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Because a complete tune list is available for the Seraphone, it is listed here separately. However, the music is interchangeable with the Celestina, etc.

Celestina, etc.
Tuning Scales
Formatpaper roll
Formatpaper band
Drivefriction (with band adapter)
Size5.45 inch
Holes per inch4.00

Seraphone tune list

A complete scan of a 1900/1901 Seraphone tune list is available.1)


Sacred Music (1+)

Please observe that in Sacred Music the same number occurs several times. The tune is in these cases always the same and the title indicates the leading hymns to which it is sung.2)

1Abide with me
2Above the starry spheres
2Awake and sing the song
2Come Holy Spirit come
2Come to the morning prayer
2O praise our God to-day
2Oh what if we are Christ's
2The ancient law departs
2To bless thy chosen race
3A few more years shall roll
4All people that on earth do dwell
4Be present at our table Lord
4Before Jehovah's awful throne
4Lo! round the throne
4O' King of Kings
4We thank thee Lord
5All the way my Saviour leads
6All to Christ I owe
7Almighty Father hear our cry
7Come Holy Ghost descend from
7My God and is thy table spread
7O God of love, O King of peace
7When I survey the wondrous
8Almighty God whose only Son
8Come Holy Ghost Creator Blest
8Jesus the very thought is sweet
8Jesus thou Wounded Lamb of God
8New every morning is the love
8O happy day that fixed my choice
8O Lord how joyful 'tis to see
8O Lord within thy sacred gates
8O thou who camest from above
8Spirit of mercy, truth and love
9All hail the power
10Almost persuaded
12Art thou weary
13Awake my soul stretch every nerve
13Hosanna raise the pealing hymn
13Lift up your head ye gates of brass
13Sing we the song of those who stand
13When God of old came down
13While shepherds watched
15Beautiful Zion
16Beulah Land
17Blest day of God how calm how
17When Jesus left his Father's Throne
18Bringing in the Sheaves
19Bright the vision that delighted
19Praise the Lord ye heavens adore
20By night on wild Judea's plain
21Christians awake
22Christ Whose glory fills the skies
24Come ye thankful people come
24Pleasant are thy courts above
25Come to the Saviour
26Come ye disconsolate
27Come unto me you weary
27There's a friend for little children
28Dare to be a Daniel
29Draw me nearer
30Every day and hour
31Father again in Jesus name we
31Not worthy Lord to gather
31Weary of earth
32Flee as a bird
33Fountain of mercy God of love
33How are thy servants blessed
33Lord in the day thou art about
34From Greenland's icy mountains
35God save the Queen
36God moves in a mysterious way
36O' Holy Spirit Lord of Grace
36The Heavenly Child in stature grows
36The year is gone beyond recall
36There is a name I love to hear
37God the all terrible King who
38Go bury thy sorrow
39Lord speak to me that I may speak
40Good King Wenceslas
41Gospel bells are ringing
42Great God what do I see and hear
44Hallelujah! tis done
45Hark! hark my soul
46Hark! the herald angels sing
47Hark! hark what news
48Hark! the glad sound the Saviour
48I sing the almighty power of God
48In token that thou shalt not fear
48When all thy mercies, O my God
49He leadeth me
50He will hide me
51Hold the Fort
52Home at last
53I am praying for you
54I love to tell the story
55I hear all along the street
56I saw three ships
57I'll stand by until the morning
58I need thee every hour
59I want to he an angel
60Is there room for Mary there
61I've found a friend
62Jesus loves even me
63Jesus lover of my soul
64Jesus of Nazareth
65Jesus loves me this I know
66Jesus Christ is risen to-day
67Jerusalem the Golden
68Just as I am
69Knocking, knocking
70Lead kindly light
71Let the lower lights
72Lo! he comes with clouds descending
73My Redeemer
74Must Jesus bear the cross alone
75Must I go and empty handed
76Nearer my God to thee
77Near the Cross
78Ninety and Nine
79Nothing but leaves
80O come all ye faithful
81O come Redeemer
82O' Christ Redeemer
83Of the Father's
84O happy band of Pilgrims
85Oh so bright
86Oh to be nothing
87Only an armour bearer
88Onward Christian Soldiers
89On the waters dark and drear
89To thy temple I repair
90Our Blest Redeemer
91Pass me not O gentle
92Peace be still
93Pilgrims of the night
94Precious name of Jesus
95Precious promise God
96Pull for the shore
97Repeat the story o'er and o'er
98Rescue the perishing
99Go labour on spend and be spent
99Rest for the weary
100Rifted Rock
101Ring the bells of heaven
102Ring those charming bells
103Rock of ages
104Safe in the arms of Jesus
105Safe within the vale
106Scatter seeds of kindness
107Shall we meet beyond
108Sound the loud timbrel
109Sun of my soul thou Saviour dear
110Sweet bye-and-bye
111Sweet hour of prayer
112Sweeping through the gates
113Tell me the old old story
114Tempted and tried
115The gates ajar
116The blood of the lamb
117The home over there
118The last wish
119There is a green hill far away
120There is a fountain
121Thy will be done
122'Tis a goodly pleasant land
123The little church in the valley
124Trusting Jesus that is all
125Waiting and watching for me
126Waiting by the river
127Watchman tell us of the night
128Weary Gleaner
129We shall meet beyond the river
130We'll work till Jesus comes
131What a friend we have in Jesus
132What must it be to be there
133What shall the harvest be
134When Mother's of Salem
135When peace like a river
136Where is my boy to-night
137Whiter than snow
138Why that look of sadness
139Will Jesus find us watching
140Wonderful Words of Life
141Work for the night is coming
142Ora pro nobis (Pray for us)
143Is my name written there

Popular Airs (501+)

