Roller Organ (Gem, Concert, Chautauqua, etc.)

InstrumentGem Roller Organ
Concert Roller Organ
Chautauqua Roller Organ
New American Musical Box
Home Music Box
Cabinet Roller Organ
Tuning Scales
Formatroller (cob)
Size6.375 inch (1.75 inch diameter)
Keys per inch3.33 valves
Keys per inch10.00 pins

Original Music

This list is based on Roller Organs--The Autophone Company's 'Ingenious Mechanism', by Todd Augsburger, and in cooperation with The Roller Organ Cobography.

There is a full list with all known information at:
The Roller Organ Cobography
New recut, For SaleHonor Rolls
Original, For SaleHonor Rolls


1The Sweet Bye And Bye
2Nearer, My God, To Thee
3I Need Thee, Every Hour
4From Greenland's Icy Mountains
5Duke Street
6Onward, Christian Soldiers
8Sweeping Through The Gates
9I'll Stand By Until the Morning
10The Shining Shore—Nelson
11Sicilian Hymn
12Hold the Fort
13Just as I Am
16O to be Over Yonder
17What Hast Thou Done for Me
18He Leadeth Me
19I Love to tell The Story
20The Home over There
21Is My Name Written There
22Almost Persuaded
23Where is My Boy To-night
24Bringing in The Sheaves
25Let the Lower Lights be Burning
26Only an Armor Bearer
27I Will Sing of My Redeemer
28He Will Hide Me
29Pull for the Shore
30Precious Name
32Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
36Pleyel's Hymn
39Abide With Me
41I Hear Thy Welcome Voice
42Even Me
43Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
44St. Martin's
45Federal Street
51St. Catharine
58In the Silent Midnight Watches
59Portuguese Hymn
62Come Ye Disconsolate
64Finnish National Hymn
65What a Friend we have in Jesus
67Rock of Ages
68Sweet Hour of Prayer
69Beautiful Valley of Eden
71Old Hundred
72Pass Me Not
73Jesus, Lover of My Soul
74Lofsang (Song of Praise—Swedish)
75Jul-Psalm (Christmas Hymn—Swedish)
76Pask-Psalm (Easter Hymn—Swedish)
77Midsommar-sang (Midsummer Hymn—Swedish)
78Beulah Land
79I'm a Shepherd of the Valley
80Shall we Meet Beyond the River
81We Shall Meet Beyond the River
85I am Praying for You
86More Love to Thee, O Christ
87Go Bury Thy Sorrow
88Whosoever Will
89Softly and Tenderly
90All the Way My Saviour Leads Me
91Rescue the Perishing
92Follow On
93Come, Great Deliverer, Come
94Jesus, Min Bäste Vän (Jesus, My Best Friend—Swedish)
95Jesus, Nadens Källa (Jesus, Well of Mercy—Swedish)
96Min Kärlek Star till Gud Allena (My Love to God Alone—Swedish)
97Gläds, O Kristi Brud (Rejoice, O Bride of Christ—Swedish)
98Paska är Kommen (Easter is Coming—Swedish)
99Onward Go
100We're Marching to Jesus


101Waltz—Les Roses
102Polka—La Bonne Bouche
103When the Swallows Homeward Fly
104The Blue Alsatian Mountains
105Waltz—Blue Violets
106The Soldier's Joy
107When the Leaves Begin to Fade
108Sweet Violets
109Marching Through Georgia
110Victoria Polonaise
111Waltz—My Queen
112Old Uncle Ned
113Austrian National Hymn
114Waltz—Tres Jolie
115Climbing up the Golden Stairs
116Waltz—Good News
117Boccherini Minuet
118Meet Me in the Lovely Twilight
119Vienna Polka
120Minuet—Bright Eyes
121Old Folks at Home
122Sailors' Hornpipe
123Home, Sweet Home
124Marseillaise Hymn
125Chorus from I Puritani
126Auld Lang Syne
127Die Wacht am Rhine (The Watch on the Rhine—German)
128Die Lorelei (The Lorelei—German)
129In the Eye Abides the Heart
130The Hunter's March
131In the Gloaming
132The Dreamland Waltz
133Policemen's Chorus
134Marble Halls
135Annie of the Vale
136Bonnie Eloise
137Miserere, from Il Trovatore
138The Parade March
139Only to see Thee, Darling
140Ye Merry Birds
141Mignonette Polka
142Time will Roll the Clouds Away
143Chorus from Castor and Pollux
144Darling Nelly Gray
145Dora's Waltz
146Annie Laurie
147The Leap Year Waltz
148Thou Art so Near and Yet so Far
149The Last Rose of Summer
150Waltz—German Hearts
151Alice Polka
152See Saw Waltz
153Polka—On the Wing
154O Ye Tears!
155The Beautiful Blue Danube
156Listen to The Mocking Bird
157Then You'll Remember Me
158Annen Waltz, from “Nanon”
159Tyroler and Child
160Flowers That Bloom (Mikado)
161The Blue Bells of Scotland
162Du, Du, Liegst Mir im Herzen (You, You, Nearest My Heart—German)
163The Wearing of the Green
164The Campbells are Coming
165The Minstrel Boy
166The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
167It's Funny When You Feel That Way
168“La Mascotte” Quadrilles—I
169“La Mascotte” Quadrilles—II
170“La Mascotte” Quadrilles—III
171“La Mascotte” Quadrilles—IV
172“La Mascotte” Quadrilles—V
173Darling Bessie of the Lea
174The Guards' Waltz
175Rhine Wine Charley
176The Witches' Carnival
177He's Going to Marry (Mikado)
178I've Got Him on My List
179Laura Waltz, No.1
180Laura Waltz, No.2
181Brucker Lager Marsch
182Life Let us Cherish
183The Flyaway Galop
184Tyrolian Song
185Plantation Galop
186Oft in The Stilly Night
187Dearest May
188Back to Our Mountains
189The Sailor Boy's Reel
190Yankee Doodle
191White Wings
192When I Was a Boy
193Irish Valet's Song
194The Golden Slippers
195The Quilting Party
196Waltz Song, “Love Comes”
197Polka—Ah There!
198The Cadets' March
199Promenade Quickstep
200“Gay Life” Quadrilles—I


