Wilcox & White (58-Note)

InstrumentWilcox & White
Symphony Orchestral
Formatpaper roll
Size10.25 inch
Holes per inch6.00

This list is based on The Organette Book, by Kevin McElhone, and in cooperation with the MBSGB Archives.

A 52Concerto Op.64, Andante. For Violin. Accompaniment Only.Mendelssohn
A 54Cavatina for ViolinRaff
A 57Fantasia Appasionata, Op.35. Allegro - Moderato - Andante. Accompaniment only.Vieuxtemp
A 58Fantasia Appasionata, Op.35, Finale Saltarella. Accompaniment only.Vieuxtemp
A 59Largo.Handel
A 60Die Meistersingers du Nurnberg, Walters Prize Song, Orchestral rollWagner
A 62Goodbye, Soprano or Tenor, Accompaniment.Tosti F.P.
A 66Ave Maria, AccompanimentGounod
A 67Traumerei, for violin Accompaniment.Schumann
A 72Mona. Acc only.Adams, Stephen
A 75Rose in Heaven, A. Mezzo Accompaniment.Trotere
A 76Dear Heart. for Soprano, Acc only.Mattei, Tito
A 78Goodnight FarewellKucken Fr.
A107When I Know That Thou Art Near Me. Duet Soprano & Baritone, in Ab. Accomp only.Abt F.
A111La Reine De Saba. Lend Me Your Aid. for Soprano in C. Accompaniment only.Gounod
A117I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby.Clay
A134Village Blacksmith, The. Medium voice in C, Accompaniment.Weiss
A146Devotion (Widmung). Soprano or Tenor in A. Accompaniment only.Schumann
A152Michaela's Song. I Said Naught Should Frighten Me Here.Bizet
A231Provencal Song. (Chanson Provencale). Soprano or Tenor in Eb. Accompaniment only.Dell' Acqua, Eva.
A235? nothing above this number in series.?
X1001Symphony in B Minor, Allegro ModeratoSchubert, Franz
X1003Liebestraum (Dream of Love). Nocturne.Liszt
X1004Fifth Nocturne, Op.52Leybach
X1006Polonaise, Op.40, No.1Chopin
X1007Organ Sonata, Op.65, No.5, Andante con Moto.Mendelssohn
X1009Sonata, Op.42, No.2, AdagioMerkel, Gustav
X1010Grand Offertoire de Cecelia, No.2Batiste E.
X1011Symphony No.5. Allegro con Brio.Beethoven
X1012Fugue in G Minor.Bach J.S.
X1014Septet, Op.20. Adagio - Allegro Con Frio.Beethoven
X1015Danse MacabreSaint-Saens C.
X1017Third Violin Cello Suite, Loure.Bach J.S.
X1019Nocturne, Op.9, No.2Chopin
X1020Symphony No.5, Andante con MotoBeethoven
X1022Communion in GBatiste, Edouard
X1023Grand Choeur. Cantilene Nuptiale.Dubois, Theo
X1024St. Ann's Fugue in E#. (or Eb ??)Bach J.S.
X1025Valse in G Major, Op.11, No.2Widor, Charles-Marie
X1026Slavonic Dance No.1Dvorak
X1026Slavonic Dance No.1Dvorak
X1028Oh Celeste Dulzura. Meditation.Arrietta
X1031Suite For Piano And Violin. Op.34, No.2.Bernard E.
X1032Murillo, Op.138, Allegro de concertTerschak
X1033Home, Sweet Home. Varied.Thalberg
X1036Symphony No.3, Scherzo.Beethoven
X1037Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.2.Liszt
X1038Rondo CapriciosoMendelssohn
X1039Le Rouet D'Omphale. (Poem Symphonic).Saint-Saens C.
X1040Grand Valse, Op.42Chopin
X1041Valse Caprice, Op.31Scharwenka
X1042La Grace, Op.302.Bohm C.
X1045?Oh Celeste Dulzura-Meditation (Arietta)
X1045?Oh Celeste Dulzura-Meditation (Arietta)
X1046Concert E Minor, Op.11, Allegro.Chopin
X1047Concerto in E minor, Op.11. Romance Larghetto.Chopin
X1048Concerto in E Minor, Op.11, Rondo - Vivace.Chopin
X1049Valse, Op.34, No.2.Chopin
X1050Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.12.Liszt
X1053Tarantelle, Op.85, No.2Heller
X1054Peer Gynt, Op.46, No.1, Daybreak + Death of AaseGrieg E.
X1055Peer Gynt, Op.46, No.2, Anitra's Dance + Hall of the Mountain King.Grieg E.
X1056Dying Poet, The.Gottschalk L.M.
X1057Moonlight Sonata, Op.27, No.2Beethoven
X1058Symphony No.1, Op.21, Adagio Molto AllegroBeethoven
X1060Symphony No.1, Op.21, MenuettoBeethoven
X1061Symphony No.1, Op.21, Adagio - Allegro - Vivace.Beethoven
X1065Symphony, Op.92, No.7 Allegro con Brio.Beethoven
X1066Last Hope, TheGottschalk L.M.
X1067Second Mazurka, Op.54Godard, Benjamin
X1071Serenade, Op.15Moszkowski
X1073Marche Religieuse, Op.15, No.2Guilmant, Alex
X1074Menuet, Op.14, No.1Paderewski I.J.
X1075Marche Funebre et Chant SeraphiqueGuilmant, Alex
X1076Minuet Op. 14, No. 1Paderewski
X1077Melodie, Op.8, No. 3Paderewski
X1078Capriccio. Op. 41Bruno Klein
X1079Marionettes Funeral MarchGounod
X1080Caprice Op.16, no.1Mendelssohn
X1083Marche HeroiqueSaint-Saens C.
