See also: 14-Note (Common)
Because a complete tune list is available for the “Orguinette”, it is listed here separately.

Since there is no reference to the manufacturer or distributor, it is not possible to prove which instrument is intended. However the music is sold by “per foot”, can “be joined at the end”, is unnumbered, and the tunes are found on the Mechanical Orguinette Co.'s multi-tune rolls. It is therefore concluded that the music is from the Mechanical Orguinette Co., and interchangeable with 14-Note (Common) music.

InstrumentMechanical Orguinette (Style C, Style E, Style L)
14-Note (Common), etc.
Tuning Scales
Formatpaper strip
Size7.8 inch
Holes per inch1.88

A complete scan of a January 1885 “Catalogue of Music for the Orguinette” is available.1)
Catalog of Music for the Orguinette Catalog of Music for the Orguinette Catalog of Music for the Orguinette Catalog of Music for the Orguinette
Catalog of Music for the Orguinette Catalog of Music for the Orguinette Catalog of Music for the Orguinette Catalog of Music for the Orguinette

for the
JANUARY, 1885.

Price of Music 4 Cents Per Foot.


Angel's WhisperLover5-3/4
Annie LaurieDunn4
Auld Lang Syne 4
A Face to be RernemberedDanks8
After the OperaLeybourne6-1/4
A Bud from Baby's graveBandola
A Flower from Mother's graveKennedy6-1/2
A Summer ShowerMarzials6-1/2
A Violet from Mother's graveFox8-1/2
All aboard for the M.G.PBraham6
Babies on our BlockBraham6-1/4
Baby MineJohnstone4
Blue Bells of ScotlandMrs. Jordan4
Bonnie Doon 4
Believe me if all these endearingMoore5
Bonnie DundeeHobbs3
Blue Alsatian MountainsAdams6-1/2
Baby's got a toothReed6-3/4
Baby and IDockstader7-3/4
Barbara AllenMacfarren5-1/4
Barney McCoyMilton5-1/4
Bay of BiscayDavy4
Begone! dull care 4
Be sure you never tellWhite9
Bonnie Prince Charlie 4
Bonaparte Crossing the Alps 6-3/4
Buffalo Girls 3-1/2
Canadian National ChantLavallee6
Comin' thro' the Rye 3-1/2
Corn Rigs are BonnieBurns6
Cheer boys, CheerRussell6
Cherry ripeHorn6-1/2
Cradle's empty, Baby's goneKennedy7-1/4
Champagne CharlieLee5-1/4
Campbells are Coming 6
Come where my love lies dreamingFoster10
Captain JinksLingard4-1/2
Drink to me only with thine eyes 5
Down in a Coal MineGeohegan6-3/4
Dancing in the BarnTurner8-1/2
Duncan Gray 6-3/4
Darling, listen to my StoryPercy6-1/4
Dear little ShamrockCherry6-1/4
Did you ever?Reed7
Do they miss me at HomeGrannis5-3/4
Does your Mother know you're out?West6-1/4
Don't forget the Old FolksKennedy6-1/4
Eilleen AllannaThomas6-1/2
Finigan's WakeGlover5-1/2
Blow gently sweet AftonSpilman8
Full Moon UnionBraham8
Fresh and StrongArne5-1/2
Fritz's LullabyEmmett7-3/4
Grandfather's Clock, with ChorusWork6
Glory, Glory Hallelujah 4
Grandmother's ChairRead6
Germany over all 5-1/4
Gathering shells on the sea shoreThompson6-1/4
Going to the Hop this eveningDockstader4
Good night, little NellManly5
God bless the Prince of WalesRichards6
Grandmother's ClockSkelly6
Hail to the Chief 3-1/4
Home, Sweet Home 4-3/4
How can I leave theeCramer4
Have you seen Sarah?Mullaly6-3/4
Hey, Johnny Cope 5
How much does Baby weigh?Hays6-1/2
I never drink behind the barBraham7
In the morning by the bright lightBland6-3/4
I am waiting, Essie dearBrown6-1/4
In the GloamingHarrison5-1/2
In the MoonlightHill6-1/4
Isle of BeautyRollins5-3/4
John Anderson, my JoBurns4-1/4
Jock o' HazeldeanScott5-1/4
Jamie's on the stormy seaCovert6-3/4
Jingle Bells 8
John Riley's always dryBraham7-1/2
Jessie, the Flower of DunblaneSmith5
Johnny SandsSinclair7-3/4
Kathleen MavourneenCrouch10
Kate KearneyMorgan5
Kinloch of KinlochCoppack4-1/2
Kiss me Mother, kiss your darlingRoot6
Keep in de middle ob de RoadHays8-1/4
Lauterbach 4
Little NellLinley7-3/4
Logie O'BuohanHalket6-1/4
Lardy DahDavies6-1/4
La Belle CanadienneBayley9-1/2
Little German home across the seaCollins10
Lula WallMillard6
Love among the RosesCatlin6
Lanigan's BallGlover5
Little Brown JugWellman5-1/2
Life let us CherishMozart4-1/2
Last Rose of Summer 4-1/4
Listen to the Mocking Bird 6
Massa's in the cold, cold groundFoster6
Meet me by MoonlightWade6-1/4