201“Gay Life” Quadrilles—II
202“Gay Life” Quadrilles—III
203“Gay Life” Quadrilles—IV
204“Gay Life” Quadrilles—V
206Waltz—Till we Meet Again
207The Arkansas Traveler
208Belle Mahone
209The Kiss Waltz
210Was it Fair
211Waltz from “Die Afrikareise”
212When You and I Were Young
213College Hornpipe
214She's Such a Love
215Song, Many Joined
216The Zigzag Clog
217Medley Jig
218Svensk National sang (Swedish National Hymn—Swedish)
219Minuet—R. Schumann
220The Lighthouse By the Sea
221Galop—A Day in Vienna
222Gen. Boulanger's March
223Waltz—Nick of the Woods
224Wait Till the Clouds Roll by
225See that My Grave's Kept Green
226Bring Back My Bonnie to Me
227Waltz Song—Orange Blossoms
228Waltz—A Maiden's Song
229Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
230Don't Be Angry With Me, Darling
231$15 In My Inside Pocket
232Johnnie, Get Your Hair Cut
233Poor Old Dad
234Waltz—Cricket on the Hearth
235Boccaccio Racket
236Cuckoo Song
237I'll Remember You, Love
238Put My Little Shoes Away
239Baby's Empty Cradle
240Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
241Kitty Wells
242I'm Just Going Down By The Gate
243Money Musk
244Scotch Lassie Jean
245Bring Back My Sailor Boy
246The Irish Washerwoman
247The Devil's Dream
248Ocean Telegraph March
249Massa's Wedding Night
250Jingle Bells
251I'll Take You Home Again
252Waltz—King of the Fairies
253The Spanish Cavalier
254Jennie, the Flower of Kildare
255Rock-a-Bye Baby
256The Little Fishermaiden
257Hil dig, du hoie Nord (Hail, Thou High North—Norwegian)
258Bonnie Doon
259Most Excellent Master Song (Masonic)
260Royal Arch Ode (Masonic)
261Svensk Marsch (Swedish March—Swedish)
262Old Black Joe
263Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
264Vasa-Svensk Marsch (Wasa-Swedish March—Swedish)
265We'd Better Bide a Wee
267A Life on the Ocean Wave
268Comin' Thro' the Rye
269Finnish March
270Massa's in de Cold Ground
271Mary Blane
272Grandfather's Clock
273The Star Spangled Banner
274Oh! Susanna
275Maryland, My Maryland
276Tommy Dodd
277Hail Columbia
279Red, White and Blue
280Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
281Far Away Where Angels Dwell
282There is a Tavern in the Town
283The Old Oaken Bucket
284Down Among the Sugar Cane
285Stop that Knocking at the Door
286Little Maggie May
287Suomi (ekö) Sang (Suomis (echo) Song—Swedish)
288Nordens Fjällar (Northern Mountains—Swedish)
289Marsch: “Dane Lik Asken, Bröder” (March: “Done Lik”—Swedish)
290In Her Little Bed We Laid Her
291Kitty King
292The Party at the Zoo
293You Never Miss the Water
294Good-Bye, My Old Southern Home
295Way to be Happy—Waltz
296Cousin Jedediah
297St. Patrick's Day
298Miss McLeod's Reel
299Razzle Dazzle, Lanciers
300The Mclntyres


301The Girl I Left Behind Me
302Our National Hymn (Spanish)
303The Swallow
304The Old North State
305Ho! For Carolina
306Waltz—Sunshine of Love
307Where did you get that Hat?
308Das Kleine Deutsche Heim (The Little German Home—German)
309Down Went McGinty
310Croquet, Schottische
311Eglantine, Polka Mazurka
312Swinging—Waltz Song
313Oriental Mazurka
314Black Hussar—Waltz
315En Pleine Chasse, Galop
316The Bright and Beautiful Stars
317Vort Hjem I Nordens Land (Our Home in Northern Land—Norwegian)
318Deutsches National-Lied (German National Song—German)
319Manola Waltz
320Sweetheart Waltz
321Sunset Schottische
322Gasparone Waltz
323Mill-Stream Waltz
324My Thoughts Shall Dwell With Thee
325The Student's Song
326Katy's Waltz
327What the Daisy Said
328At the Ferry
329Love's Old, Sweet Song
330My Beautiful Native Land
331My Darling is a Daisy
332Svensk National Marsch (Swedish National March—Swedish)
333The Wave
334Slide, Kelly, Slide
335Little Annie Rooney (Waltz Song)
336Sweetbrier Waltz
337Take Back the Heart
338A Summer Shower
339Nobody's Darling but Mine
340Milkmaid Marriage Song—Waltz
341Harugari Lodge Song—I
342Harugari Lodge Song—II
343Harugari Lodge Song—III
344Strolling On Brooklyn Bridge
345Water Lily Polka
346Homeless, Wandering Child
348Prince Imperial Galop
349Dairy-Maid Waltz
350Meadow Brook Waltz
351Flee as a Bird
352La Eganosa (Spanish)
353Chabela (Spanish)
354La Pantera de San Cosme (Spanish)
355On The Waves, Waltz
356A Sweet Little Kiss at the Door
357Mother, Dearest, Raise My Pillow
358Mistletoe Schottische
359Naughty Clara
360Little Widow Dunn
361Little Footsteps
362Spanish Guitar
363Only a Dream of My Mother
364Redowa, Puss in Boots
365Down by the Old Abbey Ruin
366Old Wooden Rocker
368Schottische, Little Beauty
369Save the Sweetest Kiss for Me
370Dear Evalina, Sweet Evalina
371Gathering Shells
372Slavery Days
373Don't You Hear the Baby Crying
374Some Day I'll Wander Back Again
375Take Me Back to Home and Mother
376The Widow Nolan's Goat
378Waltz—Maid of Beauty
380For Goodness Sake Don't Say I Told You
381Summer Holiday
382Excursion Waltz
383A Violet from Mother's Grave
384There's Music in the Air
385On de Banks of de Ribber Side
386Whip-Poor-Will's Song
387Mary Ann I'll Tell Your Ma
388Down the Shady Grove
389The Beau of Saratoga
390The Battle-cry of Freedom
391Waltz—Moss Agate
392Come Back to Erin
393Cheer, Boys, Cheer
394Bonnie Dundee
395Betty and the Baby
396Langtry Waltzes, Nos. 1 & 2
397Langtry Waltzes, Nos. 3 & 4
398Angels' Waltz
399John Brown
400Dar am Honey on Dese Lips