X1085Cavatine, Op.85, No.3Raff
X1086Valse CapriceRubinstein
X1088Nocturne, Op.37, No.2Chopin
X1089Awakening of the Lion, The.De Kontski
X1090Fantasie for Organ, No.7.Dubois
X1091Offertoire, No.2Dubois, Theo
X1092Le Crepuscule. (Twilight).Guy T.J.
X1093Moise de RossiniLeybach
X1095?Valse Op.34, No. 1Chopin
X1096Scenes Pittoresques. No.1 Marches; No.2 Air du Ballet.Massenet
X1099Fackeltanz, No.1Meyerbeer
X1100Serenade.Schubert, Franz
X1103Traumerei, Little RomanceSchumann
X1105Henry VIII, Graceful DanceGerman E.
X1106Henry VIII, Intermezzo.German E.
X1108Dinorah. Valse Caprice, Op.94.Jall, Alfred
X1111Sonata Pathetique, Op.13, Grave. Allegro con Brio.Beethoven
X1112Sonata Pathetique, Op.13. Adagio-Allegro.Beethoven
X1113Prisoner & the Swallow, The.?
X1114Romanza for OrganSpark
X1115Sortie (Recessional).Du Mouchel
X1117Symphony No.5. Leonore. Marsch.Raff
X1121Symphony No.4, Lento, Assai VivaceSchumann
X1122Fantasie Impromptu, Op.66Chopin
X1125Grande Polonaise, Op.22, in Eb.Chopin
X1126Songs Without Words, No.18 Spinning Song, No.19 Spring SongMendelssohn
X1127Tarantelle, Op.13Mills S.B.
X1128Spanish Dances, Op.12, Nos 4 & 5Moszkowski
X1129At Evening Idylle, Op.52Buck, Dudley
X1130The Holy NightBuck, Dudley
X1132Choral March.Buck, Dudley
X1133Concerto in A Minor, Op.54, Allegro Andante.Schumann
X1135Songs Without Words. Simple Aveu.Thome
X1136Valse, Op.70, No.2 & 3.Chopin
X1137Symphony No.6, Suprise, Adagio VivaceHaydn
X1139Symphony No.6, Surprise. Menuetto.Haydn
X1142Marche FunebreChopin
X1143Dornroschen (Thorn Roses).Bendel
X1144Dolce Far NienteBraga
X1145Alice, RomanceAscher
X1146Nocturne, Op.15, No.2Chopin
X1148Le Carnival de Venice.La Huche
X1149Les Deux Anges (The Two Angels)Blumenthal, Jacques
X1150Rakoczy Marsch.Liszt
X1151Love's Dream After the BallCzibulka
X1152Impromptu, Op.142, No.2Schubert, Franz
X1154Awakening of SpringBach E. ?? Suspect composer
X1155Traumbilder Fantasie (Dream Pictures).Lumbye
X1156Forge in the ForestMichaelis
X1157Water Nymph, NarcissusNevin, Ethelbert
X1158La PapillonLavelle
X1159Songs Without Words. No.9. Consolation; No.15.The Poet's Harp.Mendelssohn
X1160Pasquinade CapriceGottschalk L.M.
X1161Serenade, Op.25, andante & Variations 1, 2, 3.Beethoven
X1162La TendresseCramer
X1164Symphony in C. Jupiter.Mozart
X1165Andantino for OrganLemare, Edwin H.
X1166Dixie NationalitiesAustin
X1168Symphony No.2, Larghetto.Beethoven
X1169Sonata, Op.26, AndanteBeethoven
X1170Suite Algerienne, Op.60, Marche MilitaireSaint-Saens C.
X1172Symphonie, The Country Wedding. Serenade.Goldmark
X1174Rhapsodie EspagnoleLiszt
X1178Valse, Op.64, No.1Chopin
X1179Valse, Op.18Chopin
X1182Symphony Gothique.Widor, Charles Marie
X1184Nocturne, Op.37, No.1Chopin
X1185Reves. (Dreams). 1.Berceuse; 2.Scherzino; 3.Chant D'Amour.Albenic
X1186Sonata, Op.2, No.2. Adagio.Beethoven
X1188Symphony No.2, Larghetto ??? (or Adelaide - os list).Beethoven
X1191Symphony No.6, Pastorale, Allegro.Beethoven
X1193Impromptu, Op.29Chopin
X1194Symphonie Pathetique, No.6, 1st MovementTschaikowski
X1195Symphonie Pathetique, Finale.Tschaikowski
X1196Poeme Pastorale. Idylle.Jacobowski
X1197Floral Fantasma (Idylle)Holst, Edward
X1198Phaeton, Poeme SymphoniqueSaint-Saens C.
X1200Symphony No. 3 (Scotch) Allegro. VivacissimoMendelssohn
X1201Orchestral Suite.Heinrich what part?
X1202L'Orage - The Storm at Sea, Op.53Smith, Sydney
X1203Le Jet D'Eau, Op.17Smith, Sydney
X1205Ungarische TanzeBrahms, Johannes
X1207Last Smile, The. Scherzo Brillante.Wollenhaupt
X1208By MoonlightBendel
X1209Fanfare for Organ.Lemmens
X1210Lorely. Paraphrase.Nesvadra
X1211Elevation, in D Minor, No.25.Batiste, Edouard
X1214Variations et Fugue, Op.11Paderewski I.J.
