Tuning Scales
Formatpaper roll
Size3.55 inch
Holes per inch5.00

Mikado - [first song damaged]
Mikado - Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day - copyright 1885 by W.A. Pond & Co.
Mikado - For He's Gone And Married Yum Yum - copyright 1885 by W.A. Pond & Co.
1Nearer my God to Thee - Mason
Swet bye-and-bye - Webster
I need Thee every hour - Lowry
Precious promise - Bliss
Jesus lover of my soul - Holbrook
Rock of Ages - Hastings
2Sweet hour of prayer - Bradbury
The home over there - O'Kane
Safe in the arms of Jesus - Doane
Where is my boy to-night - Lowry
Trusting Jesus, that is all - Sankey
Work, for the night is coming - Mason
3Tell me the old, old story - Doane
My Redeemer - McGranahan
Gospel bells - Martin
Halleluiah! 'tis done - Bliss
What shall the harvest be? - Bliss
4Rock of Ages - Hastings
Hold the Fort - Bliss
What a friend we have in Jesus - Converse
Shall we meet beyond the river - Rice
Ring the bells of heaven - Root
Only an armor bearer - Bliss
5Go bury thy sorrow - Bliss
Wonderful words of life - Bliss
Whiter than snow - Fischer
Pull for the shore - Bliss
Rescue the perishing - Doane
I need Thee every hour - Lowry
6 Sun of my Soul - Monk
Abide with me - Monk
Coronation - Holden
Greenville - Rosseau
From Greenland's icy mountains - Mason
America - Carey
7Sweet bye-and-bye - Webster
Nearer my God to Thee - Mason
I need Thee every hour - Lowry
Precious promise - Bliss
8Shall we meet beyond the river? - Rice
Jesus, lover of my soul - Holbrook
Sweet hour of prayer - Bradbury
The home over there - O'Kane
9Safe in the arms of Jesus - Doane
Where is my boy tonight? - Lowry
Trusting Jesus that is all - Sankey
Work for the night is coming - Mason
10Pull for the shore - Bliss
Whiter than snow - Fischer
Go bury thy sorrow - Bliss
Wonderful words of life - Bliss
11I need Thee every hour - Lowry
Rescue the perishing - Doane
Sun of my Soul - Monk
Abide with me - Monk
12Coronation - Holden
From Greenland's icy mountains - Mason
Greenville - Rosseau
America - Carey
13Dare to be a Daniel - Bliss
Just as I am - Bradbury
Tell me the old, old story - Doane
The Gospel Ship is sailing
Watchman, tell us of the night - Mason
14Come to the Saviour - Root
Draw me nearer - Doane
Arise and shine - Bliss
I've found a friend - Stebbins
I am praying for you - Sankey
I love to tell the story - Fischer
15Shall we gather at the river - Lowry
Repeat the story o'er and o'er - Bliss
Jesus loves even me - Bliss
Let the lower lights be burning - Bliss
Beulah Land - Sweeney
Watching and Waiting - Bliss
16Weary Gleaner - Bliss
Scatter seeds of kindness - Vail
Rest for the weary - McDonald
The Rifted Rock - Lowry
Knocking, knocking, who is there? - Root
Tempted and tried - McGranahan
101When the Robins nest again - Howard
The letters we carved on the tree - Haynes
Only to see her face again - Stewart (copyright 1880 by Geo. D. Newhall)