Marseillaise HymnDe Lisle7-1/2
Marching through Georgia 4
My sweet Mary Ann 10-1/4
My Old Cabin HomePaine5-1/4
Men of Harlech 8
My Love is but a Lassie 5-1/4
My MarylandWinner7-1/4
Moonlight on Long Branch Pier 6-1/4
Mary Ann, I'll tell your MaThorn8
Mary of ArgyleNelson4-1/2
Mary Kelly's BeauBraham8
Mollie DarlingHays6
My pretty Red RoseSkelly6
My sweet Little BlossomReiger6
My ain FiresideHamilton4-3/4
Nellie GrayHanby5-1/2
Nancy LeeAdams7-1/2
Never take the horse-shoe fromBraham5-1/2
Only as far as the GateDaily6
Old Folks at HomeFoster3-1/4
Old Oaken Bucket 4
Over the Summer SeaVerdi6
Oft in the Stilly NightStevenson6
Oh! dem Golden SlippersBland6-3/4
Old Dan Tucker 6-3/4
O! Susanna 6-3/4
Old Black JoeFoster3-1/2
Old Rosin, the Beau 6
O Girly! Girly!Braham6
Oh! my Rosy PosyMyope5
Oh! George, tell them to stopMeen6
Old Zip Coon 5-1/2
Old fashioned photograph of MotherKennnedy8-1/2
One wide River to crossBlackman6-1/4
Oh! you Little DarlingTabrar6-3/4
On yonder Rock recliningAuber5-3/4
Our Torchlight ParadeMullaly7-1/2
Over the Garden WallFox5-1/2
Only a Pansy BlossomHoward10-1/2
Paddy Duffy's CartBraham9-3/4
Pat MalloyCook6-3/4
Poor Old Robinson Crusoe 4
Pop, goes the Weasel 6
Put away that strawDockstader6
Pins and NeedlesParlow7-1/4
Ring the Bell WatchmanWork5-1/4
Razors in the air 8-1/4
Rule Britannia9-1/4
Rory O'MoreLover4-1/2
Rally round the FlagBradbury4
Robin AdairBoieldieu4-1/2
Sweet VioletsEmmet10-1/4
Sally in our AlleyLevy4
Sally Horner round the cornerRutledge4-1/2
Seeing Nelly Home 5
See that my Grave is kept GreenWilliams8-1/4
Shed not a tear 5-1/2
Scots wha hae 3-1/4
Scotch Lassie Jean 6
Sherman's March to the SeaRockwell5
Should he upbraid 8-3/4
South Fifth AvenueBraham8-1/2
Spring delights are now returningMuller7
She wore a wreath of RosesKnight6-1/4
Silence! Silence!Koethen7
Star Spangled Banner 6-1/4
Sweet Forget-me-notNewcomb7-1/4
Swinging in the LaneSawyer6
Sparkling and BrightTaylor5
Skidmore GuardBraham7-1/2
Still so gentlyBellini5-1/4
Sweet Bye and ByeWebster4
Switzer's Song of HomeMarschels3
Scatter Seeds of KindnessSmith5
St. Patrick's Day 5
Skidmore Fancy Ball 7-1/2
Salvation ArmyBraham5
Solid for MulhoolyDon6-1/2
Spanish Retreat 6
Spanish National Hymn 6
Sweet Belle MahoneMcNaughton6
The Little SpringPersley8-1/4
The Bold McIntyre'sBraham6-3/4
The Charleston BluesBraham8
The Pitcher of BeerBraham4
The Wearing of the Green6-3/4
The MidshipmiteAdams7-1/4
The Happy FarmerSchuman5
The Old Log Cabin in the LaneChamberlain10
The Whipporwill's songMillard6
The Skids are out to-dayBraham5-1/2
The Lass o' GowrieLady Nairne4-1/4
The Old Feather BedBraham7
The Anchor's WeighedBraham8
The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington 6
The Boatie RowsEwen6
The Bonnie Blue FlagMcCarthy6
The British Grenadiers 4-1/4
The ChoristerSullivan5-3/4
The Elevated RailroadDockstader6-1/2
The Exile of Erin 5-1/2
The Gipsey's WarningCoard5-1/4
The Lea-rigBurns5-1/2
The Meeting of the Waters 5
The Mistletoe BoughBishop6-1/2
The Old Wooden RockerHarper5-1/4
The Bloom is on the RyeBishop6
The Minstrel Boy 4
The Ring my mother wore 4
The Old Log Cabin on the HillDumont6
The Rat Catcher's Daughter 4-1/4
The Vicar of Bray 6
The Mariner loves o'er the Waters5-1/2
The Poacher6-1/4
There's nae luck about the houseMickle4-1/2
Tom BowlingDibden4-1/2
Tommy make room for your UncleLonsdale6
Twickenham FerryMarzials5-1/2
Turn back Pharaoh's Army 4-14
Tara's Harp 4
Tramp, Tramp 4
There's Music in the Air 8
Under the DaisiesMillard5-3/4
Vive la, CanadienneDuval5
Wait for the WagonKnauff5
Wait till the clouds roll byFulmer8
Walking down BroadwayLingard5-1/4
We carry the MailDockstader5-3/4
We'll bid all our dear friendsMurphy6
Where the Bee sucksArne6-1/2
Whisper you'll be mine, loveRutledge6-1/2
Within a mile of Edinboro' 5
Where can de Ole Man go?Verner8-1/2
When You and I were youngButterfield7
Widow DunnBraham8
Willie Brew'd a Peck O'maut 5-3/4
Where was MosesStamford5
When the SwallowsAbt6
Waltzing with JuliaRooney8
Watch on the RhineWilhelm5
Yankee Doodle 4