500A boy's best Friend is his mother
501Across the bridge
502After the Opera
503A flower from mother's grave
504A life on the ocean wave
505A man's a man for a' that
506Annie Rooney
507Annie Laurie
508A rolling stone gathers no moss
509A rosy crown
510Ask a P'liceman
511Auld Lang Syne
512Away in early day
513Bailiff's Daughter of Islington
515Banks of Allen Water
516Barbara Allen
517Bay of Biscay
518Beautiful dreamer
519Beautiful Isle of the sea
520Believe me if all those endearing
521Birds will come again
522Black eyed Susan
523Blue Alsatian mountains
524Blue Bells of Scotland
525Bogie Man
526Bonnie Doon
527Bonnie Dundee
528Bonnie Prince Charlie
529Britannia's Sons
530Caller Herrin
531Call me back again
532Campbells are coming
533Captain Jinks
5343)Children's Voices
535Climbing up the golden stairs
536Come lasses and lads
537Come where my love
538Comin' through the rye
540Cradle's empty baby's gone
541Cruiskeen Lawn
542Cuckoo Song
543Dancing in the barn
544Dear little Shamrock
545Death of Nelson
546Don't forget your loving mother
547Down by the river side I strayed
548Dreaming of mother's angel face
549Drink up boys
550Eilleen Allanna
552Erin is my country
553Farewell my trim built wherry
554For you
555Four jolly smiths
556Friar of orders grey
557Gaily the troubadour
558Gathering shells by the sea shore
559Gilhooley's Supper Party
560Gipsy Warning
561God bless the Prince of Wales
562Grace Darling
563Good-bye sweetheart good-bye
564Good night but not good bye
565Grandfather's Clock
566Grandmother's Clock
567Hard times come again no more
568Hearts of Oak
569Hi. Tiddley. Hi. Ti.
570Home Sweet Home
572Hush-a-bye baby
573I cannot sing the old songs
574I'll meet her when the sun
575In the gloaming
576In the morning by the bright
577I owe ten shillings to O'Grady
578Irish Washerwoman
579Jack's Yarn
580Jenny the maid of Kildare
581Jessie the flower of Dumblane
582Jock O' Hazeldeane
583Johnny Jones and his sister Sue
584Thy Face
584Thy Face
585Kate Kearney
586Katie's Letters
587Kathleen Mavourneen
588Kerry Dance
591Kinloch of Kinloch
592Land O' the Leal
593Lanigan's Ball
594Lass O'Gowrie
595Last Rose of Summer
596Let Erin remember
597Listen to the mocking bird
598Little blue eyes are you waiting
599Logie O Buchan
600Love among the roses
601Love's golden dream
602Love's old sweet song
603Love's young dream
604Maggie's Secret
605Marching through Georgia
606Marseillaise Hymn
607Mary Ann I'll tell your Ma
608Mary of Argyle
609Meeting of the Waters
610Meet me by moonlight
611Men of Harlech
612Minstrel Boy
613Molly Darling
614Mulligan Guards
615My bonnie sweet lassie
616My Nellie's Blue Eyes
617My pretty Jane
618My pretty red rose
619Miner's Dream of Home
620Nancy Lee
621Near the little cottage door
622Nelly Gray
623Oft' in the stilly night
624O dem golden slippers
625O George tell them to stop
626O you Girls
627O you little darling
628O what a surprise
629Old folks at home
630Old Lace
631Old Log Cabin
632On Guard
633Only a Pansy Blossom
634Only as far as the gate
635Only to see her face again
636Our Armonic Club
637Our Jack's come home
638Our torchlight parade
639Over the garden wall
640Pat Malloy
642Poor old slave
643Pretty as a picture
644Pretty little dark blue eyes
645Pretty pond lilies
646Rally round the flag
647Robin Adair
648Rocked in the cradle of the deep
649Rock me to sleep mother
650Rory O'More
651Ru1e Britannia
653Salvation Army
654Savourneen Deelish
655Scotch lassie Jean
656Scots wha hae
657Seeing Nellie home
658She wore a wreath of roses
659Silver Threads
660Sister Mary walked liked that
661Soldier's farewell
662Solid for Mulhooley
663Somebody's coming
664Somebody whispered so sweetly
665Some Day
666Star spangled banner
667Stick to your mother Tom
668Strangers yet
669St. Patrick's Day
670Sublime was the warning
671Sweet Belle Mahone
672Sweethearts Song
673Sweet Spirit hear my prayer
674Sweet Violets
675Swinging in the Lane
676Take this letter to my mother
677Tara's Harp
678The anchor's weighed
679The King's Own
680Coster's Serenade
681The bold McIntyres
682The day when you'll forget me
683The exile of Erin
684The Golden Wedding
685The Harbour Lights
686The jolly young waterman
687The lass that loves a sailor
688The lea rig
689The letters we carved
690The little German Home
691The little spring beside my cabin
692The Maid of the Mill
693Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay
694The Midshipmite
695The Mistletoe Bough
696Then you wink the other eye
697The Pilgrim of love
698The Pilot
699There's a letter in the candle
700There's nae luck
701The ring my mother wore
702There was a jolly miller
703The ship that never returned
704The soldier's tear
705The Tar's farewell
706The Thorn
707The Token
708The Village Blacksmith
709The Wanderer
710The year that's awa'
711The yellow haired laddie
712They all love Jack
713'Tis home where the heart is
714Those evening bells
715Tommy make room
716Tom Bowling
717Tramp, Tramp
718True till death
719Twickenham Ferry
720Under the Moonlight
721Vicar of Bray
722Violet from mother's grave
723Wait till the clouds roll by
724Waiting to hear the Verdict
725Wapping old stairs
726Watch on the Rhine
727Wearing of the green
728We'd better bide a wee
729Weel may the keel row
730We met 'twas in a crowd
731We never speak as we pass by
732What are the wild waves saying
733When the corn is waving
734When the dewdrops kiss the roses
735When the robins nest again
736When the swallows
737When you and I were young
738Where the lily bells grow
739White Wings
740Widow Machree
741Within a mile of Edinboro' Town
742Won't you tell me why Robin
743Young may moon
744Young man taken in and done for
745Call me thine own
746Alice where art thou
747Boy's together
748Friends were saying good bye
749He was whistling
751Ho! Jolly Jenkin
752In old Madrid
753Maggie Murphy's Home
754My sweetheart when a boy
755Sailing merrily home
756The song that reached my heart
757Sich a nice man too
758Who's that calling so sweet
759Wot Cher
760I'll take you home again Kathleen
761The man who broke the bank
762Twiggy Voo
763The 7th. Royal Fusiliers
764The Rowdy Dowdy Boys
765Admiral's Broom
766I'll give him Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay
767My old Dutch
768Three little maids from school (The Mikado)
769The future Mrs. 'Awkins
770Daisy Bell
771Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow wow
772After the Bail
773Half past nine
774Miner's Return
775Oh Mr Porter
776Little Tommy Tompkins
777The Soldier's Letter
778He dunno w'ere 'e are
780Strolling round the town
781All have a drink with me
782When the old Dun Cow caught fire
783Linger longer Lucy
784Molly Riley O!
785The ship I love
786Alabama Coon
787Down the road
789Two little girls in blue
790At Trinity Church
791Tommy Atkins
792Jack Jones
795Dandy Colored Coon
796Sunshine above
797It ain't all lavender
798All in a Row
799And her golden hair
800They are the best friends of all
801Dorothy Dean
802Blind Irish Girl
803India's Reply
804When the Summer comes again
805Sweet Marie
806Great big Wheel
808The Bus
809Say Au Revoir
810Salute my bicycle
811Louisiana Loo
812Glorious Beer
813For me, for me
814She's too good for me
815Little Teddy Brown
816Its a Great Big Shame
817Dear Hearts
818Sweet Little Rosie Posie
819Sunshine of Paradise Alley
820The Coster's Sister
821She was one of the early birds
822I ain't a going to tell
823Sing us one of those Irish Songs
824What will your answer be
825Now we shan't be long
826They bunged him into a cab
828Let us be Sweethearts
829Sweetheart May
830Cavalleria Rusticana (Intermezzo)
831Darling Mabel
832The goose that laid the golden Eggs
833Benches in the Park
834At my time of life
835Only one girl in the world for me
836Jack's the boy
837The Empty Chair
838A British Toast (The Queen, God bless Her)
839Strolling in the Garden
840Those Wedding Bells
841While London's fast asleep
842The Idler
843Whisper and I shall hear
844The Golden Dustman
845The song of the Thrush
846Big Ben struck one
847Little Dolly Daydream
848Queen of the Earth
849When you wake up
850Our Tyke
851Our Lodger
852I'm not Particular
853I love my love
855You'll 'ave to 'ave 'em
856Bid me Good-bye
857I can't think of nothing else
858As your Hair grows Whiter
859There'll come a time
860Let 'em all come
861The Dear Homeland
862Tis hard to say good-bye
863For old times sake
864Shall I be an Angel
865Rosie O'Grady
866Chin, Chin Chinaman
867Good-bye and God bless you Jack
868The Duty
869Soldiers in the Park
870All along the Rails
871Just one Girl
872She is the Belle of New York
873When the Stars
874The Midnight Son