There's a letter in the candle - Evans
We never speak as we pass by
102Listen to the mocking bird
Last Rose of Summer
Blue Bells of Scotland - Mrs. Jordan
Auld Lang Syne
103Climbing up the golden stairs - Heiser
Keep in de middle ob de road - Hays
Oh! dem golden slippers - Bland
In the morning by the bright light - Bland
104Sweet Violets - Emmet
Cuckoo Song - Emmet
Fritz's Lullaby - Emmet
Little German home across the sea - Collins
New recut, For SaleSchmidt's Music Rolls
105Pretty little dark blue eyes - Williams
When the corn is waving, Annie - Blampkin
A boy's best friend is his mother - Skelly
A rolling stone gathers no moss - McAvoy
New recut, For SaleSchmidt's Music Rolls
106Last Rose of Summer
Sweet bye-and-bye - Webster
Home, Sweet Home - Bishop
Old Folks at home - Foster
107Killarney - Balfe
Rule Britannia
God bless the Prince of Wales - Richards
God save the Queen
108Sweet bye-and-bye - Webster
Wait till the clouds roll by - Fulmer
Peek-a-boo - Scanlan
Cradle's empty - Kennedy
109A flower from mother's grave - Kennedy
Nellie Gray - Hanby
My old cabin home - Paine
Old oaken bucket
110The Charleston Blues - Braham
The old Feather Bed - Braham
The bold McIntyres - Braham
Paddy Duffy's Cart - Braham
111Full Moon Union - Braham
Babies on our block - Braham
Skids are out to-day - Braham
Little brown jug - Wellman
112Star Spangled Banner - Key
Rally round the flag - Root
Marching thro' Georgia - Work
Tramp, Tramp
113Kate Kearney - Morgan
Kathleen Mavourneen - Crouch
Tara's Harp - Stevenson
St. Patrick's Day
114Dear Little Shamrock - Cherry
Wearing of the green
Rory O'More - Lover
Lanigan's Ball - Glover
115Barney McCoy - Milton
Tipperary Christening - Maguinness
Over the garden wall - Fox
My bonnie sweet lassie - Westendorf
116Comin' thro' the rye
Jessie, the flower of Dumblane - Smith
Within a mile of Edinboro' town
Scotch lassie Jean
117Just down the lane - Barnes
I'll meet her when the sun goes down - Welch
Dad's dinner pail - Braham
The market on Saturday night - Braham
118Massa's in the cold, cold ground - Foster
Old black Joe - Foster
Oh! Susannah - Foster
Old dog Tray - Foster
119Annie Laurie - Dunn
Old log cabin in the lane - Chamberlain
Sweet forget-me-not - Newcomb
120Eileen Allana - Thomas
Love among the roses
Believe me if all those endearing - Moore
Auld Lang Syne
121Cradle's empty, baby's gone - Kennedy
A flower from mother's grave - Kennedy
Angels whisper - Lover
122Jennie, the maid of Kildare - Stewart
My Nellie's blue eyes - Scanlan
I'll meet her when the sun goes down - Welch
123The Boodle - Braham
I'm a dude - Kennedy
Hullo, baby - Braham
There's a new coon in town - Putnam
124Stick to your mother, Tom - Beverly
Pretty pond lilies - Hall (copyright 1883 by Willis Woodward & Co.)
Good night but not good-bye - Turney (copyright 1885 by Sterling Organ Co.)