Adieu WaltzSnelling8
Blue DanubeStrauss12
Bella WaltzLamothe8
Bright EyesW.A.W.6
Blue Alsatian MountainsAdams6-1/2
Chimes of NormandyPlanquette6
Ehren on the RhineHutchinsen10
El Tiempo WaltzQuevedo4
Guardas de la ReineMata8
Home WaltzW.A.W.8
Juanita WaltzYradier7-1/4
Little BeautyAllstrom12
La BouquetiereGodfrey12
Les MousquetairesVarney8
Les SirenesWaldteufel8
Madame FavartOffenbach6
Pirates of PanzanceSullivan8
Sweet SixteenAronson8
Tonjours ou JamaisWaldteufel12
Waltzing with JuliaRooney8
Wine, Women and SongStrauss8


Alice PolkaW.A.W.5
Bonne BoucheWaldteufel12
Ceaur D'ArtichantKlein6-3/4
Creole 6-3/4
First Love 6-3/4
Jenny LindWallerstien6-1/2
King PippinD'Albert6-3/4
La Cracoviano 6-3/4
La Danse aux TambourinsDupont6
La RositaDiaz Pena6-3/4
Le Jabot du ColonelOffenbach10-1/4
Legend of the BellsPlanquette6-3/4
Les Cloches de CornevillePlanquette8-1/2
The Irish ExhibitionMacdona11-3/4