401Where is My Nancy?
402When the Roses Bloom Again
403Tassels on Her Boots
404Oh! You Little Rascal
405I'll Tell Your Wife
406Schottische, Always smiling
407Waltz—Love's Dreamland
408Down by the Willow in the Lane
409Modjeska Waltz
410Why did they Dig Ma's Grave so Deep?
411Lardy Dah
412Not for Joseph
413The Bell Goes A-Ringing
414Down by the Blooming Apple Tree
415Eileen Allanna
416Captain Jinks
417Oh! You Little Darling
418Perhaps He's on the Railway
419Up in a Balloon
420Schottische, Happy-Go-Lucky
421My Mother's Old Red Shawl
422Hark! the Angels Sweetly Singing
424I'll go Back to the Old Bridge Again
425Tripping Through the Daisies
426March—Don Caesar
427The Dear Old Village School
428Go to Sleep My Baby Girl
429“New York Glide” Waltzes—I
430“New York Glide” Waltzes—II
431“New York Glide” Waltzes—III
432Chop-Sticks Waltz
433The Flying Trapeze
434Champagne Charlie
435The Jolly Dude
436Sweet Thoughts
437Little Ah Sid
438Happy Hours
439Midnight Squad
440Where the Sparrows and Chippies Parade
441Waltz—Jeffrie's Yacht Club
442Down On the Farm
443Oh My Darling Clementine
444Galop, Jolly Brothers
446Manhattan Polka
447Where the Myrtle Loves to Climb
448Come Sit By Me Mother
449Fan Tan March
450Clayton's Grand March
451While the Years are Rolling On
452Fresh Life—March
453Listen to My Tale of Woe
454Snow-Drift Waltz
455Oscar Wilde Galop
456Racquet Waltz
457Waltz, Estudiantina
458Polka-Mazurka, Adrienne
459Slavery's Passed Away
460Waltz, Myosotis
461Waltz, Nid D'Amour
462Waltz, The Dawn
463Chateau Margaux
464“Jota” La Bruja (Spanish)
465Passa Calle, No.1 (Spanish)
466“El Ganga” (Spanish)
467Duo De Pippo Y Bettine (Spanish)
468Dolores Waltzer No.1 (Spanish)
469Dolores Waltzer No.2 (Spanish)
470Vals del Caballero de Gracia (Spanish)
471Mazurka de los Marineritos (Spanish)
472Polka—De los Ingleses (Spanish)
473Passa Calle, No.2 (Spanish)
474Mother Says I Mustn't
475Kiss Me as I Fall to Sleep
476Silver Threads Among the Gold
477O Fred, Tell them to Stop
478Happy Hearts—Polka Mazurka
479Pretty Little Dark Blue Eyes
480General Grant's Grand March
481Neath the Roses Long Ago
482Awfully Clever
483When the Band Begins to Play
484The Little Log Cabin's the Home After All
485The Dude Galop
486When the Dew Begins to Fall
487Lullaby from “Erminie”
488Buttercups and Daisies
489De Lime Kiln Club
490I'll Get Rid of My Mother-in-Law
491Sweet Little Stanny Snow
492My Beautiful Rose
493Only a Violet Blossom
494“Mirage” Valse (Waltz)
495Pretty as a Butterfly
496Angels Hear the Little Prayer
497Just Because You Kissed Me Darling
498Out in the Snow
499My Boy Across the Sea
500Norsk Folkesang (Norwegian Song—Norwegian)