Dance Music

Waltzes (2001+)

2002Blue Danube
2003Bright Eyes
2007Dream Faces
2008Ehren on the Rhine
2012Fairy Voices
2014First Kiss
2016Gipsy Baron
2021Il Bacio
2022Katie Connor
2023La Gitana
2024Les Roses
2025Les Sirenes
2026Les Souires
2027Little Beauty
2028Little Sailors
2030Lovers' Whispers
2031Love's Dreamland
2032Merry War
2037My Queen
2039Nanon (Genée)
2041Only a Pansy Blossom
2042See Saw
2043Snowy Breakers
2044Southern Breeze
2047Tonjours au Jamais
2048Weiner Blut
2049Wine, Women and Song
2050Little Gleaners
2052Yeoman of the Guard
2053I. Zingari
2054Carmen (up to Date)
2055Garden of Sleep
2058Home Flowers
2059La Cigale
2060La Creole
2063The Gondoliers

Polkas & Barn Dances (2500+)

2500Alice Polka
2502Bonne Bouche
2503Bon Bon
2504Bon Ton
2508First Love
2510Happy Times
2511Holly Bush
2512Jenny Lind
2513Jolly Dogs
2514King Pippin
2516Les Cloches de Corneville
2517La Cracoviana
2519Seaside Belle
2521The Young Shaver
2522Tout a la Joie
2523Pick me up Polka
2524See me dance Polka
2525Copenhagen Polka March
2527Lights o' London Polka
2528Berlin Polka
3062Country Barn Dance
3064Happy Darkie's Barn Dance

Schottisches (2700+)

2700Bonnie Louise
2702Merry Thoughts
2703Mountain Bell
2705Keel Row
2708Silver Star
2709Where the lily bells grow
2710Tit for Tat Schottische
2711Tam O'Shanter Schottische
2712Impudence Schottische

Galops (2800+)

2803Grand Duchesse
2805Pins and Needles
2806Prince Imperial
2809Six Button Kid
2810W'st, W'st

Marches &c. (2900+)

2900Beatrice Gavotte
2901Boccaccio March
2902Bonaparte's March
2903Brian's Borns March
2904Cleveland's Wedding March
2905Duppler Schanzen
2906Fatinitza March
2907General Smith's March
2908Hail to the Chief
2909March of the Zouaves
2910Money Musk
2911Norma March
2912Radetzky March
2913Silver Lake Varsovianna
2914Spanish Retreat
2915Sir Roger de Cover1ey
2916The Celebrated Varsovianna
2917Boulanger March
2918Jubilee Gavotte
2919Vernal Flowers Gavotte
2920The Parade March

Mazurkas &c (2950+)

2950Blue Bird Polka Redowa
2952Les Soupirs Redowas
2953Les Traineanx
2955Olga Mazurka
2956Orange Blossom Mazurka
2958White Mazurka
2959Ideal Mazurka

Hornpipes, Jigs & Reels (3000+)

