 cm
Keys per inch

Blue Danube Waltz.
Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-Wow
Duet from “The Great Mogul”
God Save the King.
Kill Aloe
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
Hymn: Where Is My Wandering Boy?
Yankee Doodle
65??The Fire Brigade Galopp
6501Southern Roses, Waltz
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
6505Tyrolienne. Richter
6513Silent Night
6520Carmen, Polka. Bizet
6521Carneval von Venedig.
6545Boccaccio March
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
5654?Lily of Laguna, The.
6559Morning Leaves Waltz
6566The Little Musketeers
6567Girls Of Alsace - Mazurka
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
6602Donauwellen Walzer, Vagues du Danube, Waves of D Helikon
6720Die kleinen Musketiere, Polka-Mazurka.
6737Reise Um die Welt [Trip around the World]
6743Children's Ball Schottisch
6748The Lawyer Ball
6753When Other Lips
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
6758The Prettiest Eyes
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
6759Martha, Arie Ach os fromm aus Martha.Flotow
677?Faust March
6784O Deep Blue Sea
6806The Bandits Galopp by Strauss
6827Charlotta Walzer aus Gasparone, Charlotta. Millöcker
6852The Church's One Foundation - Hymn #215
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
6856The Lancers Quadrille, part 2Alkan
6856The Lancers Quadrille, part 3Alkan
6856The Lancers Quadrille, part 4Alkan
6884On the Waves of Fortune
6894Cossack's Riding
6897Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay!
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
7003The Ship I Love
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
7038Sweet Marie
7048Young Companions
7062All In A Row
7127She Was One of the Early Birds
Good original, Borrowdraperz@msn.com
7128Is Yer Mammie Always With Ye?
7130It's A Great Big Shame
7167The Cock of the North
7196I'll Be Your Sweetheart
7197The Absent Minded Beggar
8737Baby polka, Dance. Francois Paul. [may be 6737?]


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