X1217Air & Variations, 1st Orchestral Suite.Moszkowski
X1222Erlking, The.Schubert / Liszt
X1223Theme, Variations & Finale, No.63.Dethier
X1224L'Arlesienne. Menuet.Bizet
X1225Nutcracker Suite, Ballet Feerie March.Tschaikowski
X1226Nutcracker Suite, Valse des FleursTschaikowski
X1227Ballade in A Flat, Op.17 (Fantasia for Organ, Op.116, No.3 - jp+os list)Chopin (Bartlett)
X1229?Fruhlingslied (Spring Song)Henselt
X1231Concerto Op 25 Andante Molto AllegroMendelssohn
X1232Andante Religioso / La Tempestad Capricho Brilliante ? WHICH ONE? A.R.= osThome / Ituarte Julio
X1233La Lisonjera (The Flatterer)Chaminade C.
X1234Les SylvansChaminade C.
X1235Hunting Song, Op.82Schumann
X1237New World Symphony, 2nd Movement, Largo.Dvorak
X1238Symph Pathetique, No.6, Allegro, 2nd Mvt.Tschaikowsky
X1239Marche des Rois MagesDubois, Theo
X1242New World Symphony, 1st Movement, ???????Dvorak
X1243New World Symphony, 3rd Movement, Scherzo.Dvorak
X1245Henry VIII, Torch DanceGerman E.
X1249Sonate, Op.42, No.1. Pastorale - Finale.Guilmant, Alex
X1250Waltz Op.84, No.2Chopin
X1253Symphony Pathetique, No.6, 3rd MvtTschaikowski
X1257Polonaise, Op.26, no.1Chopin
X1259Klavier Concert III Op 37 RondoBeethoven
X1263Preludes in B Major & E Minor. [Ballade F Major, Op.38 by Chopin = dw].Chopin
X1265Symphonie Fantastique. Un Bal.Berlioz, Hector
X1266Etude, Op.10, No.6.Chopin
X1267La SireneTerschak
X1272Songs Without Words, No.?? Venetian Boat Song.Mendelssohn
X1273Fantasie Sonate, Op.65. Grave Allegro.Rheinberger, Joseph
X1274Fantasie Sonate, Op.65. Adagio - Finale Allegro.Rheinberger, Joseph
X1275Sonate, Op.119, No.6. Preludio - Intermezzo.Rheinberger, Joseph
X1276Sonate, Op.119, No.6. Marcia Religiosa - Fuga.Rheinberger, Joseph
X1277Ballade in Ab, Op.47.?
X1280Scherzo in B Minor, Op.20.Chopin
X1281Fantasie-Polonaise, Op.19. Allegro Moderato.Paderewski I.J.
X1282Fantasie - Polonaise Op.19, AndantePaderewski I.J.
X1283Grand Trio, Op.97. Andante Cantabile.Beethoven
X1284Septet, Op.81, AdagioBeethoven
X1288Ballet Suite, No.1, Scene De Bacchanale.Hadley, Henry K.
X1289Ballet Suite, No.2, Intermezzo; No.3, Finale.Hadley, Henry K.
X1291Norweigan Dance, Op.35, No.1.Grieg E.
X1292La Papillon (The Butterfly).Grieg E.
X1293Berceuse, Op.38, No.1Grieg E.
X1294Prometheus Overture.Beethoven
X1298Septet, Op.36. Adagio - Allegro.Brahms, Johannes
X1299Moraima Caprice DescrptiveEspinosa
X1301Tarantelle, Op.174, No.10Raff
X1303Sonata, Op.53, Waldstein - Allegro con Brio.Beethoven
X1304Sonata, Op.53, Waldstein. Adagio Molto. Rondo. Prestissimo.Beethoven
X1305Songs Without Words, No.20Mendelssohn
X1307Etudes, Op.10, No.1 + Op.25, No.6Chopin
X1308Sonata Apassionata, Op.57. Andante Con Moto, Allegro Non TroppoBeethoven
X1310Symphony No.2, Allegro Molto.Beethoven
X1311Studie Uber Den WaltzerRosenthal
X1312Quatre Mazurkas, Op.6Chopin
X1313Sonata, Op.42, No.1, Largo Et Maestoso.Guilmant, Alex
X1314Chromatic Fantasie & FugueBach J.S.
X1318Air de Ballet, No.1Chaminade C.
X1321La Fileuse (Etude).Raff
X1322Rosseau's DreamHughes J.H.
X1324Songs Without Words, No.18, DuettoMendelssohn
X1325Polish Dance, Op.3, No.1Scharwenka
X1326Meditation, Op.16.Klein, Aloys
X1327Andante Cantabile, 4th Organ SymphonyWidor, Charles-Marie
X1328LarghettoWesley S.S.
X1332Slumber Song, Op.124, No.16Schumann
X1334Etude Op. 22, No.4Wollenhaupt
X1335Nightingale, The. / Moltzar? / Meltzer *
X1336From The Cradle To The Grave, Op.202, Bridal Procession.Reineche
X1338From The Cradle To The Grave, Op.202, The Child's Dream.Reineche
X1340La CampanellaLiszt
X1341VisionRheinberger, Joseph
X1343Sonata, Op.1, No.24, AdagioWeber, Charles Marie
X1346Farewell to The Piano. Key of F.Beethoven
X1347Caprice, Op.31, No.6Moszkowski
X1348Five Waltzes, Op.8Moszkowski
X1349Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.14Liszt
X1350Sonata 1 - Siciliano; Sonata 2 - Bourre SarabandeBach J.S.
X1351Sonata, Op.120, No.3, Allegro Moderato, AndanteSchubert, Franz
X1352Sonata, Op.120, No.3, Allegro.Schubert, Franz
X1354Mazurka, Op.68, No.2, in A MinorChopin
X1355Mazurka, Op.7, No.3 in F# Minor.Chopin
X1356Mazurka, Op.33, No.4 in B MinorChopin
X1357Nachtstuck, Op.23, No.4 see
X1359Nachtstuck, Op.23, No.4 see
X1360Venetienne. 4th BarcaroleGodard
X1363Novellette, Op.21, No.1Schumann
X1365Quartette, Op.131, No.14, Part A.Beethoven
X1369Serenade.Schubert, Franz
X1373Symphony No.3, Molto AllegroMozart
X1376Lamentation, Op.45, No.1.Guilmant, Alex
X1378Hark! Hark! the Lark (Morgenstandchen)Schubert, Franz
X1379Valse, Op.34, No.1Moszkowski
X1381Henry VIII, Morris DanceGerman E.