Bonnie LouiseW.A.W.5
Petit FaustHarve8-1/2
New YearW.A.W.3-3/4
Pretty LispCoote6-3/4


Para ti nna lagrimaBonifax10-1/2
Revere 9


Blue BirdHassler9-1/4
Moss RoseW.A.W.6-3/4


Brightest EyesShultzer8
Equestrian 6-1/4
Jolly 4-1/2
Prince ImperialCoote9
Rossini 4
Six Button KidW.A.W.6
Wst! Wst!Coote8


Arkansas Traveller 5-1/4
Ben Lomond March 6-3/4
Biddy the Darling 6
Boccaccio MarchSuppe11-3/4
Cincinnati Hornpipe 5-1/2
College Hornpipe 5-1/4
Clog Dance 3-1/4
Devil's Dream 5-1/4
Double Clog Dance 6-1/4
Draw the Sword 3-1/4
Durang's Hornpipe 5-1/4
Duppler Schanzen MarchBallman12
Dundee Hornpipe 5-1/4
Fisher's Hornpipe 5-1/4
Garry Owen 6
Girl I left behind me 5-1/4
Gen. Garfield's MarchW.A.W.10-3/4
Gen. Hancock's MarchW.A.W.9
Gen. Smith's MarchMartin7
Good Luck MarchFaust11
Helen's babies MarchBenson8-1/2
Hancock & English Union MarchFrench9-1/4
Haste to the Wedding 6
Irish Washerwoman 6
Lamplighter's Hornpipe 5-1/4
Larry O'Gaff 6
Miss McLeod's Reed 5-1/2
Rickett's Hornpipe 5-1/2
Road to Boston 5-1/2
Sir Roger de Coverly 7
Smith's Hornpipe 5-1/4
Soldier's Joy 5-1/4
The Coquette 5-1/2
Turkish Patrol 5-1/4
The Tempest 6
Wood-ip Quickstep 9-1/4
White Cockade 5-1/4


With each of the following CONTRA DANCES we send
a Card explaining the figure for each Dance.
These are all short pieces and need to be joined
at the end and played continuously.
Speed the Plough 5-1/4
Merry Dance, or Twin Sisters 5-1/4
Larry O'Gaff 6
College 5-1/4
Fisher's Hornpipe 5-1/4
Hull's Victory 5-1/4
Money Musk 5-1/4
Chorus Jig 5-1/4


We have also a patented arrangement for
SETS OF QUADRILLES that is pronounced truly wonderful.
The music is arranged on a strip of paper
from 75 to 100 feet long, and at
the proper intervals are PRINTED THE CALLS FOR DANCING,
so that a novice in the art can play and call
as correctly as a veteran.
There are now ready:
Caledonian Quadrille—composed of Scotch airs
Lancers Quadrille—the original and best
Medley Quadrille—operatic and popular airs
Scottische Quadrille
Linguard Quadrille—familiar and sparkling
Opera-Bouffe Quadrille—Airs from Barbe Blue,
Madame Angot, Grand Duchesse,
Chimes of Normandy
Waltz Quadrille