501Norsk Flagsang (Norwegian Banner song—Norwegian)
502Aftenhvile (Evening Rest—Norwegian)
503Naar Harpen Tier (When the Harp is Still—Norwegian)
504Sangerafsked (Singers' Farewell—Norwegian)
505Aa Kjore Vatten (O, Haul the Water—Norwegian)
506Kjölstadt-Visen (Kjölstad Song—Norwegian)
507Thyre Danebods Vise (Thyre Danebod's Song—Norwegian)
508Paal paa Haugen (Paul in the Meadow—Norwegian)
509Sangen (The Song—Norwegian)
510Den Tapre Landsoldat (The Brave Soldier—Norwegian)
511Faedrelandssang (Song of the Native Land—Norwegian)
512Reisesang (Song of Travel—Norwegian)
513Studentersang (Students' song—Norwegian)
514Norsk Flagsang (Norwegian Banner song—Norwegian)
516Maggie Murphy's Home
517Mary and John
518An die Freiheit (To Liberty—German)
519Schwäbisches Volkslied (Suabian Folk Song—German)
520Haideroeslein (Rose of the Heather—German)
521Abendlied (Evening Song—German)
522Alt Heidelberg (Old Heidelberg—German)
523Mit Herz und Hand (With Heart and Hand—German)
524Der Lindenbaum (Linden Tree—German)
525Aennchen von Tharau (Aennchen of Tharau—German)
526Mai ist Gekommen (May is Come—German)
527Lebewohl bis wir uns Wiedersehen (Farewell Till We Meet Again—German)
528Boom! Ta Ra
529Waltz—Que Carazon (Spanish)
530El Gato—Toropo (Spanish)
531Waltz—Prision Crespo (Spanish)
532Waltz—No Llores (Spanish)
533Polka—Tu Cuelga (Spanish)
534Mazurka—La Vencedora (Spanish)
535Waltz—El Paraizo (Spanish)
536Mazurka—La Antorcha (Spanish)
537Waltz—El Perdon (Spanish)
538El Tuerto—Toropo (Spanish)
539La Batea—Toropo (Spanish)
540Monico—Toropo (Spanish)
541Polka—Aurora (Spanish)
542Waltz—Feadora (Spanish)
543Polka—Mi Esperanza (Spanish)
544Toropo—El Nere (Spanish)
545Polka—La Independencia (Spanish)
546Polka—La Alfombra (Spanish)
547Polka—La Constancia (Spanish)
548Polka—Fu Donaire (Spanish)
549El Guante—Toropo (Spanish)
550Mazurka—La Guayana (Spanish)
551Waltz—Flor de Mayo (Spanish)
552I'm Getting Too Big to Kiss
553Galop—Little Fairy
554Schottische—White Elephant
555Oh! What a Difference in the Morning
556“Chimes of Normandy” Quadrilles—I
557“Chimes of Normandy” Quadrilles—II
558“Chimes of Normandy” Quadrilles—III
559“Chimes of Normandy” Quadrilles—IV
560“Chimes of Normandy” Quadrilles—V
561Polka Mazurka Celestial (Spanish)
562Lo Major de Les Hinas (Spanish)
563La Golondrina (Spanish)
564Favorita Danzon, Cubanos (Spanish)
565El Postorcillo, Waltz (Spanish)
566Carlotta—Polka (Spanish)
567El Casino (Spanish)
568Caracolillo (Spanish)
570De Paris a Madrid (Spanish)
572[unknown title] (Spanish)
574El Mulatico (Spanish)
576Peggy Cline
577The High School Cadets March
578The Skirt Dance
579Der Ligger et Land, No.2b (There Lies a Fair Land, No.2b—Norwegian)
580Astri! My Astri (Astri! Mi Astri—Norwegian)
581Til Norge, Kjaempers Fodeland (To Norway, Mother of the Brave—Norwegian)
582O, Ole elsked dig saa Kjaert (Oh! Ole Loved You Dearly—Norwegian)
583Bor jeg paa det hoie Fjeld (Dwell I on Lofty Mount—Norwegian)
584Mats og Larts (Mass and Lass—Norwegian)
585Sonner af Norge (Minstrel Awaken—Norwegian)
586Ja, her Hjemme (Home Again—Norwegian)
587Nordsoen (The North Sea—Norwegian)
588Island (Iceland—Norwegian)
589Fjeld og Skov er klaedt med Gronske (Fields and Woods are Crowned with Verdure—Norwegian)
590Mit Fodeland (My Native Land—Norwegian)
591Der Ligger et Land, No.1b (There Lies a Fair Land, No.1b—Norwegian)
592Saeterjentens Sondag (Chalet Girl's Sunday—Norwegian)
593My Mary Green
594My Sweetheart's the Man in the Moon
595Mi Laud—Valie (Spanish)
596La Lagartijos (Spanish)
597El Monitor—Schottische (Spanish)
598La Florera—Polka (Spanish)
599La Mananitas (Spanish)
600After the Ball