X1383Am Meer (By the Sea).Schubert, Franz
X1384Der Wanderer. (The Wanderer).Schubert, Franz
X1385Kreutzer Sonata, Op.47, Adagio Sostenuto.Beethoven
X1386Kreutzer Sonata, Op.47. Andante con Variazioni.Beethoven
X1387Kreutzer Sonata, Op.47. Presto.Beethoven
X1388Cradle Song, The.Brahms
X1393Symphony No.6 in F. Pastorale. Shepherd's Song + Thanksgiving After the Storm.Beethoven
X1396Gartenmelodie, Op.95, No.3Schumann
X1398Berceuse, Op.57Chopin
X1399Am Springbrunnen, Op.85, No.9 / Moment Musicale, Op.94, No.3Schumann / Schubert
X1401Rondo, No.2, in A Minor.Mozart
X1402Henry VIII, Shepherd's DanceGerman E.
X1403Sonata, Op.7, in E Minor, FinaleGrieg E.
X1406Romanze, Op.26.Svendsen, John S.
X1407Air & Gavotte from Suite in D.Bach J.S.
X1410Chanson D'Automne.De Bottari, Giovanni
X1411Sonata in E Minor, Op.7. Allegro Moderato.Grieg E.
X1413Fantasie. Polonaise Op.106?
X1417Sonata Apassionata, Op.57, AllegroBeethoven
X1422In Der Nacht, Op.12, No.2, in F MinorSchumann R.
X1424Forest Song. (Waldeslied). in E.Kreutzer C.
X1425Etude, Op.10, No.3, in E.Chopin
X1428Octobre. Chant D'Automne (D Minor).Tschaikowski
X1435String Quartett in G Major. Op.27, Romance.Grieg E.
X1440Spanish Dances, Op.12, No.2Moszkowski
X1450String Quartet, Op.59, No.1. Adagio Molto e Mesto. (Theme Russe).Beethoven
X1455Piesn Wieczorna. Chant du Soir.Moniuszko, Stanislaus
X1457Idyll, in Eb.Lemare, Edwin H.
X1458Symphony No.4, Clock Movement.Haydn
X1459Spring Serenade. (Audabe Printaniere)Lacombe
X1462Autumn, Op.35, No.2, Etude de Concert in D Flat.Chaminade C.
X1468Rondo Brilliante, Op.62Weber, Charles Marie
X1469Tanz Der Rosenelfen, Op. 53, No.1Moszkowske
X1470Valse Coquette, Op.53Moszkowski
X1472Papillons in E.Rosenthal M.
X1473L'Abielle, Op.13, No.9, The Bee, in E Minor.Schubert, Franz
X1476The Angel. (Der Engel), in G.Wagner, Richard
X1478Harmonious Blacksmith, The.Handel
X1479Marche Triomphale, Op.14Batiste, Edouard
X1486Scherzo in Bb Minor, Op.31Chopin
X1489Sonata, No.4, in B Flat, Andante CantabileMozart
X1494Capriccio Espagno; Op. 34 Scena e canto Gitano, Fandango AsturianoN. Rimsky-Korsakow
X1499Sonata, No.4, in Bb. Andante Cantabile.Mozart
X1502Chant sans Parole, Op.??? ,No.3Tschaikowski
X1506Scherzo a Capriccio. in F# MinorMendelssohn
X1507Sonata, No.6, in F. Adagio.Mozart
X1508Sonata, No.6, in F. Assai Allegro.Mozart
X1509Sonata, No.6, in F. [part not given]Mozart
X1510Sonata, No.8, in C. Andante Quasi Un Poco Adagio.Mozart
X1511Sonate, No.8, in C. Rondo.Mozart
X1512From Foreign Parts, Op.23, No.3, Spain.Moszkowski
X1513Christmas Pieces, Op.72, No.5 in G Minor; No.6, in F.Mendelssohn
X1514Gipsy Rondo from Piano Trio in G.Hayden J.
X1516Pastorale. Transcription by Carl Tausig.Scarlatti, Domenico
X1518Christmas Pieces, Op.72. No.3 in G; No.4 in D.Mendelssohn
X1519Sonata, Op.24, No.1, Rondo.Weber, Charles Marie
X1520Silver Trumpets March, The.Viviani
X1521La FileuseRaff
X1524Marguerite Au Rouet. Caprice, Op.25, in G.Lazare, Martin
X1531Rhapsodie, Op.45, No.2, in G Minor.Dvorak
X1532Rhapsodie, Op.45, No.1, in D.Dvorak
X1533Peer Gynt, Suite 2, Op.55, No.2 ???????Grieg E.
X1536Slavische Tanze, Op.46, No.6, in Ab.Dvorak
X1537Devotion (Liebeslied). Transcrition by Liszt in Ab.Schumann
X1539Slavische Tanze, Op.46, No.7, in C Minor.Dvorak
X1544Florence, Grande Valse Brilliante.Liebling, Emil
X1548Creole Shawl Dance (Danse du ShawlKroeger E.R.
X1550Valse Poetique.Mignon, August
X1551Rhapsodie, op.45, No.3 in Ab.Dvorak
X1552Pomp & Circumstance, Military March, Op.39, No.1Elgar, Edward W.