Abide with meRimbault5-1/4
All the way my Saviour leadsLowry3-3/4
America 4-3/4
Austrian HymnHayden4
Beautiful Zion 4-1/2
Beulah LandSweeney5-3/4
Christmes Carol, No. 1Bowen3-1/2
Christmes Carol, No.19Irons4
Christmes Carol, No.25 5
Christmes Carol, No.27 3-1/2
Christians Awake 6
Come to the SaviourRoot5-1/4
Come ye DisconsolateWebbe6
Dare to be a DanielBliss3-1/4
Draw me nearerDoane4
Dundee, Alas and did my SaviourFranc4-1/2
Epiphany Carol, 80 4-1/2
Epiphany Carol, 98 4
Epiphany Carol, 99 5-1/4
Every day and hourDoane5
From Greenland's Icy MountainsMason4
God, save the Queen 4-3/4
Gospel BellsMartin5-1/4
Hallelujah! 'tis doneBliss4-1/2
Hark! Hark, what newsBaker8
Hark, the Herald Angels sing 5
Harwell 4
Have you room for JesusGarrison4
He will hide meMcGranahan5-1/2
Hold the FortBliss3-1/4
I am waiting for JesusGarrison4
I need Thee every hourLowry3
Italian HymnGiardini5
I've been redeemed 6
I've found a FriendStebbins7-1/4
I want to be an Angel 4-1/2
I will praise God 6
Jesus be mine 4
Jesus, lover of my soulHolbrook4
Jesus loves even meBliss4
Judgment HymnLuther6
Just as I amBradbury4-1/2
Knocking, Knocking who is thereRoot4-1/4
Let me go, my soul is wearyBradbury4-1/4
Let the Lower lights be burningBliss4
Lo, He comes with Clouds 6
Must Jesus bear the Cross aloneAllen3-1/2
My RedeemerMcGranahan4-3/4
My Sabbath Home 4
Nearer my God to TheeMason6
Near the CrossDoane6
Ninety and NineSankey4-3/4
Nothing but leavesVail4-1/2
Oh! to be nothingBliss7-1/2
Old Hundred 5
Only an Armor BearerBliss5
Onward Christian SoldiersEnglish Tune6-1/2
Pass me notDoane5-1/4
Pleyel's HymnPleyel4
Portuguese Hymn 5
Precious Name of JesusDoane3-1/4
Precious PromiseBliss4
Pull for the ShoreBliss3-3/4
Repeat the story o'er and o'erBliss5-1/2
Rescue the PerishingDoane4
Rest for the WearyDadmun6-3/4
Rifted RockLowry5-1/4
Ring the Bells of HeavenRoot4
Rock of AgesHastings3
Safe in the arms of JesusDoane6-1/4
Shall we meet beyond the RiverRice4
Spanish Hymn 4
Sun of my Soul 4
Sweet bye and byeWebster4
Sweet Hour of PrayerBradbury4
Sweet Saviour bless us ere we go 6-1/4
Tell me the Old, Old StoryDoane5
Tempted and TriedMcGranahain3-3/4
The Gospel Ship is sailing 6
The Holy Name of JesusAylward4-1/2
The Home over ThereO'Kane4
The Little Church in the Valley 5
The Morning LightWebb4
The Mystic LandDe Vere8
Trusting Jesus, that is allSankey4
Waiting and Watching for meBliss7
Waiting by the RiverHastings5
Watchman, tell us of the night 4
Weary GleanerBliss7-3/4
We'll work till Jesus comesMiller4
We shall meet beyond the RiverMain4
What a friend we have in JesusConverse4
What shall the Harvest be?Bliss7-1/4
When Jesus comesBliss8
Where is my boy to-nightLowry5
While Shepherds Watch their flocks 6-1/2
Whiter than SnowFischer4-1/2
Will Jesus find us watchingDoane4
Wonderful Words of LifeBliss5
Work for the NightMason8
Yorkshire 8