601To the Work
602Only a Step to Jesus
603Knocking, Knocking, Who is There?
604Thy Servant I Will Be
605From Heaven I am Coming
606Be Joyful, O My Soul
607It is Now Time
608Thank Almighty God
609Carried by the Angels
610Move Forward
611Some Sweet Day
612Somewhere To-night
613Wait and Murmur Not
614Come, Spirit, Come
615Hiding in the Rock
616When My Saviour I Shall See
617God be With You
618Anywhere With Jesus
619Trust and Obey
620Draw Me Closer to Thee
621Seeking for Me
623The Garden of the Lord
624Duane Street
626Walk in the Light
630The Prodigal Child
633When Jesus Comes
634Shall we Gather at the River
635Happy Day
636Saudades (Spanish)
637Certeza (Spanish)
638Mundo Feliz (Spanish)
639Chamanda (Spanish)
640Caridade (Spanish)
641Memorial (Spanish)
642Exultacao (Spanish)
643Coming To-day
644Come to Me
645In the Shadow of His Wings
646Safe to Land
647Will You Meet Me
648The Story Never Old
649Stand on the Rock
650My Sabbath Home
651At the Door
652Little Children, You May Come
653Pilgrim's Song
654The Bright Forever
655They Gather One by One
656Gathering Home
657Hold On
658The Beautiful Vale
659Glory to Jesus
660Silver Street
666Lover den Herre (Praise the Lord—Norwegian)
667Sode Jesu, vi er her (Sweet Jesus, We are Here—Norwegian)
668Hjertelig mig nu laenges (Now I Wish With All My Heart—Norwegian)
669Vor Gud han er saa fast (Our God is Always True—Norwegian)
670Hvo veed hvor naer er min Ende (Who Knows how near is My End—Norwegian)
671Hvor salig er den Lille Flok (How Blessed the Little Band—Norwegian)
672St. Bride
673Suche wo du Willst (Seek Where You Will—German)
674Allein Gott in der Höh (God Alone on High—German)
675Warum sollt' ich mich denn grämen (Why Should I Mourn—German)
676Jetzt singt und seid Fröhlich (Now Sing and be Glad—German)
677Ein' Feste Burg ist unser Gott (A Firm Mountain is our God—German)
678Vom Himmel Hoch (From Heaven High—German)
679Nun Jauchzet All' (Let us all Rejoice—German)
680Nun Danket Alle Gott (Rejoice All in God—German)
681Ich Habe nun den Grund gefunden (I've Now Found the Rock—German)
682Wach auf, mein Herz (Arise, My Soul—German)
683Verlass mich Nicht (Leave Me Not—German)
684Allein Gott in der Höh' (Alone on High is He—German)
685Af Hoiheden oprunden er (From High there Flows—Norwegian)
686Den store hvide Flok vi se (The Large, White Band we See—Norwegian)
687Et lidet Barn saa Lystelig (A Little Child so Happy—Norwegian)
688Jesu, dine dybe Vunder (Jesus, Thine Deep Wounds—Norwegian)
689Jesu, din sode Forening at smage (Jesus, How Sweet to Commingle with You—Norwegian)
690Op alle, som paa Jorden bo (Up All who Dwell on Earth—Norwegian)
691Zions Vaegter, Haever Rosten (Watch of Zion, Lift Your Voice—Norwegian)
692Af Dybsens Nod jeg raabe maa (I May call from the Depth of My Misery—Norwegian)
693Ak, vidste du, Som gaar I Syndens (Oh! if you, who is Fettered with Sin, only Knew—Norwegian)
694Du Hoje Fryd for rene Sjaele (Great Happiness for Clean Souls—Norwegian)
695Far Verden Farvel (To the World Farewell—Norwegian)
696Fryd dig, du Kristi Brud (Rejoice, You Bride of Christ—Norwegian)
697Guds Godhed vil vi Prise (God's Goodness Will we Praise—Norwegian)
698Herre, jeg har handlet ilde (Lord, I have done Wrong—Norwegian)
699Hvad er det Godt i Jesu Arme (How good it is in the arms of Jesus—Norwegian)
700Hvad kan os komme til for nod (No Harm can come to us—Norwegian)


701I Jesu Navn skal al vor Gjerning ske (All our Works shall be in the Name of Jesus—Norwegian)
702Kirken den er et gammelt Hus (The Church is an Old house—Norwegian)
703O Helligaand, du skat saa skjon (Oh Holy Ghost, You Precious Treasure—Norwegian)
704Jerusalem, du Hochgebaute Stadt (Jerusalem, Thou High Built City—German)
705Wie Froehlich bin ich (How Happy Am I—German)
706Lobe den Herrn, O Meine Seele (Praise the Lord, O My Soul—German)
707Wie Schoen leucht uns der Morgenstern (How Brightly Shines the Morning Star—German)
708Verbleib bei mir (Tarry with Me—German)
709Uber den Blauen See (Beyond the Blue Sea—German)
710Tazete se proc jsem, Slovan (Bohemian)
711Sil Jsem prose (Bohemian)
712Pisne dcery ducha meho (Bohemian)
713Prijdejaro prijde (Bohemian)
714Maziata Marenko (Bohemian)
715Kde domor muj (Bohemian)
716Louceni, Louceni (Bohemian)
717Hej Slovane (Bohemian)
718Kydzte vidim (Bohemian)
719Kydzjsem k vam chodival (Bohemian)
720Frälsta aro vi (Loved are We—Swedish)
721Anywhere With Jesus
722'Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus
723When we Reach our Home
724Ambrosia Hymn
725Sunshine in the Soul
726Glory to His Name!
727More about Jesus
728Wonderful Story of Love
729Haven of Rest
730Everlasting Arms
731Blessed Rock
732Hark, 'tis the Song of Angels
733Will there be Light for Me
734Lead Kindly Light
735Jerusalem the Golden
736It is God's Way
737Sometime We'll Understand
742Silent Night
743Ihr Kinderlein Kommt
745Jesus is Mine
746No, Not One!
747When the Roll is called Up Yonder
748Tell Mother I'll be There
749The Glory Song
750Jesus Loves Me
751Tantum Ergo Sacramentum
752O Lord I am Not Worthy
754O Salutaris
755Sweet Savior
756Stabat Mater
757Adeste Fideles
758Holy God We Praise Thy Name
759O Du Frohlische
760Face To Face