X1555BlarneyMcAvoy A.T.
X1557Tara, Grand FantasieMcAvoy A.T.
X1561Sans Certitude. A La Gavotte.Ludwig, Edmund
X1562Scherzo Valse, Op.105Godard, Benjamin
X1566La Harpe Eolienne, Op.11Smith, Sydney
X1569Symphony Op.73, in D. Allegro Non Troppo.Brahms, Johannes
X1572Slavonic Dance, Op.46, No.8.Dvorak
X1576La Harpe Eolienne Op. 25W. Kruger
X1577Callirhoe, 4th Air de BalletChaminade C.
X1578Novellette, Opus 46 in DE. A. MacDowell
X1579Aradeske, Op.18 in C.Schumann
X1580Offertoire.Marchot, Victor
X1588Festal Offertoire, in F. Jubilee.Vincent, Charles
X1589Concert Fantasia On a Welsh March. Gorhoffedd Gwyr Harlech. in Bb.Best W.T.
X1593Antigone (Sopocles). No.6, Fair Semeles High Born Son; No.7, Our Monarch Appears.Mendelssohn
X1595Russian March, in C.Scotson Clark
X1598Romance, Op.5, in F Minor.Tschaikowsky
X1602Elegie, Op.48, No.3.Tschaikowski
X1604Toccata & Fugue in F.Bach J.S.
X1605Etude D'Apres La Perpetum Mobile de C.M.Weber.Michalowski
X1610Impromptu, Op.90, No.1Schubert, Franz
X1613Marche Nuptiale, in A.Capocci, Filippo
X1615Scenes Hongroises, No.1. Entree On Forme De Danse.Massenet, Jules
X1617Scenes Hongroises. No.3. Adieux De La Finacee. In Eb.Massenet, Jules
X1618Serenade, Op.16. 2nd Movement. Scherzo. in C. arr by Paul Klengel.Brahms, Johannes
X1619Serenade, Op.16. Adagio Non Troppo. arr by Paul Klengel.Brahms, Johannes
X1621Serenade, Op.16. 5th Mvt. Rondo in A. arr by Paul Klengel.Brahms
X1623Manfred Overture, in Eb.Schumann R.
X1625Casse Noisette Suite - Danse des Mirlitons.Tschaikowski
X1626Casse Noisette Suite - Nutcracker Minature Overture.Tschaikowski
X1628Fantasie Pour OrgueSaint-Saens C.
X1633Quartette, Op.96, in F. 3rd Movement. Molto Vivace.Dvorak
X1635Concert Fantasia on the tune. Hanover, in A.Lemare, Edwin H.
X1639Offertoire, No.5, in A.Lefebure-Wely
X1641Toccata & Fugue in D MinorBach J.S.
X1644Fantasia on Duke Street. in F.Kinder, Ralph
X1648Symphony No.8, in F. 4th Movement. Allegro Vivace.Widor, Charles Marie
X1649Impromptu - Pastorale, Op.27, in G.Buck, Dudley
X1653Variations on Adeste Fidelis, Op.19, in A.Thayer, Eugene
X1654Grand Sonata, Op.22, in Eb. 1st Movement, Allegro Con Brio.Buck, Dudley. Jnr.
X1655Grand Sonata, Op.22, in Eb. 2nd Movement, Andante Expressivo.Buck, Dudley. Jnr.
X1656Grand Sonata, Op.22, in Eb. 3rd Movement, Scherzo.Buck, Dudley. Jnr.
X1657Grand Sonata, Op.22, in Eb. osBuck, Dudley. Jnr.
X1658Suite Romantique, op.31 in A. No.1, Visions.Mendelssohn
X1660Suite Romantique, Op.31 in A. No.3, Triomphe D'Amour.Mendelssohn
X1662Suite No.3, Op.55, in G. No.3 Scherzo.Tschaikowski
X1663Fantasie Oder Sonate, Op.78, in G, 1st Movement, Moto Moderato E Cantabile.Schubert, Franz
X1664Fantasie Oder Sonate, Op.78, in G, 2nd Movement, Andante.Schubert, Franz
X1665Fantasie Oder Sonate, Op.78, in G, 3rd Movement, Menuetto, (Allegro Moderato).Schubert, Franz
X1666Fantasie Oder Sonate, Op.78, in G, 4th Movement, Allegreto.Schubert, Franz
X1667Marche Heroique De Jeane D'ArcDubois, Theo
X1668Nachklange Von Ossian Overture, in A Minor.Gade, Niels W.
X1674Andante, Op.122, No.2, in A Minor.Merkel, Gustav
X1676Morceau De Concert. Prelude, Theme, Variations & Finale, Op.24, in G.Guilmant, Alex
X1679Four Seasons, The. Symphonie in F Moll, No.2, Op.30. 4th Movement, Autumn / Herbst.Hadley, Henry K.
X1680Four Seasons, The. Symphonie in F Moll, No.2, Op.30, 3rd Movement, Summer.Hadley, Henry K.
X1684Canzone, Op.161, No.2. in G Minor.Rheinberger, Joseph
X1686Concert No.3, Op.37. in C Minor. 2nd Movement, Largo.Beethoven
X1687Quator, Op.132. in A Minor. 1st Movement, Assai Sostenuto - Allegro.Beethoven
X1690Symphony No.5, Op.64, in E Minor. 4th Movement, Finale. Andante Maestroso. Part 1.Tschaikowski
X1692Scenes Poetiques, Op.46. No.2, Dans Les Champs.Godard, Benjamin
X1693Scenes Poetiques, Op.46, No.4. Au Village.Godard, Benjamin
X1694Nocturne, Op.9, No.1, in Bb MinorChopin
X1695Postludium. in Db.Mignon, Aug.
