Roller Organ (Grand)

InstrumentGrand Roller Organ
Tuning Scales
Formatroller (cob)
Size13.25 inch (2.5 inch diameter)
Keys per inch2.50 valves
Keys per inch20.00 pins

Original Cobs

This list is based on Roller Organs--The Autophone Company's 'Ingenious Mechanism', by Todd Augsburger, and in cooperation with The Roller Organ Cobography.

There is a full list with all known information at:
The Roller Organ Cobography
New, For SaleHonor Rolls
New recut, For SaleHonor Rolls


2001Auf Weidersehn Waltz
2002Autograph Waltz
2003The Thunderer March
2004En Avant March
2005The Parting Kiss
2006The Shadow Dance, Dinorah
2007Spring Song
2008Blooming Youth Waltz
2009Four Little Curly Headed Coons
2010The Nightingale's Song
2011The Washington Post March
2012Robin Hood, 4 songs
2013The Lilacs
2014Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-Wow
2015Dramatic News Waltz
2016After the Ball, Waltz Song
2017Ah! So Fair - Martha
2018In This Celestial Dwelling / Magic Flute
2019Gracious Heavens - Martha
2020The Oxford Minuet
2021The Wedding of the Lily and the Rose
2022The Gypsy Song / Anvil Chorus
2023The Bowery, Waltz
2024Par Ci, Par La, Polka
2025The High School Cadets' March
2026Mosquito Skirt Dance
2027“Wang” Waltzes
2028De Paris a Londres, Polka
2029Träumerei, Reverie
2030The Virginia Skedaddle
2031Push Dem Clouds Away
2032Mia Bella, Waltz
2033I Wish I was in Dixie's Land
2034The Daisy, Polka
2035Love's Dream After the Ball
2036After Nine / Hello! Central, Hello!
2037The Little Stars Won't Tell
2038Nocturne / Midsummer Night's Dream
2039Flemish Dance
2040Tannhauser March
2041The Fencing Master, 3 songs
2042Daisy Bell
2043Home, Sweet Home
2044“1492” Waltzes
2045A Pretty Girl / “Wang”
2046Gondolier Waltzes
2047Mardi Gras Quadrille Nos. I and II
2048Mardi Gras Quadrille Nos. IV and V
2049“Wang” March
2050Palermo Quadrilles Nos. I and II
2051Palermo Quadrilles Nos. IV and V
2052How Dear to Me The Hour
2054Caliph of Bagdad Overture
2055Sweet Marie, Waltz
2056Martha Overture
2057After the Masquerade
2058Madam Angot, Waltz Song
2059Wedding March
2060Tancredi Overture
2061Maid of Plymouth, Waltzes
2062William Tell Overture
2063Liberty Bell March
2064Wedding March / Lohengrin
2065Gondoliers Lanciers I and II
2066Gondoliers Lanciers IV and V
2067The Belle of Chicago
2068Maid of Plymouth, 2 Songs
2069University March
2070The Fatal Wedding
2071America / The Star Spangled Banner
2073Because I Love Thee So
2074Skirt Dance / Faust Up To Date
2075Coronation March / The Prophet
2076Pilgrim's Chorus, Tannhauser
2077Cavalleria Rusticana, Intermezzo
2078Columbus March
2079Always or Never Waltz
20801. Mrs. Flarity, What do You Mean by That? / 2. Do, Do, My Huckleberry
2081Rock-a-Bye Baby
2082Zampa Overture, Selections
2083Naila, Intermezzo
20841. Boat Song / 2. Consolation
20861. The Sidewalks of New York / 2. I Long to see the Girl I Left Behind
2087Cujus Animam
2088Poet and Peasant Overture
2089The Kiss Waltz
20901. Yankee Doodle / 2. My Old Kentucky Home
20911. I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard / 2. He Never Cares to Wander from his Fireside
2092Military March
2093Toreador Song / Carmen
2094K. of P. Initiatory Anthem / Installation Anthem
2095K. of P. Opening Ode / Closing Ode
2096Elsa's Dream / Lohengrin
2097Dream Waltz / Black Hussar
2098Palm Leaves
2099Kerry Dance
2100March from Die Meistersinger