3000Arkansas Traveller
3001Basket of Oysters
3002Bonnie Dundee
3004British Grenadiers
3005Camptown Hornpipe
3006Cincinnati Hornpipe
3007Clyde side Lasses
3008Coleen Dhas Dhown
3009College Hornpipe
3010Devil's Dream
3011Double Clog Dance
3012Draw the Sword Scotland
3013Dundee Hornpipe
3014Durang's Hornpipe
3015Father O' Flynn
3016Fisher's Hornpipe
3017Five mile chase
3018Fred Wilson's Clog Dance
3019Garry Owen
3020Gillie Callum
3021Girl I left behind me
3022Good for the tongue
3023Green grow the rushes
3024Haste to the Wedding
3025Hop Jig
3026Hull's Victory
3027Irish Washerwoman
3028Kendall's Hornpipe
3029Lady Walpole's Reel
3030Lamplighter's Hornpipe
3031Larry O'Gaff
3032Maid in the pump room
3033Miss McLeod's Reel
3034My love is but a lassie yet
3035Nell Flaherty's Drake
3037Old Irish Jig
3038Old Irish Reel
3039Paddy O'Rafferty
3040Paddy Whack
3041Pas de Quatre (Faust up to date)
3042Polly put the kettle on
3043Rickett's Hornpipe
3044Slip Jig
3045Smith's Hornpipe
3046Soldier's Joy
3047Speed the Plough
3048Strathspey, Cameron's got his wife
3049Strathspey, Lady Baird
3050The Coquette
3051The Plough Boy
3052The Priest and his boots
3053The Tempest
3054The Quaker's Wife
3055The Rout
3057Vinton's Hornpipe
3058We won't go home till morning
3059White Cockade
3060What call have you to me Ned
3061Wood up Quickstep
3063Sailors Hornpipe


Sacred & Classical

51Angels ever bright and fair
57He shall feed his flocks
58How beautiful upon the mountains
70See the conquering hero comes
March from “Judas Maccabæus”
71The Star of Bethlehem
73The Holy City
304Abide with me (4 verses with interludes)
305Nearer my God to Thee (4 verses with interludes)
306Sweet bye and bye (4 verses with interludes)
307What shall the harvest be? (3 verses with interludes)
308Abide with me
Onward Christian Soldiers
Jerusalem the Golden
Lead Kindly Light
Hark! Hark! my soul
Sun of my Soul
309Old Hundred
Luther's judgement Hymn
From Greenland's icy
Spanish Hymn
Pleyel's Hymn
312aGospel Bells
Shall we meet
Go! bury thy sorrow
Whiter than snow
Scatter seeds
Precious Name
312All Hail the power
Rock of Ages
Watchman tell us of the night
Lo! He Comes with Clouds
God save the Queen

313All the way my Saviour
He will hide me
I want to be an angel
Jesus loves even me
Must Jesus bear the cross
314Hark! the herald
Christians awake
O come all ye faithful
While shepherds watched
Hark! hark! what news
316Only an armour bearer
Waiting and Watching
We shall meet beyond
Waiting by the river
The morning light
318Easter Hymn
310Weary Gleaner
Beulah Land
I've found a friend
There is a fountain
Pass me not
We'll work till Jesus
St. Martin's
Russian Hymn
Italian Hymn
321Flee as a bird
Come ye disconsolate
I've been redeemed
The little Church
Every day and hour
He leadeth me
323Old Hundred
Mount of Olives
St. Andrew's
325St. Stephen's
327St. Michael
Angels' Hymn
328The last Wish
Thy will be done
Why that look of sadness
329Adeste Fideles
330Ninety and nine (5 verses)
331Only an armour bearer (4 Verses)
332Sweeping through the gates (5 Verses)
333Turn back Pharaoh's army
Swing low, sweet chariot
Ring those charming bells
Dare to be a Daniel
334Come to the Saviour
Knocking, knocking
Near the cross
Nothing but leaves
Tempted and tried
When Jesus comes
335Sweet hour of prayer (3 Verses)
Ring the bells of Heaven (3 Verses)
336The home over there (3 Verses)
All the way my Saviour leads (3 Verses)
337Safe in the arms of Jesus (3 Verses)
Pull for the shore (3 Verses)
338Where is my boy to-night (4 Verses)
Rescue the perishing (4 Verses)
339Trusting Jesus (4 Verses)
Work for the night is coming (3 Verses)
340I need Thee every hour (4 Verses)
Let the lower lights (3 Verses)
341Jesus lover of my soul (4 Verses)
Rock of ages (3 Verses)
342Hallelujah! 'tis done (4 Verses)
Repeat the story (3 Verses)
343Precious Promise (4 Verses with interludes)
344What a friend (4 Verses with interludes)
345Ave Verum
Adeste Fideles
Venite Adoremus
Veni sancta Spiritus
348Sound the loud timbrel
By night on wild Judea's
There is a green hill
Oh! so bright
When Mothers of Salem
Sound the battle cry
Vesper Hymn

351Beautiful Zion
Almost persuaded
Draw me nearer
I am praying for you Rest for the weary
352I love to tell the story
Jesus loves me this I know
All to Christ I owe
The rifted rock
Just as I am
Will Jesus find us watching
Arise and Shine
The Gospel Ship is sailing
Oh! to be nothing
Once for all
The shining shore
354Hebron (4 Verses with interludes)
355Wonderful words of Life (4 Verses)
356All hail the power of Jesus' name (4 Verses)
357Christians awake (3 Verses)
358Hallelujah Chorus
360Dead March in Saul
361Hold the fort (4 Verses)
Come to the Saviour (3 Verses)
362Ring the bells of heaven (3 Verses)
Tell me the old old story (4 Verses)
366Home at last
When peace like a river
'Tis a goodly pleasant land
Only a step to Jesus
Safe within the Vale
367O what a Saviour
Must I go and empty-handed
I have read of a beautiful city
In the fadeless spring time
I'll stand by you
371The Wedding MarchMendelssohn
372Tannhauser MarchWagner
373Stabat Mater (Cujus Animam)Rossini
374The Lost ChordSullivan
377Ave MariaGounod