X1696Praludium, in A Flat; Postlude, in d Flat.Mignon, Aug.
X1697Phantasie, Op.161, No.1, in Eb.Rheinberger, Joseph
X1698Intermezzo,Op.161, No.3, in EbRheinberger, Joseph
X1699Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.19, in D MinorLiszt
X1700Fugue in E MinorHandel
X1701Les Deux Alouettes (The Two Skylarks)Leschetizky, Theo
X1702Voice of Love, The - Serenade. trans by theo M. TobaniSchumann R.
X1703Psyche. Poeme Symphonic, Mere Partie. & Sommeil de Psyche, in B.Franck, Cesar
X1704Rhapsodie Hongroise, No.5, in E MinorLiszt
X1705Variations on a Scotch Air, Op.51. Annie Laurie.Buck, Dudley
X1706Choral with Variations, in Eb, Adagio un poco moto. Rondo. Allegro.Smart, Henry
X1708Manfred Symphonie, Op.58, in B Minor, 1st Movement, Lento lugubre.Tschaikowski
X1709Manfred Symphonie, Op.58, in B Minor, 2nd Movement, Vivace con spirito.Tschaikowski
X1710Peche Mignon Overture, Op.44Langey, Otto
X1711Symphonie, The Country Wedding. Brautlied.Goldmark
X1712Symphony No.4, Italian, Saltarello.Mendelssohn
X1713Symphony No.3, Im Walde, 1st Movement, Allegro, Part 1.Raff
X1714Symphony No.3, Im Walde, 1st Movement, Allegro, Part 2.Raff
X1715Symphony No.3, Im Walde, 2nd Movement, LargoRaff
X1716Symphony No.3, Im Walde, 2nd Movement, Allegro AssaiRaff
X1717Symphony No.3, Im Walde, 3rd Movement, Allegro, Part 1Raff
X1718Symphony No.3, Im Walde, 3rd Movement, Allegro, Part 2Raff
X1719Vierte Symphonie, Op.98, in E Minor. 1st Movement, Allegro non TroppoBrahms, Johannes
X1720Symphony No.2, in G Minor, Allegro MoltoMozart
X1721Symphony No.2, in G Minor, AndanteMozart
X1722Symphony No.2, in G Minor, MinuettoMozart
X1723Symphony No.2, in G Minor, FinaleMozart
X1724Faust Symphonie in c, 3rd Movement, Mephistopheles, Part 1.Liszt
X1725Faust Symphonie in c, 3rd Movement, Mephistopheles, Part 2.Liszt
X1726Prelude & Fugue in D MajorBach J.S.
X1727Concert No.5, Op.73, in Eb, Allegro, Part 1Beethoven
X1728Concert No.5, Op.73, in Eb, Allegro, Part 2Beethoven
X1729Concert No.5, Op.73, in Eb, Adagio un poco moto. Rondo, Allegro.Beethoven
X1730Air with Variations & Finale Fugato, in A. [July 1906]Smart, Henry
X1731Sonate, Op.137, in E Minor, 2nd Movement, Adagio MoltoMerkel, Gustav
X1732Sonate, Op.137, in E Minor, 3rd Movement, Allegro Risoluto.Merkel, Gustav
X1733Vierte Symphonie, Op.98, in E Moll. 2nd Movement, Andante ModeratoBrahms, Johannes
X1734Vierte Symphonie, Op.98, in E Moll. 3rd Movement, Allegro giocosoBrahms, Johannes
X1735Vierte Symphonie, Op.98, in E Moll, 4th Movement, Allegro Energico e PassionatoBrahms, Johannes
X1736Zadock, the Priest. Coronation Anthem. in D.Handel
X1737Marche Solonelle, in D.Tschaikowski
X1738Andante, No.1, in G Major.Smart, Henry
X1740Prelude and Fugue, No. 3 (in D minor)Bach
X1743Prelude & Fugue, No.14, in C.Bach J.S.
X1745Prelude & Fugue, No.12, in C.Bach J.S.
X1749Cappricio Italien, Op.45 in A, Part 2Tschaikowski
X1754Organ Sonata, Op.65, No.5.Mendelssohn
X1758Sonato, No.15, in D Major. Allegro, Andante.Mozart
X1759Sonata, No.15, in D Major. Theme & Variations.Mozart
X1761Symphony No.5, Op.64, in E Minor, 4th Movement, Finale. Andante Maestoso Part 2.Tschaikowski
X1763Symphony No.9, in D MinorBeethoven
X1766Symphony No.9, in D Minor, Choral, Allegro Vivace, Assai Alla MarciaBeethoven
X1771Romeo et Juiliette, Fantasie Overture, Part 2, Key of A.Tschaikowski
X1773Prelude & Fugue in B MinorBach J.S.
X1785Songs Without Words, No.29, Venetian Boat Song, in A Minor. [Sept 1907].Mendelssohn
X1787Carneval Overture, Op.92, in A. [July 1908].Dvorak
? nothing above this number in series.
X2001Estudiantina WaltzWaldteufel, Emil
X2002? GavotteArditi ?
X2003Roses from The SouthStrauss
X2004Entere Act GavotteGillet
X2005Il Bacio (The Kiss).Arditi
X2006Rose et Marguerites Valse.Waldteufel
X2007Marche De NuitGottschalk L.M.
X2008Mexican Dance. Roses With Thorns.Riderique
X2008Mexican Dance. Roses With Thorns.Riderique
X2009Mexican Dance. The Midnight Hour.Aviles
X2010Kuyawiak Mazurka.Wieniawki
X2011I Think of Thee. (Penso en ti). Schottische.Navarro
X2012Valse Berceuse, Op.30Ferrari
X2013Sweedish Wedding MarchSoderman
X2014La Gitana Waltz.Bucalossi
X2015Mazeppa. Grand Galop. [conflicts see other 2015]Wollenhaupt
X2015Wiener Blut WaltzStrauss
X2016Baby Ruth. Gavotte.Sommer, Leo
X2019Auf Wiedersehn Waltz.Bailey
X2020Cuban DancesServantes
X2021Love's Dreamland Waltz.?