Hush-a-bye baby - Rooney (copyright 1883 by E.H. Harding)
125Take me back to home and mother
Where the lily-bells grow
Love among the roses
Katy's letter - Lady Dufferin
126Marseillaise Hymn - DeLisle Russian Hymn
Austrian Hymn - Haydn
Watch on the Rhine - Wilhelm
Yankee Doodle
127Gathering shells by the seashore - Thompson
When you and I were young - Butterfield
The Gipsey's Warning - Coard
128Come where my love lies dreaming - Foster
In the gloaming - Harrison
Only as far as the gate - Daily
Mollie darling - Hays
New recut, For SaleSchmidt's Music Rolls
129Pretty as a picture - Bishop
My pretty red rose - Skelly
My bonnie sweet lassie - Westendorf
The Whip-poor-will's song - Millard
130Robin Adair - Boieldien
Bonnie Doon
Scota wha hae - Burns
Bonnie Dundee - Hobbs
Men of Harlech
131Watch on the Rhine
Deutschland uber Alles
Das zerbrochene Ringlein
Die drei Reiter
Der gute Kamerad
Der Tannenbaum
Du, du, liegst mir am Herzen
Das wirthin Tochterlein
133Carry me back to ole Virginny
My Maryland
My sunny Southern home
134Golden slippers - Bland
In the morning by the bright light - Bland
Dancing in the barn - Turner
Marriage bells - O'Reardon
135Zum Ausmarsch
An dem Mond
In's Heu fahren
Glucklicher Wahn
Des Deutschen Vaterland
136Krieger's Morgenlied
Das Steierland
Leben und Sterben fur's Vaterland
Der Soldat auf dem Posten
Der Jungling am Bache
137Poverty's tears ebb and flow - Braham
Get up, Jack, John, sit down - Braham
138Skidmore Fancy Ball - Braham
Never take the horse-shoe from the door - Braham
Mary Ann, I'll tell your ma - Thorn
Slavery days - Braham
139Finigan's wake - Glover
Mary Kelly's beau - Braham
John Riley's always dry - Braham
Little Widow Dunn - Braham
140The Mountain Dew - Braham
Bunch o' Berries - Braham
De golden wedding - Bland
Kitty King - Sweet
Glory Hallelujah
141Baby mine - Johnstone
Down in a coal mine - Geohegan
Kiss me mother, kiss your darling - Root
Old cabin home - Paine
Poor old slave - Griffin
142Soldier boy's canteen - Braham
School days - Braham
143Read the answer in the stars - Millocker
Ohe Mamma - Tosti
Tic, Tac - Planquette
144Walking down Broadway - Lingard
Jingle Bells
Waltzing with Julia - Rooney
Cheer boys, cheer - Russell
145Under the daisies - Millard
When the dew-drops kiss the roses - Williams
Little Blue-eyes are you waiting? - Baker
My Bonnie is over the ocean
146White Wings - Winter
Dear Robin, I'll be true - Winter
I'm awaiting my love's return - Winter
147Down by the riverside I strayed - Thomas
Don't forget the Old Folks - Kennedy
The little spring beside my cabin home - Persley
Trembling lips - Leslie
148Come back to Erin - Claribel
Do they miss me at Home? Grannis
Swinging in the Lane - Sawyer
Dreaming of Mother's angel face - Rieger
149On the Rocks of Aberdeen - Gatty
Lula Wall - Millard
Beautiful Dreamer - Foster
My sweet little Blossom - Rieger
150Jamie's on the stormy sea
Jock o' Hazeldean
Kinloch of Kinloch - Coppack
Corn Rigs are bonnie
Campbell's are Coming
151McNally's row of flats - Braham
The Pitcher of Beer - Braham
South Fifth Avenue - Braham
All aboard for the M.G.P.
152Salvation Army O - Braham
Swim out for Glory - Connoly
Razors in the Air
Where was Moses - Stamford
153Denny Grady's Hack - Braham
It showered again - Braham
Baxter Avenue - Braham
Put on you Bridal Veil - Braham
154Only a Pansy Blossom - Howard
Call me back again - Hendrickson
I'll await my love - Howard
Oh, you little darling - Tabrar
155Blue Alsatian Mountains - Adams
The Anchor's weighed - Braham
The Midshipmite - Adams
Nancy Lee - Adams
156Sailing - Marks
I am waiting Essie dear
Sweet Belle Mahone - McNaughton
Somebody's coming when the dew-drops fall