52Awake, Æolian Lyre
53Cherry Ripe
55Hail smiling morn
56Hark I the lark
58Where the bee sucks
69Winds gently whisper

Popular Airs

54Departed days
59Larboard watch-ahoy!
60Little maid of Arcadee
61Pleasures of home
62Sally in our alley
63Spring delights are now returning
64The clang of the Wooden Shoon
65The Fairies
66The Old Brigade
67The Scout
401Robin Adair
Within a mile of Edinboro town
Coming through the rye
The yellow-haired laddie
Jessie the flower of Dumblane
402Only a pansy blossom
Wait till the clouds roll by
Mollie Darling
403Swanee river4)
My old Kentucky home
Massa's in the cold, cold ground
Old dog Tray
404In the morning by the bright light
Oh! dem golden slippers
Dancing in the barn
Razors in the air
405When the robins nest again
The letters we carved
Only to see her face again
There's a letter in the candle
We never speak as we pass by
406Sweet Violets
Cuckoo song
Fritz's Lullaby
The little German home across the sea
407Pretty as a picture
Oh! you little darling
Only as far as the gate
Whip-poor-Will's song
408The bold McIntyres
Paddy Duffy's cart
The old feather bed
I never drink behind the bar
The pitcher of beer
409Babies on our block
The Skidmore guards
The Skids are out to-day
South fifth avenue
410Grandfather's clock
Near the little cottage door
In the gloaming
Old log cabin in the lane
411Tara's harp
Pat Malloy
Eilleen Allana
Kathleen Mavourneen
412Widow Machree
Dear little Shamrock
Barney McCoy
Sweet Belle Mahone
The Exile of Erin
413Listen to the mocking bird
Last rose of summer
Blue bells of Scotland
Auld Lang Syne
414Climbing up de golden stairs
Keep in de middle ob de road
Oh! dem golden slippers
In the morning by the bright
415When the robins nest again
Sweet Violets
Only a Pansy blossom
416aSalvation Army
Charleston Blues
Full Moon Union
Market on Saturday Night
417My pretty red rose
Come where my love lies dreaming
Swinging in the lane
Seeing Nellie home
418Over the garden wall
The Midshipmite
The anchor's weighed
The Gipsy's Warning
419Watch on the Rhine (5 Verses)
420Gathering shells by the sea-shore
When you and I were young
Gipsy's warning
Cherry ripe
The clang of the wooden shoon
The Tar's farewell
422Bonnie Doon
Bonnie Dundee
Corn rigs are bonnie
Scots wha hae
Campbells are coming
423St. Patrick's Day
Rory O' More
Wearing of the green
Lanigan's ball
Tramp, tramp
424There's nae luck
Mary of Argyle
My bonnie sweet lassie
Kinloch of Kinloch
Tara's harp
425Home sweet home
Annie Laurie
Nelly Gray
Old folks at home
She wore a wreath of roses
426Tommy make room
Mary Ann I'll tell your Ma
Champagne Charley
Oh! George tell them to stop
Over the garden wall
427Men of Harlech
Minstrel boy
Rule Britannia
God bless the Prince of Wales
God save the Queen
428I cannot sing the old songs
Children's voices
Birds will come again
Twickenham Ferry
Kate Kearney
Come where my love lies dreaming
Sally in our alley
430Blue Alsatian mountains
Some day
Maggie's secret
Four jolly smiths
431The Meeting of the waters
Oft in the stilly night
Believe me, if all those endearing
The bloom is on the rye
432Pretty little dark blue eyes
When the corn is waving
A boy's best friend is his mother
A rolling stone gathers no moss
433Last rose of summer
Sweet bye-and-bye
Home, sweet home
Old folks at home
434John Anderson my Jo
Jock O' Hazeldean
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Scotch Lassie Jean
435Star spangled banner
Rally round the Flag
Marching through Georgia
Tramp, tramp
436'Tis home where
Britannia's sons
Under the moonlight
Erin is my country
437Hail! Columbia
Red, white and blue
Tenting to-night
My Maryland
438Old black Joe
Massa's in the cold
Poor old slave
Carry me back
439I'll await my love
Jennie, the maid of Kildare
My Nellie's blue eyes
I'll meet her when the sun
440The boodle
Hullo! baby
I'm a dude
There's a new coon in town
441Stick to your mother Tom
Pretty pond lilies
Good night but not good-bye
Hush-a-bye, baby
442Cradle's empty, baby's gone
A flower from mother's grave
Dreaming of mother's angel face
Old fashioned photograph
443Bay of Biscay
Tom Bowling
The Anchor's weighed
Vicar of Bray
444Nancy Lee
The Danube river
Drink to me only with thine eyes
Old oaken bucket
445Beautiful Dreamer
Trembling lips
Over among the roses
After the Opera
446Take me back to home
Where the lily-bells grow
Call me back again
Katy's Letter
447I'm so lonely
Over the hill to the poor-house
Violet from mother's grave
Sweet spirit hear my prayer
448Jamie True
Faded coat of blue
When the roses leave your cheek
Amber tresses tied in blue
449Operatic and Popular Medley
450Stick to your mother Tom (3 Verses)
456Grandmother's clock
The old wooden rocker
Somebody's coming
When the swallows
457A life on the ocean wave
Larboard watch ahoy
461Wait till the clouds roll by
463Should he upbraid
The Poacher
Cherry ripe
465Departed days
Fair Havard
Pleasures of home
466Read the answer in the stars
Oh! Mamma
Tic, tac
467The soldier boy's canteen
School days
468Isle of Beauty
Over the summer sea
How can I leave thee?
Spring delights are now returning
471The Boatie rows
The Lea-rig
Willie brewed a peck o'maut
Logie O'Buchan
Jamie's on the stormy sea
472Under the Daises
When the dew-drops kiss the roses
Little blue eyes are you waiting
My bonnie is over the ocean
473Hail smiling morn
How beautiful upon the mountains
475Down by the river-side I stray
Don't forget the old folks
The little spring beside my cabin home
476Awake, Æolian Lyre
Winds gently whisper
477The fairies
Away in early day
Soldier's farewell
478Rocked in the cradle of the deep
I am waiting, Essie, dear
The day when you'll forget me
Going from the cotton fields
479Don't forget your loving mother
I cannot sing the old songs
Rock me to sleep mother
On the rocks of Aberdeen
480Branigan's band
Old Rosin the Beau
When the band begins to play
Life let us cherish
482Auld Robin Gray
My ain fireside
Lass o' Gowrie
Blue Bonnets over the Border
483Where the bee sucks
The Bailiff's daughter of Islington
Barbara Allen
Hearts of Oak
484Beautiful Isle of the sea
Take this letter to my mother
The ring my mother wore
Old arm chair
Hard times come again no more
485What are the wild waves saying
Call me thine own
A rosy crown
486Captain Jinks
Mulligan Guards
Our torchlight Parade
Solid for Mulhooley
488The mistletoe bough (3 Verses)
4001Sailing! Sailing! (3 Verses)
4002The Midshipmite (3 Verses)
4003We'd Better bide a wee
Won't you tell me why robin
Little maid of Arcadee
Kerry Dance
4004Death of Nelson
The Thorn
4005Home sweet Home (Variations)
Last rose of summer (Variations)
Mocking bird
4006Jack's Yarn
Our Jack's come home
4008The old brigade
The Scout
4009Strangers yet
Good bye, Sweetheart, goodbye
4037They're all very fine and large (5 Verses)
45015)White Wing (3 Verses)
5402Across the Bridge (3 Verses)
5403Maggie Murphy's home
The Song that reached my heart
The bogie man
Hi Tiddley Hi Ti
5417MonaS. Adams
5418They are the best Friends of all
5419The Soldiers of the Queen
5420Sons of the Sea