X2022Jolly Fellows WaltzVollsbedt
X2023La Chasse au Lion GalopKolling
X2024Souvenir de Kieff - MazurkaSchulhoff
X2025Washington Post MarchSousa J.P.
X2026Polka de Concert.Bartlett
X2027Wine, Women & Song Waltz. [suspect, but actual roll see
X2028La Polka de La Reine. Op.95.Raff
X2029La Czarine PolkaGanne, Louis
X2031Fairie Voices WaltzesCrowe
X2032Naila. Pas de Fleurs WaltzDelibes, Leo
X2033Coronation MarchSvendson, John S.
X2034Grand Polka de ConcertWallace
X2035Valse de ConcertWieniawski
X2036Stolen Kisses WaltzGro, Josephine
X2037Forget Me Not WaltzWaldteufel, Emil
X2039O Schoner Mai Waltz.Strauss J.
X2040Liberty Bell March.Sousa J.P.
X2041Skirt Dance. Temp de Schottische.Lutz, Meyer
X2043Irish Patrol.Puerner, Chas
X2044Honeymoon March, The.Rosey, George
X2046Echoes of the Ball, Tempo di Valse.Gillet, Ernest
X2047Popular Medley Quadrille.Webber
X2049Blue Danube WaltzStrauss
X2051Second Regiment MarchC.N.G. (or Reeve)
X2052NY Seventh Regâ?Tt MarchMarkstein
X2053Athalia. Priests March.Mendelssohn
X2055One Heart, One Mind. (The Yorke).Strauss
X2058Dream of the Ocean WaltzGung'l, Jos
X2059Habsburg MarchKral
X2060Turkish PatrolMichaelis
X2061Fairie Voices WaltzCrowe
X2062Senator Waltz, The.Benedict I.
X2063Waves of the Danube Waltz.Ivanovici
X2066Directorate March, The.Sousa J.P.
X2069Ivanhoe QuadrilleCh Christup
X2072King Cotton MarchSousa J.P.
X2073Madeleine Waltz.Edwards
X2077Morgenblatter Waltz.Strauss
X2079Rastus on ParadeMills, Kerry
X2080C.G.V. March. as played by Sousa'a Band.Votteler
X2081Merry War Waltz.Strauss
X2083Natalie. Dance Romantique.Macy
X2085In Hoc Signo Vinces, March.Dow
X2086Manhattan Beach March.Sousa J.P.
X2087Last of the Hogans LancersBraham, Dave
X2091Orientals Echoes MarchRosey, George
X2093Cocoanut Dance. Tempo di Schottische.Hermann A.
X2094El Capitan MarchSousa J.P.
X2098Pride of the Navy March.Andrews
X2101Passing Show Waltzes, The.Englander
X2104Always Gallant Polka.Pound
X2105Mazzepa, Grand Gallop de ConcertWollenhaupt
X2106Les Patineurs Waltz (The Skaters Waltz)Waldteufel, Emil
X2109Pride of the Army MarchAndrews
X2111June-Bug's Dance, The. Polka-Rondo.Holst. Edward
X2112Sequidilla, Spanish Dance.Holst
X2113Sobre Las Olas Waltz. (Over the Waves).Rosas
X2115The Century Two StepFriedman
X2116Nordica WaltzesTourjee
X2117Estella. Air de BalletRobinson
X2122Golden Robin Polka
X2123Fishers Hornpipe?
X2124Medley March. Sidewalks N.Y; Tommy Atkins; Her Golden Hair; Little Christopher; 1492.various
X2125Belle of Chicago March.Sousa
X2126On Dress Parade, Two Step.Toldedo
X2129Gondoliers, Lancres QuadrilleMoses-Tobani, Theo
X2130Stars & Stripes Forever March.Sousa J.P.
X2131Valse de Soiree.Orth
X2133Fisher's Hornpipe.Chantey ?
X2134Savoy MarchGilder
X2135Jack Waltz, The. Potpourri.Sloane
X2142Carmen, Quadrille.arr Arban
X2149Sylvia WaltzR. De Barros
X2152Les Sylphes, Valse CapriceBachman
X2153Gallant & Gay. Two Step.Aronson
X2154Fraternity, The. Two Step March.Atherton
X2155To Thee WaltzWaldteufel, Emil
X2156Blue Violet MazurkaEilenberg, Richard
X2157Live & Love PolkaVotteler
X2158Kentucky Babe SchottischeGeibel
X2162Happy Days in Dixie, CakewalkMills, Kerry
X2164Lady Graceful DanceAronson
X2166Marche aux FlambeauxGuilmante, Alex
X2167Dance of the BrowniesKamman
X2168Scorcher March, The.Rosey, George
X2172Dainty Revel, A.Sudda
X2173Down Souf in AlabamaJannsen
X2174For Sweet Remembrance SakeJanssen
X2175Sweet Memories of Youth WaltzesJanssen
X2180Valse Caprice.Newland
X2181Willaway Polka.Newland
X2184Grand Valse de Concert, Op.18Mattei, Tito
X2185Goose Step MarchGosling, Adolph
X2186Marche MilitaireHeink, Felix
X2187Society Belles March.Simmons
X2188Rag Time PatrolHa….on. (label chewe
X2189Jeunesse DoreeCady, Alice G.
