Tanzbar (28-Note)

Tuning Scales
Formatpaper roll
Size10.5 cm
Keys per inch

This list is based on The Organette Book, by Kevin McElhone, and in cooperation with the MBSGB Archives.

?Last night on the back PorchLew Brown and Carl Schraubstader
????Turkey In the Straw
1?27Ukulele Lady
1353 or 1553Der Letzte Walzer
1003Leise Ganz Leise
1007Cavalleria Rusticana IntermezzoMascagni
1012Roses from the SouthSrauss.
1023De Schlittschlaufer “Skaters Waltz”
1026Wiener Blut - Vienna bloodStrauss
1037Russ Rheinlander Waltzes.
1044The American Patrol MarchA.S. Kreymberg
1049Bayrischer Landler.
1125Zenda WaltzesWhitman.
1131L. Sorella Ch.Borel-Clerc
1136Under the Double Eagle
1140Sweeter Than All The Roses
1147King Cotton MarchJohn Ph. Sousa
1154The Stars and Stripes forever MarchJohn Phillip Sousa
1161Wedding of the Winds WaltzJohn T. Hall
1161O Solo Mio/My Sunshine
1163Blaze Away
1164Officer of the DayR.B. Half.
1165Washington Post March
1171The Last DreamDavid Fruntim.
1172On The Beautiful Blue Danube
1174Waves of the Danube Waltz
1175The High School Cadets MarchJohn Ph. Sousa
1177Espanita spanish waltzGeorge Rosey
1198Home Sweet Home
1250Geh Zag Doch Schmuki Zu Mir.
1269Silvery Sparks Fox TrotMartin Franzis
1269Silvery SparksMartin Franzis.
1270DestinySydney Barnes.
1321Salome Fox-TrotRobert Stolz
1381El Burrito One-StepRoberto Firpo
1383Blue Bird One-StepSantiago-Paris
1388My sweet Gal Fox Trot-SongHamilton Green and Victor Anton
1390Mon HommeMaurice Yuain.
1395Electric Girl Shimmy-FoxHelmburgh Holms
1400Yes, We Have No Bananas
1413Oh How I Miss You Tonight
1414The Midnight Waltz
1415O, Katerina
1422If You Knew Susie
1423When you and I were SeventeenChas. Rosoff
1425I wonder what became of Sally.
1426When I Was The Dandy And You Were The BelleLou Handman.
1431Roses of Picard
1434I’m Sitting On Top Of The World
1436All AloneIrving Berlin
1437???? Cradle
1459On The Banks Of The Wabash Far Away
1471Silver Threads Among The Gold
1472My old Kentucky homeStephen C. Foster
1473Old Folks at homeStephen C. Foster
1477Beautiful Ohio
1483Let me call you sweetheart
1486Rock of Ages Sacred songHerbert Johnson
1488Oh Sweet Mystery of LifeHerbert.
1490Valencia One stepJose Padilla
1517Berceuec Cradle Song
1518In A Little Spanish Town
1520Cheries, I love you Aa'se moderatoLilian Rosedale G——?
1528Ting A Ling
1529Maria, MarieCapum.
1531Gern Hab ich die Frauen GeruptFranz Lehar.
1557In Nishni Nowgorod Lied und Blues Rieh. Fall
1559Paris du Stadt der Liebe Ca c'est Paris—Padille
1566Thinking of You
1573The Song is EndedIrving Berlin.
1577My Blue Heaven
1578RamonaM. Wayne
1582Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life!V. Herbert
1585I'm in Heaven when I see you smileE. Rapee
1586Little Mother (Mutterchen)E. Rapee
1609There's a rainbow around my shoulderAl Jolson, Billy Rose and Dave Dreyer


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