Daughter of the RegimentDonizetti5
Daughter of the Regiment. Salut a la FranceDonizetti7
Non Piu Mesta, (Cinderella)Rossinni4-3/4
Pinafore. We sail the OceanSullivan5-1/2
Pinafore. Little ButtercupSullivan6
Pinafore. He is an EnglishmanSullivan7
Pinafore. Bell TrioSullivan5-1/4
Pinafore. I am the CaptainSullivan6-1/4
Pinafore. The merry merry MaidenSullivan5
A Rosy Crown (Der Freischütz)Weber3-3/4
Hunter's Chorus (Der Freischütz)Weber5-3/4
Idomeneo MarchMozart8
Norma MarchBellini10
Masaniello MarchAuber7
Fatinitza MarchSuppe10
Madam Angot—Conspirators' ChorusLecocq6-3/4
Olivette—Bob up serenelyAudran5-1/4
Olivette—I love my love so wellAudran4-1/2
Olivette—In the North Sea lived a whaleAudran5-3/4
Olivette—The FarandoleAudran7
Olivette—Waltz SongAudran6
Evangeline—Once upon a timeRice6-1/2
Iolanthe—He who shies at such a prizeSullivan5
Iolanthe—Into Parliament he shall goSullivan5-1/2
Iolanthe—Sentry's SongSullivan8
Iolanthe—When Britain really ruledSullivan7
La Mascotte—Coaching ChorusAudran6-1/4
La Mascotte—Drinking SongAudran5-3/4
Musketeers—Should Robin at myVarney7
Martha—Selection No. 1Flotow6-3/4
Martha—Selection No. 2Flotow4-1/4
Martha—Hunting ChorusFlotow5-1/2
I Puritani—SelectionBellini5
Evangeline—Bathing TrioRice6
Evangeline—I'm in LoveRice6
Grande Duchesse—Drinking SongOffenbach5-1/2
Grande Duchesse—Sabre SongOffenbach6-1/2
Back to our MountainsVerdi8-1/2
Legend of Madam AngotLecocq7-3/4
Patience—When I first put thisSullivan6
Patience—A Japanese young manSullivan6
Patience—Prithee, Pretty MaidenSullivan7-1/2
Traviata—Gaily thro' life WanderVerdi8-1/2
Billee Taylor—All on account ofSolomon5-1/4
Billee Taylor—Charity Girls ChorusSolomon5
Billee Taylor—Sailor's HornpipeSolomon6-1/2
Bohemian Girl—I dreamt that I dweltBalfe7-1/4
Bohemian Girl—Then you'll remember meBalfe6-1/4
Don Giovanni—List, 'twill be wellMozart8


Die Kleine Kappelle im Thal 5
Deutschland uber alles 5-3/4
Das zerbrochene Ringlein 6
Das Friedenswart 4-1/4
Die drei Reiter 7
Mein Sabbath Heim 4
Wein Neerlands Bloed 8
Das Schiff der Gnabe 6
Jesus bleibe mein 4
Der gute Kamerad 6
Ich will den Herr loben 6
Herrliches Zion 4-1/2


La Fete des TorerosYradier7
Juanita WaltzYradier7-1/4
The Cachoucha 4
Creole Polka 6-3/4
Las Arenitas PolkaSepulveda10
Zapateado, Aires Populares EspanolesNunez Robres6
Estrofas del cindadano NeronCabalero9-1/2
Himno de YungaiZapiola8-1/2
Marche Española 5-1/2
Cüanto Sufro portiHernandez5-1/2
Jota, Aires Populares EspanolesNunez Robres6
Una Verbena en MadridBarbieri8
Caleseras-Solas—El Bamberillo de Lavapies 7-3/4
Valse-El Barberillo de LavapiesBarbieri7
Cancion un Pleito 8-1/4
Coro de S. Antonio, El salto del PasiegoCabalero10
La Gilda 8-1/4
Marcha Reale Españolas 5-1/2


The Haunts of Pleasure 7-1/2
The Beautiful jade needle 8
Twelve Months 6
The Dagger 7


Jhinjhote 12-1/2
Betrag 8-1/4
Chháyanat 19-1/4
Khámbáj 13-3/4


Four Jolly SmithsLeslie12-1/2
Hail, Smiling mornSpofforth10-3/4
My Queen WaltzCoote8
Old Dog TrayFoster5-1/2
Salvation ArmyBraham5
The Wassail Cup 6-1/2
We never speak as we pass by 9-1/2
Dad's Dinner PailBraham7-3/4
Just down the LaneBarnes8
I'll meet her when the Sun goes downWelch8
Beggar Student—Glu, GluMillocker6-3/4
Beggar Student—Opening ChorusMillocker8-3/4
Beggar Student—Closing ChorusMillocker7
Beggar Student—WaltzMillocker6
When the Robins nest again 10-3/4


1) There is no manufacturer or distributor mentioned.
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