Operatic Airs

The heart bowed down
I dreamt that I dwelt
Then you'll remember me
Chorus, Finale
Scenes that are brightest
There is a flower that bloometh
In happy moments, day by day
Yes! let me like a soldier fall

502Martha, lost proscribed
Aida, Triumphal march
Chimes of Normandy, On billows rocking
Chimes of Normandy, When he bargains Chorus
Prithee, pretty Maiden
The magnet and the churn
Quintette, I hear the soft note
When I first put this uniform on
A Japanese young man
504Trovatore, Back to our Mountains
Il Trovatore, Miserere
Traviata, Brindisi
Traviata, Parigi o carn
Lucretia Borgia, I1 Segrette
505Enchantress, Ever be happy
Fra Diavolo, On yonder rock
Don Giovanni, List, 'twill be well with thee
Der Freischutz, Hunters chorus
506Lucia, Oh. haste crimson morn
Sonnambula, Ah! perché
Rigoletto, La donna é Mobille
Cinderella, Non pui Mesta
507Billie Tailor—All on account of Eliza
Billie Tailor—Chorus of Charity Girls
Billie Tailor—Sailors Hornpipe
Evangeline—The wind is Sou-Sou-East
Evangeline—Would you know the way
Evangeline—I'm feeling
508La Mascotte—Drinking song
La Mascotte—Coaching Chorus
Olivette—Bob up serenely
Olivette—Torpedo and the whale
509Madame Angot—Waltz song
Madame Angot—Legend
Madame Angot—Conspirators chorus
Grande Duchesse—Sabre song
Grande Duchesse—Drinking song
When the song is sweetly sounding
Chorus—Pledge us do
Waltz Song
Closing Chorus
In Proud Palermo
Flower Duet
Chorus—From Allah's Throne

All who for servants
Legend of the Bells
With joy my heart
Silent Heroes
We sail the ocean
Little Buttercup
I am the Captain
Merry maiden

He is an Englishman
Bell Trio
A maiden fair
Lets give three cheers

None shall part us
Into Parliament
When Britain really ruled
O, many a man
He who shies

I am a Pirate King
Policeman's song
Mabel's Waltz song
Weather Chorus
Hail Poetry
Most politely
A lady fair
Whom thou hast chained
Expressive glances

Daughter of the regiment
Search thro' the wide world
Salut a la France
Pirates of Penzance—O dry the glistening tear
Now the twilight
Drinking song
Hammock song

Duet—The flowers that bloom
Madrigal—Brightly dawns our wedding day
Finale—For he's gone and married Yum Yum

The yacht and the Brig
Waltz song

Finale—Act I
Bruderlein und Schwesterlein
Speil ich die Unschuld vom Lande

See how the fates
Here's a how-de-do
There's beauty in the bellow of the blast

Hither now
O'er her cheek
Porter song

526Little Tycoon
Love comes like a summer sigh
We've a scheme
Dark tho' my fate may be
Song—Manners and Morals
Duet—Who was it blessed our love
March song
When love is young
Birds of a Feather
530La Vie pour le Czaar (selections)