157Going from the cotton fields - Westendorf
Branigan's Band - Wellman
When the band begins to play - Hunt
Skidmore Guards - Braham
Our Torchlight Parade - Mullaly
158Capt. Jinks
Solid for Mulhooly - Dow
I never drink behind the bar - Braham
Mulligan Guards - Braham
One Wide River
159Hearts of Oak - Dr. Boyce
Bay of Biscay O - Davy
Four Jolly Smiths - Leslie
Twickenham Ferry - Marzials
160Champagne Charlie
Lardy Dah
After the Opera is over
There's Music in the Air
Seeing Nellie home
161Home Again
Glory Hallelujah
Marching Along
Auld Lang Syne
162Near the little Cottage Door - Weston
The old Wooden Rocker - Harper
Grandfather's Clock - Work
Ring the Bell, Watchman - Work
Kingdom Coming
163Always take Mother's Advice - Lindsay
Poor old Dad - Yorke
164Over the Summer Sea - Verdi
Isle of Beauty
How can I leave thee - Cramer
When the Swallows - Abt
Switzer's song of home
165Meeting of the Waters - Stevenson
The Minstrel Boy - Keene
Pat Molloy - Cook
Exile of Erin - Campbell
Maggie's Secret - Claribel
166I dreamed of you, my loved one - Knoll
When shall we meet again, love - Turney
167U.S. Black Marines - Braham
Mulberry Springs - Braham
168$15.00 in my inside pocket - Kennedy
Hush, little baby, don't you cry - Belasco
169Cricket on the hearth - Stewart
There's a light in the window - Newcomb
170The Toboggan Slide - Braham
Ho! Molly Grogan - Braham
171Yankee Doodle
When Johnny comes marching home
We won't go home till morning
172Gathering the Myrtle with Mary - Scanlan
The letter that never came - Sturm
173Chestnut Melody - Edith Lee
(Including $15.00 in my inside pocket.
It's English, cawn't do it, you know.)
174Rock-a-bye Baby - Canning
Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill - Skelly
175Strolling on the Sands - Braham
THe Lighthouse by the Sea - Davies
176The Old Red Cradle - Gilbert
Lay me on the Hillside - Mitchell
210O Haste, Crimson Morning
A Perche
Rigoletto—La Donna e Mobile
Traviata—Parigi O Cara
New recut, For SaleSchmidt's Music Rolls
307Fred Wilson's Clog Dance
White Cockade
Haste To the Wedding
Money Musk
Hull's Victory
Soldiers Joy
Miss McLeod's Reel
325Bonne Bouche Polka - Waldteufel
Hattie Polka - Webber
Alice Polka - Webber
326Gasparone Waltz - Millocker
327Gipsy Baron Waltz - Strauss
328The Girl I Left Behind Me
The Coquette
My Love is but a Lassie yet
Rickett's Hornpipe
Cincinnati Hornpipe
Smith's Hornpipe
The Tempest
329Wst, Wst, Galop - Coote
Impromptu Galop - Webber
Pins and Needles Galop - Parlow
330Blue Bird Redowa
First Love Redowa
Suavita Redowa
Moss Rose Redowa
331Jolly Dogs Polka - Marriott
New recut, For SaleSchmidt's Music Rolls
332My Queen Waltz - Coote
333Harlequin Waltz - Webber
334Robinson Schottische - Porter
335Racquet Galop - Simmons
Equestrian Galop - Fries
Brightest Eyes Galop - Schultz
Six Button Kid Galop - Webber
336Duppler Schanzen March - Bollman
Norma March - Bellini
Hail to the Chief
Trade Dollar March - McComb
337The Guards Waltz - Godfrey
338College Hornpipe
Double Clog Dance
Chorus Jig
Road to Boson
Wood-up Quickstep
Merry Dance
339Prince Imperial Galop - Coote
Roulette Galop - Coote
340Wandering Jew Waltz - Burgmüller
341Estudiantina Waltz - Waldteufel
342Fedora Waltz - Bucalosi
343Little Sailors Waltz - Crowe
344Swinging Waltz - Silva
345Highland Scottische
346Bon Bon Polka
Les Cloches de Corneville
347La Gitana Waltz - Bucalossi
348Kentucky Jubilee Singers Scottische - Carnes
349Les Traineaux Mazurka - Ascher
350Beatrice Gavotte - Kottaun
351I owe $10.00 to O'Grady Scottische - Kennedy
352Tootsie Sloper's Polka - Crowe
353Thousand and one Nights Waltz - Strauss


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