Wilcox & White (44-Note)

InstrumentWilcox & White
Tuning Scales
Formatpaper roll
Size9.25 inch
Holes per inch5.00

This list is based on The Organette Book, by Kevin McElhone, and in cooperation with the MBSGB Archives.

1591Antigone, Op. 55Mendelsohn
2199Ben Hur Chariot RacePaull
1013Concert OvertureHollins, Alfred
1019Says My MotterDvorak
1081Liebesnaught, Op.40 [may be 010081?].?
2002Post Horn Galop, The.?
2024Merry Widow. Ballsiren Waltz. (arr Gus Blasser).Lehar, Franz
2033Ein Waltzerstraum. [The Waltz Dream].Strauss
3002Orpheus Overture?
3003Little Michus SelectionMessager, Andre
3004Jolly Robbers OvertureVon Suppe, Franz
3006Madame Butterfly, Selection. (arr by Chas Godfrey).Puccini E.
3007White Chrysanthemum, The. Selection.Talbot, Howard
3008Gaiety Girl, A.Jones, Sidney
3009Mr. Popple of Ippleton, Selection.Rubens P.
3013Belle of Mayfiar, The.Stuart, Leslie
3016Girl Behind the Counter, The.Talbot, Howard
3018New Aladdin, The. Selection.Caryll, Monckton & Tour
3019Robin Hood, selections, 8 tunes.De Koven, R.
3024Girls of Gothenburg, The. Selection.Caryll & Monckton
3519Country Girl, A. [part not identified].Monckton, Lionel
4002Lied.Wolstenholme W.
5002Crossing the BarBarnby, Joseph
5023Voice of the Father, The.Cowen H.F.
6001EchoSomerset, Lord H.


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