1001The Tourists' March
1002Lauterbach (The Lauterbach Maiden—German)
1003Won't You be My Sweetheart?
1004The Bowery
1005Jennie Riley
1006Two Little Girls in Blue (Waltz)
1007The Man that Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
1008Trabajar Companeros (Spanish)
1009The Washington Post March
1010Daisy Bell
1011The Rowdy Dowdy Boys
1012Wot Cher!
1014“Twiggy Voo”
1015Love's Golden Dream
1016The Miner's Dream of Home
1017Then You Wink the other Eye
1018Dream Memories
1019Molly and I and the Baby
1020Little Alabama Coon
1021Linger Longer Loo
1022“Such a Game”—Pagliacci
1023Drinking Song—Rusticana
1024March of the Men of Harlech (Welsh)
1025The Future Mrs. 'Awkins
1026Round the Town
1027Daddy Wouldn't buy Me a Bow-Wow
1028Oh! Mr. Porter
1029If I were a Royal Lady
1030In Love with the Man in the Moon
1031Marguerite of Monte Carlo
1032They All Take After Me
1033Bunk a Doodle I Do
1034The Rickety, Rackety Crew
1035The Good Old Annual
1036Sweet Marie
1037Phoebe Dill
1038The Sidewalks of New York
1039The Fatal Wedding
1040Bartlomiej Glowacki (Polish)
1041Dalej chlopcy, bierzmy kosy (Polish)
1042Hej Mazury, hejze ha (Polish)
1043Jak Sie Macie Bartlomieju (Polish)
1044Jeszcze P. nie zginela (Polish)
1045Nasz Chlopicki wojak (Polish)
1046Orzel Bialy (Polish)
1047Patrz Kosciuszko na nas z nieba (Polish)
1048Witaj Majowa Jutrzenko (Polish)
1049Z dymem pozarow (Polish)
1050I Don't want to Play in Your Yard
1051Maggie Maloney
1052My Pearl is a Bowery Girl
1053Ben Bolt
1054The Honeymoon March
1056Fire Flies
1057Boccaccio Serenade
1058Just Tell Them That You Saw Me
1059Only One Girl in the World for Me
1060The Lilacs
1061The Sunshine of Paradise Alley
1062On the Benches in the Park
1063We were Sweethearts, Nell and I
1064Mother was a Lady
1065Up the Street, March
1067Down in Poverty Row
1068What Could the Poor Girl Do?
1069My Old Kentucky Home
1070The Darkie's Dream
1071Sweet Rosie O'Grady
1072Take a Day Off Mary Ann
1073Gamle Norge (Old Norway—Norwegian)
1074Som'ren Svandt (Summer is Gone—Norwegian)
1075Solnedgang (Sunset—Norwegian)
1076Mit Hjem er i Himlen (My Home is in Heaven—Norwegian)
1077Jeg Husker mit Faedreneland (I Remember My Native Land—Norwegian)
1078Baekken (The Brook—Norwegian)
1079Tidlig om Morg'nen (Early in the Morning—Norwegian)
1080Vaarsang (Spring Song—Norwegian)
1081Min ven er der (My Love is There—Norwegian)
1082Nokken (Nix—Norwegian)
1083Hot Time in the Old Town
1084Bombasto March (Two Step)
1085Dora Dean
1086There'll Come a Time
1087All Coons Look Alike to Me
1088Blue Eyes
1089Wizard of the Nile, March
1090On the Banks of the Wabash
1091Laulappas mun kutlassen (Finnish)
1092Svensk Bröllopsmarsch (Swedish Wedding March—Swedish)
1093Ma Oksalla Ylimmalla (Finnish)
1094Zo joutin armas aika (Finnish)
1095Till Osterland vill jag fara (To the East will I Travel—Swedish)
1096Stars and Stripes Forever, March
1097Alice, Where Art Thou
1098Warmest Baby in the Bunch
1099Sweet Spirit Hear My Prayer
1100Sunny Side Clog


1101She was Bred in Old Kentucky
1102Break the News to Mother
1103Bolero from Fencing Master
1104Gabriella Brown, March Song
1105Romance from Anne Boleyn
1106Premier March (Two Step)
1107Georgia Campmeeting (Two Step)
1108Llwyn Onn (The Ash Grove—Welsh)
1109The Waterfall (Wasserfall, Tyrolien song)
1110Flower Song
1111Land of My Fathers (Welsh)
1112Hello—Ma Baby
1113High Born Lady
1114Smoky Mokes
1115Eli Green's Cake Walk
1116Whistling Rufus
1117Just as the Sun went Down
1118Just One Girl
1119Zenda Waltzes
1120Home to Our Mountains
1122Intermezzo Rusticana
1123Moth and Flame
1124Sunny Tennessee
1125El Capitan, No.1 (March)
1126El Capitan, No.2 (March)
1127Soldiers in the Park
1128Holy City
1129Mosquito Parade
1130Dolly Grey
1131Fisher's Hornpipe
1132Creole Belles
1133Tale of the Kangaroo
1134Down Where the Cotton Blossoms Grow
1135I Left Because I Love You
1136In the Good Old Summertime
1137Mister Dooley
1138Bill Bailey
1139Hiawatha (Two Step)
1140By the Sycamore Tree
1141Laughing Water
1142Coochi Coochi
1143Any Rags?
1144Under the Anheuser Bush
1145In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
1147Gdy Narod Do Boju (Polish)
1148Jeszcze Polska (Polish)
1149Krakowiak (song & dance) (Polish)
1150Marsz Mieroslawskiego (Polish)
1151Na Barykady (Polish)
1152Silver Heels
1153Wait 'till the Sun Shines, Nellie
1154Everybody Works But Father
1155When the Whip-Poor-Will Sings, Marguerite
1156A Picnic for Two
1157How Would You like to Spoon with Me?
1158If a Girl Like You Loved a Boy Like Me
1160Happy Heinie
1161You're a Grand Old Flag
1163My Irish Molly O
1164Lazy Moon
1166Waiting at the Church
1167You Look Awful Good to Father
1169Napoleon's March
1171Merry Widow Waltz
1172Turkey in the Straw
1173Red Wing
1174My Wife's Gone to the Country
1175Original Rags
1176Don't Take Me Home
1177I Wish I Had a Girl
1178I Love My Wife, but O You Kid
1179Shine on, Harvest Moon
1180Everybody's Doing It
1181Honey Man
1182Glow Worm
1183Red Rose Rag
1184Casey Jones
1185All Alone
1186Oceana Roll
1187Alexander's Rag Time Band
1188Oh, You Beautiful Doll
1189Hearts and Flowers
1190Mendelssohn's Wedding March
1191Where the River Shannon Flows
1192Lilly Dale
1193It's a Long way to Tipperary
1194Rule Britannia
1195The Lads in Navy Blue
1196The Soldiers of the King
1197I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier
1198School Days
1199Over the Waves
1200Tannhauser March