Dance Music

601Blue Danube Waltz
Wine, Women and Song Waltz
Les Roses
602Evangeline Waltz
Mignonette Waltz
Bright Eyes Waltz
Home Waltz
603Les Sirenes Waltz
Toujour on Jamais Waltz
First Kiss Waltz
604Bric à Brac Polka
Jenny Lind Polka
King Pippin Polka
Kutschka Polka
605Equestrian Polka
First Love Polka
La Cracoviana Polka
Tout a la joie Polka
Potpourri Polka
606Evangeline Schottische
Rochester Schottische
National Schottische
Where the lily bells grow
607Fishers Hornpipe
Durang's Hornpipe
Arkansas Traveller
Garry Owen
Devil's Dream
Speed the plough
Irish Washerwoman
609Bocaccio March
Duppler Schanzen March
Fatinitza March
610White Cockade
Bonnie Dundee
Haste to the wedding
Hull's Victory
Soldier's Joy
Dundee Hornpipe
Miss McLeod's Reel
611Jolly Cotillon
612W'st W'st Galop
Racquet Galop
Pins and Needles Galop
Climax Galop
613My Queen Waltz
Dream Faces Waltz
Ehren on the Rhine Waltz
614See Saw Waltz
615Sweetheart Waltz
616Les Cloches de Corneville Polka
Bonne Bouche Polka
617Bon bon Polka
Hattie Polka
618Sir Roger de Coverley
619Lover's Whisper Waltz
620Merry Thoughts Schottische
Seaside Belle Polka
621Nanon WaltzGenée
622Gasperone WaltzMillocker
623Blue Bird Polka Redowa
Les Traineaux Redowa
Musidora Redowa
Suavita Redowa
624Guards WaltzGodfrey
625Equestrian Galop
Impromptu Galop
Six Button Kid Galop
Bonnie Louise Schottische
626Harlequin Waltz
627Radetzky March
628Robinson Schottische
629Blue Danube Waltz
630Louise Waltz
631Chilperic Quadrille
632Caledonians Quadrille
633Highland Schottische
634White Mazurka
635March of the Zouaves
636Hypatia Waltz
637Inventories Waltz
638Bon Ton Polka
639Virginia Reel
640Fairy Voices Waltz
641Les Soupir's RedowaD'Albert
642College Hornpipe
Cincinnati Hornpipe
Rickett's Hornpipe
Smith's Hornpipe
The Coquette
The Tempest
Good for the tongue
643Mikado Lancers Quadrille
644Money Musk
645Cornflower Waltz
Little Beauty Waltz
646The rout
Larry O'Gaff
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Kendall's Hornpipe
Vinton's Hornpipe
Lady Walpole's reel
Fred Wilson's clog dance
647Waltz Quadrille
648Olga Mazurka
Orange Blossom Mazurka
649Silver Lake Varsovianna
The Celebrated Varsovianna
650Jolly Dogs Polka
651My Queen Waltz
652Hail to the Chief
Bonaparte's March
Spanish Retreat
653Gipsy Baron Waltz
654Girl I left behind me
My love is but a lassie yet
Draw the sword Scotland
Camptown Hornpipe
Double clog dance
Maid in the pump room
655Sultan's Polka
Alice Polka
656Adieu Waltz
657Prince Imperial Galop
Roulette Galop
658General Smith's March
Norma March
Wood up Quickstep
659Southern Breeze Waltz
660Cleveland's Wedding March
664Mikado Waltz
666Estudiantina Waltz
667King Pippin Polka
668Fedora Waltz
670Songs of the day Medley
671Myosotis Waltz
672Little Sailor's Waltz
673Swinging Waltz
674Holly Bush Polka
675“Chic” Polka
676Electric Galop
677Clytie Waltz
678Beatrice Gavotte
679Mountain Bell Schottische
680Les Traineaux Mazurka
682Lancers Quadrille
684Olive Waltz
687Cynisca Waltz
1501Three little maids from school (Mikado)
1601Mabel Waltz
1602Dorothy Waltz
1603Officer's Waltz
1604Sailors' Hornpipe
1605Happy-go-lucky Polka
1606Lights o' London Polka
1607The Parade MarchStrauss
1608The Bengal Riots Galop
1609The Lights o' London QuadC. Coote
1610Cloches de Corneville QuadC. Coote
1611Washington Post March

Musical Drills

Bar Bells
Indian Clubs
The Maze

Welsh Airs

801Taliesin's Prophecy
All thro' the Night
802The Ash Grove
Adieu to dear Cambria
803Megan's fair Daughter
Bending the Shoe
805Saint David's Day
806David of the White Rock
807All the day
The Marsh Rhuddlan
808Sweet Warbler quit the earth
This Garden now
809Loudly Proclaim
The Monk's March
810Idle days in Summer Time
The Blackbird
811Oh! why camest before me
Thou gentle Dove
812Weep not, I pray
The Stars in Heaven
813The Cambrian Plume
814The Cambrian War Song

Swedish Airs

Höston är Kommen

German Airs

702Watch on the Rhine
Deutschland uber Alles
Das zerorochene Ringlein
Die drei Reiter
Der gute Kamerad
Der Tannenbaum

Du, Du, liegst mir am Herzen
Der Wirthin Tochterlein

705Wir Gehen nach Lindenau (3 verses)Brandesky
706An Den Mond
Kreiger's Morgenlied
Zum Ausmarsch
707Switzer's Song of Home
Der Soldat auf dem Posten
Des Deutschen Vaterland
Das Stierland
Der Jungling am Bache
714An Die Freude
Leben und sterben fur's Vaterland
Der Alte Reiter und soin Mantel
Freut euch des lebens
715Harzer Bergmannslied
Altes Lied
Der Krahwinkler Landsturm
Lang, Lang, ist's her
Der Sechnsucht Treue
717Schone Ferdinand
Die Schaferin und der Kuckuk
Deder aus
721Wenn die Schwalben (4 Verses)Abt
734Lauterbach (4 verses)
6011Morgenblatter WaltzStrauss
6014Wiener Blut WaltzStrauss
6016Myrthenbluthen WaltzStrauss
6017Aula Lieder WaltzEdward Strauss
6024Merry War WaltzStrauss

Italian Airs

689La Gitana WaltzBucalossi
690Il Bacio WaltzArditi
691Boccace PolkaSuppé
696Aida MarchVerdi

French Airs

698Grand Duchess GalopOffenbach
710Partant pour la Syrie
Mourir pour la Patrie
Non Monseigneur \ Le Petit Vin de Bordeaux
Marseillaise Hymn
730Mexican National Hymn
Marseillaise Hymn
733La Colombe (The Dove)Yradier
6006Les Sourires WaltzWaldteufel
6023Les Patineurs (The Skaters Waltz)Waldteufel
7063Cafe Chantant Quadrille