2101The Honeymoon March
2103Old Hundredth
2107Auld Lang Syne
2108Pleyel's Hymn
2109The Beautiful Blue Danube, Waltz
2110Il Bacio Valse / The Kiss Waltz
21111. I Dream't That I Dwelt in Marble Halls / 2. Then You'll Remember Me
2112Semiramide, Selection from Overture
2113Dearest Norma, Duetto
2114Sounds from the Vienna Woods, Waltz
2115March from “Norma”
2116Selection from “Mignon”
21171. Twickenham Ferry / 2. Last Rose of Summer
2118Duetto from “Martha”
21191. Maggie Moonie / 2. My Pearl is a Bowery Girl
21201. Nancy Lee / 2. Auld Lang Syne
2121Slumber So Gently / Princess Bonnie
2122Morning Leaves, Waltz
2123A Thousand and One Nights, Waltz
2124Crusaders' March / Il Talisman
2125Stradella Overture
2126The Band Played on
2127When the Swallows Homeward Fly
2128The Little Lost Child
2129Monastery Bells
21301. One Heart, One Soul / 2. The York Dance
21311. I'll Tell Papa on You / 2. Oh, Uncle John
2132Only One Girl in the World for Me
2133Secret Love / Gavotte
21341. My Best Girl's a New Yorker / 2. The Sunshine of Paradise Alley
2135Yale March, Two Step
2136Don't be Cross
21371. Just Tell Them That You Saw Me / 2. I Love Only You
2138Priests March, Athalia Opera
2139Autophone Melody
21401. Battle cry of Freedom / 2. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp / 3. Red, White, and Blue / 4. Home, Sweet Home / 5. Marching Through Georgia
2141Benny Havens, Oh!
King Cotton, March


3001O, Rest in the Lord / Elijah
3002I Know That My Redeemer Lives
3003Come Unto Me
3004Lead, Kindly Light
3005Nearer, My God to Thee
3006Onward, Christian Soldiers
3007Hold the Fort
3008Jesus, Lover of My Soul
3009Only an Armor Bearer
3010Let the Lower Lights be Burning
3012Sweet Hour of Prayer
3013Beautiful Valley of Eden
3014Sweet Bye and Bye
3015From Greenland's Icy Mountains
3016Portuguese Hymn

Honor Rolls

New, For SaleHonor Rolls
4001You're Just in Love
4002Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out the Barrel)
4003Stars and Stripes Forever
4004Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
4005Fur Elise
4006Pennsylvania Polka
4007Maple Leaf Rag
4009Star Wars Theme, Cantina Theme
4010Entry of the Gladiators
4011Jingle Bells, Jolly Old …, Here Comes Santa, Up
4012L'Arlesienne, Minuetto
4013L'Arlesienne, Adagietto
4014Toccata from Bach's Toccata and Fugue
4015Baby Face, Peg O' My Heart
4016Yes Sir, That's My Baby
4017St. Louis Blues
4018O Holy Night
4019L'Arlesienne, Intermezzo
4020Silent Night, Away in a Manger, The First Noel
4021Puttin' on the Ritz
4022In the Mood
4023Yesterday, Michelle
4024Toreador Song and March
4025You're a Grand Old Flag
4026Alexander's Ragtime Band
4027By the Beautiful Sea
4028How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm
4029Can-Can (Infernal Galop - Orpheus in Underworld)
4030Grand March, Aida
4031I Like My Old Home Town
4032La Cinquantaine
4033Armed Forces Medley
4034Nutcracker Suite I (Overture, March)
4035Nutcracker Suite II (Spanish, Arabian, Chinese)
4036Nutcracker Suite III (Russian Dance, Coda)
4037Nutcracker Suite IV (Dance of the Reed Flutes)


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