1201Midnight Fire Alarm No.1
1202Midnight Fire Alarm No.2
1203When the Sunset Turns the Ocean Blue to Gold
1204Convent Bells
1205The Dying Poet
1206Daisies Won't Tell
1208The Maiden's Prayer
1210Sweet Bunch of Daisies
1211Ben Hur Chariot Race
1212Where the Silv'ry Colorado Wends its Way
1213Beautiful Star of Heaven
1214In the Baggage Coach Ahead
1215Black Hawk Waltz
1216Leaf by Leaf the Roses Fall
1218Cavalleria Rusticana
1219Under the Double Eagle—March
1220Falling Star
1221Waves of the Danube, Waltz
1222Farewell to the Pianoforte
1223Spring Song
1224Evening Star
1225Are You the O'Reilly?
1226There's a Quaker Down in Quakertown
1227Moonlight Bay
1228When You Wore a Tulip
1229Ireland Must be Heaven
1230Mother Machree
1231My Own Iona
1232Are You From Dixie
1233My Little Girl
1235Meet Me at Twilight
1237A Perfect Day
1238In the Sweet Long Ago
1239Pretty Baby
1240Good Bye, Good Luck, God Bless You
1241I'm on My Way to Dublin Bay
1242Star of the East
1243In the Harbor of Home Sweet Home
1244Keep the Home Fires Burning
1245Over There
1247Alabama Lullaby
1249When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget
1250Let the Rest of the World Go By
1251Missouri Waltz
1252That Naughty Waltz
1254Hiawatha's Melody of Love
1255When You're Gone, I Won't Forget
1256Feather Your Nest
1257Dear Old Pal of Mine
1258Ain't we got Fun?
1259Peggy O'Neil
1261My Mammy
1263Beautiful Ohio
1264Nobody's Baby
1265Oh What a Pal was Mary
1266Tuck Me to Sleep
1267My Sunny Tennessee
1269Kiss-A-Miss Waltz
1270I Ain't Nobody's Darling
1271Love's Ship
1272Swanee River Moon
1273Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
1274Mississippi Cradle
1275Angel Child
1276Just a Little Love Song
1277I Want My Mammy
1278Leave Me With a Smile
1279Wabash Blues
1280Dreamy Melody
1282Indiana Moon
1283Under the Mellow Moon
1284Drifting back to Dreamland
1285Pal of My Dreams
1286That Old Gang of Mine
1287The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
1288When Clouds have Vanished
1289My Sweetie Went Away
1290Through the Night
1291Pal of All Pals
1292You are the Rose of My Rosary
1293A Smile will go a Long, Long Way
1294Call Me Back, Pal O' Mine
1295Dream Daddy
1296Linger Awhile
Iowa Corn Song