Russian Airs

709Russian Sailor's Chant
Russian National Hymn
722Russian Airs
723Russian Airs
724Russian Airs
729Ysabel (Vals)Gargurerich
731Russian Airs
732Russian Airs
7062Skobeleff Marsch

Spanish & Portuguese Airs

697Donna Juanita PolkaSuppé
708Polish National Song
Polish Popular Songs
Las Arenitas
La Gilda
La Manta
713El Baso
Mi Esperanza
La Declartion
Yo te quise

725Al fin Solos—ValsFernandez
726El Amozonas (Paso Doble)Berriola
727Samacneca de Lima
728El Telegrafo de Amor
La Sirena
736Hymno Nacional BrazileiroDa Silva
739Excelsior Quadrilha Brillante
741Donna Juanita Quadrilha
742La Gran Via—Jota de los Ratas
La Gran Via—Vals
Recordacoes de Petropolis Polka
744El Capitan, Allegria Schottische
El Esconditi Schottische
745La Tempestad VasleChapi
746El Travieso Valse
Alas Màscaras—Jota
747Polka Lundu
Devagar Yà Yà Polka
748Excelsior Mazurka
Un Beso Mazurka
749A Grande Avenida Polka
Querer benim doe
750Processo do Ragsa Quadrilha
6021Santiago (Valse Espagnole)Corbin
6022Espana WaltzWaldteufel
7001La Gran Via SchottischeValverdi
7002La Gran Via MazurkaValverdi
7003La Bruja—Coro de PelotarisChapi
7004La Bruja—JotoChapi
7005Usted la Tiene (Danzon)
No Puedo comer sin Aguacate
De la Cru
7006La Golondrina PolkaArias
7007Atocha Padre PolkaFrea
7008A Cana Verde—Quadrilha (Sobre motivos Populares Portuguezes)raxato
7009Certamen Nacional—Tango del CafeNieto
7010Certamen Nacional—JotaNieto
7012La Cruz Blanca—Cancion InglesaA. Brull
Rubio y Marin
7014Los de Cuba—Couplets de MarujaRubio y Marin
7015Los de Cuba—GuarachaRubio y Marin
7016Los de Cuba—Canto CubanoRubio y Marin
7017Tio yo no he sido—Tango del CarbonRubio y Marin
7019Mazzantini PasaCalle
7021El Tambor Major—Marcha MilitarRomea
7022Les Monsquetaires au Convent QuadrilhaSilveira
7023Notas Recolhidas QuadrilhaMenezes
1024Esperanca QuadrilhaGuimaraes
7025O Ramo de Ouro Valsa
Rosita de la Plata Valsa
7026O Futuro dos Amores Valsa
Charitas Valsa

7028Rosina Valsa
Pretenciosa Valsa
7029Valsa da AuroraMenezes
7030O Bendego Polka
Attractiva Polka
7031De Copo em Punho Polka
Heitor Polka
7032Hymno de S. M. el Rei D. LuiziDos Santos
7033Que e da Chave Polka
Sandades do Rio de Janeiro Polka
7034Falka PolkaGeng
7035Daybreak Tango
Amor tem Fogo Tango

Coro de Introduccion
Tiempo de Marcha
Pasa—calle Final
7038Marcha Reale—Granadera Fusilera
Himno de Riego
7039El Lenguaje de las Flores
7040O Homen, Lundu do Pescador (3 verses)Bahia
7041A Rua do Ouvidor ValsaPinto
7042Excelsior—La Fama—DanzaMarenco
7043Excelsior—Il Risorgimento ValseMarenco
7044Excelsior—Il vincitore della Regata PolkaMarenco
7045Excelsior—Sulle rive del Weser MazurkaMarenco
7046L'Indiana—Danza CaratteristicaMarenco
7047Nina Pancha, No.1
Nina Pancha, No.3
7048Gran Jota AragonesaLahoz
7051Attenciosa ValsaD'Almeida
7052Muqueca Sinha—TangoPinto
7053Soiree Bresilienne—QuadMesquita
7054A Gargalhada PolkaFahrbaoh
7055Trampolim PolkaPinto
7058Marcos Duarte ValzCuevas
7059A BailarGonalez
7061La Cindad de Mexico—DanzaCuevas


Sacred Music (144-181)

144Lead kindly Light (Sardou)
145I shall be satisfied
146Oh for a faith
147Christians Good 'Night
148Stand up stand up for Jesus
149Let the Saviour in
150Jesus knows thy sorrow
151Hallelujah! what a Saviour
152I gave my life for thee
153Showers of blessing
154 or 174Christ is risen
155For ever with the Lord
156Jerusalem my happy home
157The roseate hues of early dawn
158The day Thou gavest, Lord is ended
159My faith looks up to Thee
160At·even ere the sun was set
161Brightest and best
162Oh worship the King
163Forward be our watchword
164We plough the fields and scatter
165All praise to Thee, my God
166How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
167Jesus calls us o'er the tumult
168Hark my soul it is the Lord
169As with gladness men of old
170Eternal Father, strong to save
171Peace, Perfect Peace
172Saviour blessed Saviour
173Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing
174 or 154Christ receiveth sinful men
175O God our Help in ages past
176Jesus lives, no longer now
177To Thee our God we fly
178I could not do without Thee
179Christian dost thou see them
180Heavenly Father send thy blessing
181The King of love my Shepherd is

Latest Popular Airs (875-890)

875The Absent-minded Beggar
876What do you think of the Irish
877Bravo Dublin Fusiliers
878Sons of our Empire
879Break the news to mother
880Cock o' the North
881Under the same old Flag
882The Shade of the Palm
883Rhoda and her Pagoda
884I'll be your Sweetheart
885When the Boys come home
886A Pure White Rose
887The Lads in Navy Blue
888Teach me how to Kiss
889Smoke, Smoke, Smoke
890A Frangesa
1) The tune list is dated November, 1900; the supplement is dated February 5, 1901
2) From the tune list cover
3) misnumbered as 344
4) Spelled “Saunee” in the list
5) Possibly misprinted from 5401
6) Misprinted as 520
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