Honor Rolls

New, For SaleHonor Rolls
5001I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover
5002O Holy Night
5003Bye, Bye, Blackbird
5004Over the Rainbow
5005When You Wish Upon a Star
5006Bridge Over Troubled Waters
5007Scarborough Fair
5008The Entertainer
5009Seventy-Six Trombones
5010You Can’t Be True Dear
5012Stars and Stripes Forever
5013Beer Barrel Polka
5014Ragtime Jim
5015The Entertainer
5016That Toddlin’ Town (Chicago)
5017Santa Claus is Coming to Town
5018Frosty the Snowman
5019Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
5020Maple Leaf Rag
5021Pomp And Circumstance (March #1)
5022God Save the Queen
5023Syncopated Clock
5024She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain
5025Palm Leaf Rag
5026Peacherine Rag
5027Weeping Willow
5028Wiener Blut Waltz
5029Angels We Have Heard on High
5030Chim Chim Cher-ee
5032Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
5033The Favorite
5034The Chrysanthemum
5035The Strenuous Life
5036Radetzky March
5037What Child is This? (Green-Sleeves)
5038We Wish You a Merry Christmas
5039Deck the Halls
5040Music Box Dancer
5042The Band Played On
5043Leichtes Blut
5044If I Only Had a Brain
5045Buffalo Gals
5046The Yellow Rose of Texas
5047Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
5048Music of the Night
5049You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline
5050The Merry Old Land of Oz
5052The Caisson Song
5053God Bless America
5054The Wheels on the Bus
5055John Brown's Baby
5056I Love the Mountains
5057Anchors Aweigh
5058Marine's Hymn
5059Amazing Grace
5060Away in a Manger
5061Go Tell it on the Mountain
5062's Wonderful
5063I Got Rhythm
5064Sweet and Low-Down
5065Take Me Out to the Ballgame
5066Yankee Doodle Boy
5067We're Off to See the Wizard
5068Mickey Mouse March
5069Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
5070Whistle While You Work
5071A Spoonful of Sugar
5074Play a Simple Melody (Primo)
5075Play a Simple Melody (Secondo)
5076It is Well With My Soul
5077Buttons and Bows
5078Jingle Bell Rock
5079It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
5080Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
5081A Whole New World
5082Hakuna Matata
5083Winnie the Pooh
5084The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
5085Colors of the Wind
5086Hearts and Flowers
5087In My Merry Oldsmobile
5088Give My Regards to Broadway
5089Beautiful Dreamer
5090Meet Me in St. Louis
5091Under the Sea
5093The Ballad of Davy Crockett
5094The Bare Necessities
5095You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly
5096Skaters Waltz
5097Blue Tango
5099Teddy Bears Picnic
5100Where Everybody Knows Your Name
5101Eleanor Rigby
5102Yellow Submarine
5103I Want to Hold Your Hand
5104Hey Jude
5106Somewhere My Love
5107There's No Business Like Show Business
5108Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
5109San Antonio Rose
5110Cielito Lindo
5112Blessed Assurance
5113Brighten the Corner Where You Are
5114Holy, Holy, Holy
5115Blue Skirt Waltz
5116Gary Indiana
5117The Seven Joys of Mary
5118A Bird in a Gilded Cage
5119When I'm Sixty Four
5120St. Louis Blues
5121I Can't Help Falling in Love With You
5123Those Were the Days, My Friend
5124Goodnight My Someone
5125Ain't She Sweet
5127Hello Dolly
5128Carolina in the Morning
5129The Rose
5131Nadia's Theme
5132Lullaby of Broadway
5133Morning Has Broken
5134Down By the Old Mill Stream
5137Toot, Toot, Tootsie
5138Three O'clock in the Morning
5139Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go w/ Friday on Saturday Night
5140Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet
5141My Wild Irish Rose
5142The Mansion of Aching Hearts
5143The First Nowell
5144Ave Maria
5145The Navy Hymn
5146The Old Rugged Cross
5147Open My Eyes, That I May See
5148He Lives On High
5149Whispering Hope
5150Spinning Song
5151Danse Macabre
5152Minuet in G
5155Toreador Song
5157Good King Wenceslas
5158Here We Come A-Wassailing
5159Gesu Bambino
5160Come, All Ye Shepherds
5161Sleigh Ride
5162The Chipmunk Song
5163Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
5164Silver Bells
5165White Christmas
5166Little Drummer Boy
5167La Rejouissance
5168Claire De Lune
5169Orange Blossom Special
5170To a Wild Rose
5171Blue Tail Fly
5172Etude Op. 10 #3
5174Old Comrades March
5175Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
5176March of the Toys
5177Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
5178Baby Face
5179By the Light of the Silvery Moon
5180Peg O' My Heart
5181God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
5182The Swan
5183Colonel Boogy March
5184Gymnopedie #1
5186My Favorite Things
5187Op. 10 Elegie
5188When Johnny Comes Marching Home
5189Do You Hear What I Hear?
5190It Had to Be You
5191Strike Up the Band
5192Five Foot Two
5193Twelve Days of Christmas
5194Carol of the Bells
5195Yes Sir That's My Baby
5197Happy Birthday
5198Puttin' on the Ritz
5199The Ragtime Engineer
5200American Patrol
5202Liebestraum No. 3
5203Rondo a Capriccio
5204Mozart Sonata in C, K545
5205All Aboard for Dreamland
5206The Picture of My Mother on the Wall
5208The Holly and the Ivy
5209Carol of the Advent
5210Jolly Old St. Nick / Up on the Rooftop
5211Gilligan's Island
5212Linus and Lucy
5213Sesame Street Theme
5214Star Wars Theme
5215With Cat-like Thread (“Hail Hail the Gang's All Here”)
5216Turkish March
5217Bridal Chorus - from Lohengrin
5218Hungarian Rhapsody #2
5219When I Leave the World Behind
5220Alexander's Bagpipe Band
5221Ballin' the Jack
5222Camptown Races
5224El Rancho Grande
5225My Blue Heaven
5226Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
5227Around the World
5229Tea for Two
5230California Here I Come
5233Liberty Bell March
5234Rokaczy March
5235Entry of the Gladiators
5236The Billboard March
5237Barnum and Bailey's Favorite
5238Zacatecas March
5239Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
5240Thunderer March
5241Vivre en Amour
5242Merrie Melodies
5243Twilight Time
5244I Could Have Danced All Night
5246Don't Fence Me In
5247The Merry Go Round Broke Down
5248Espani Cani
5249Adams Family
5250Funeral of a Marionette
5251Peter Contontail
5252Wonderful Copenhagen
5253Lassus Trombone
5254Yakety Sax
5255Puff the Magic Dragon
5256Waltz of the Flowers - Nutcracker
5257Trepak - Nutcracker
5258Nutcracker Overture
5259Happy Days are Here Again
5260When I Fall in Love
5261Ragtime Cowboy Joe
5262Phantom of the Opera
5263I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
5264Blow the Man Down / Drunken Sailor
5265Begin the Beguin
5266My Happiness
5267Mah na Mah na
5268I Love Paris
5269Easter Parade
5270Chariots of Fire
5271Funiculi Funicula
5272Funeral March
5273Boogie Woogie
5274Three Coins in the Fountain
5277Ballet Music from “Orpheus and Eurydice”
5278Prelude in C
5279Dorothy (English Country Dance)
5280Rockabye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody
5281I Wish I Was in Dixie Land
5282Suwanee River
5283Battle Hymn of the Republic
5284After the Ball is Over
5285Mary's a Grand Old Name
5286Ida Sweet as Apple Cider
5287I Don't Care
5289On a Sunday Afternoon
5290Let Me Call You Sweetheart
5291I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl - Married Dear Old Dad
5292Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
5293Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
5294Mighty Lak' a Rose
5295I've Got Rings on My Fingers
5296I Love You Truly
5297When Irish Eyes are Smiling
5298Come Josephine in My Flying Machine
5299The Whistler and his Dog
5300Alice Blue Gown
5301We Gather Together
5302For the Beauty of the Earth
5303All Things Bright and Beautiful
5304Are Ye Able?
5305All Glory, Laud and Honor
5306Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn
5307Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
5308I am Thine, O Lord
5309Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
5310O Word of God Incarnate
5311For All the Saints
5312Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart
5313There is a Fountain Filled with Blood
5314This is My Father's World
5315Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne
5316Truehearted, Wholehearted, Faithful and Loyal
5317Hallelujah, 'tis Done!
5318Christ Arose!
5319Wonderful Words of Life
5320Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
5321Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain
5322Fairest Lord Jesus
5323Crown Him with Many Crowns
5324Near the Cross
5325Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
5326Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
5401Yes We Have No Bananas
5402Officer of the Day March
5403Side by Side
5404We’re in the Money
5405Christmas Time—from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special
5406The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
5407Curious Story
5408Carousel Waltz
5409Luna Park March
5410Shortnin’ Bread
5411Following the Leader
5412Never Smile at a Crocodile
5413Let’s Go Fly a Kite
5414Lavender Blue
5415Las Chiapanecas
5416Third Man Theme
5417All I Ask of You (Phantom)
5418Cruisin’ Down the River
5419The Old Piano Roll Blues
5420Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In)


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