X2193Candorosa Mazurka.Preza
X2195At a Georgia Camp Meeting. Characteristic March.Mills, Kerry
X2200Babbie Waltzes, The. (from The Little Minister).Furst Wm
X2201Wine, Women & Song Waltz.Strauss
X2205Military MarchSchubert-Tausig
X2206Scarf DanceChaminade C.
X2207Chimney Swallows.?
X2209Tzigani DancesCarrie J Bond
X2210Highland Fling, No.27?
X2212Memories of Versailles, Waltz.Jacobs-Bond, Carrie
X2213L'Ardita WaltzesArditi
X2214La TziganeGanne, Louis
X2216Charlatan March, The.Sousa J.P.
X2217Artist's Life Waltz.Strauss
X2220Espana WaltzWaldteufel, Emil
X2222Whistling RufusMills, Kerry
X2223Aufbruch zur Jagd - GalopJungman
X2228Wedding of the Winds Waltz.Hall J.T.
X2232Fortune Teller, The. March.Herbert, Victor
X2233Circus Girl Waltzes, TheKiefert
X2237Venetian Moonlilght Waltzes.Keiser
X2238Down Ole Tampa Bay. Characteristic NoveltyFrancis W.T.
X2245Up the Street March.Morse R.G.
X2248Zaza WaltzesFurst
X2249Hands Across the Sea March.Sousa
X2251Kentucky Memories, Plantation Dance.Gilder
X2254De Belle, Cake Walk.H.B. [can't read]
X2257La Mousme. Mazurka.Ganne, Louis
X2258Floradora MarchStuart
X2262"Ye Olden Time" Hulls Victory?
X2263Virginia Reel (Complete).not given.
X2264Irish Reel
X2265Irish Jig
X2268Tennessee Jubilee, TheStern H.R.
X2272Mobile Buck, The. Wing Dance & Cakewalk.Sullivan D.J.
X2274Uncle Rufe's Jubilee, Two StepRollinson
X2276Smokey Mokes. Cakewalk.Holzmann, Abe
X2277Ragtime Skedaddle, A. March & Cakewalk.Rosey, George
X2279Topsy's in Town, Cakewalk & Two StepCrosby W.
X2291La Mondala.?
X2292La Tyrolienne.?
X2302Fair Maiden of Seville. Gavotte.Tobani
X2303Hop Sing. (Chinese Fantasy).Katzenstein
X2306In the Days of Love & Roses. Waltzes.Janssen B.H.
X2308Night Owls Patrol, The.Janssen
X2313Gee Pee Bee March.Meikle
X2315Cotton Pickers Rag, Two StepSutton
X2316Columbia, The.not given
X2319Chaconne. Symphony Orchestral.Bottari
X2323Pensacola PickaninniesSmythe, Alice R.
X2324Willow Grove March.Sorrentino
X2326Under the Double Eagle March.Wagner J.F.
X2328Zenda Waltz.Whitmark
X2329Campin on de Ole SuwaneeSmith, Lee Ocean
X2330Margery Two Step.Daniels C.H.
X2331Original Rags.Joplin & Daniels
X2338Norweigan Bridal MarchGrieg E.
X2344Man Behind the Gun March, TheSousa J.P.
X2347Three-Step Redowa.Basle
X2354Mississippi Frolic, A. Two StepKlein E.A. spelling
X2355American Caprice Mazurka.Clauder J.
X2359U.C. WaltzesBoex A.J.
X2365Charlatan March, The.Sousa J.P. [may be duplicate]
X2366Dusky DudesSchwartz
X2372Bunch O' Blackberries. Cakewalk.Holzmann, Abe
X2373Huskin' Bee March, The.Kain
X2380Cackling Chickens, Cake WalkElmore
X2389Fan-Tun March. [might be 'Fan-Tan…].Anthony, Bert R.
X2392Pequina Polka Militaire.Dietz, Gabriel
X2393Magnolia Blossoms WaltzDe Koven R.
X2395For Love or War MarchAronson
X2398Dolores WaltzesWaldteufel, Emil
X2404Singing Girl March, The.Herbert, Victor
X2405Love's Smile WaltzesMartin, Frank
X2413American Citizen Waltzes.Witmark, Frank M.
X2414Cynthia's Up Town Walk, Cake WalkHenrich A.E.
X2415Tickled to Death, Cake WalkHunter, Chas
X2416Ma Rag Time Baby, Two StepStone, Fred S.
X2418Under Fire, March & Two StepRussell A. Jnr
X2421Proposal Waltz, The.Dreyfus, Max
X2422On Duty. March + Two Step.Rosey, George
X2426Dominion March, The.?
X2431Sailors Hornpipe?
X2434Wedding of the Winds, Concert WaltzHall, John T.
X2435Maldito Amor Danza.Campus, J.Morel
X2437Coon Band Contest, A.Pryor, Arthur
X2439Violets WaltzUre, Gladys M.
X2440Songs. 1.La Bella Margot; 2.Mercedes Y Matilde; 3. Vano Empeno. (Arturo P.Pasarell - 2)Morel Campos J. 1+3 on
X2441Las Dos Marias; Laura Y GeorgianaJ. Morel Campos
X2443Hail to The Spirit of Liberty March.Sousa J.P.
X2451American Girl, The. Two Step.Herbert, Victor
X2452Fiddle Dee Dee March & Two Step, as Danced by Bessie ClaytonStromberg, John
X2456Ocean Breezes WaltzVictor Herbert
X2458Florodora MarchStuart, Leslie
X2459Richard Carvel MarchWm. Furst
X2472Mis Mazur, MazurkaLewandowskisgo L.
X2474Atlantic City Board Walk, Two Step & Cake WalkSchroeder, George
X2480Thousand & One Nights Waltz, A.Strauss
X2482Sounds from the Vienna Woods WaltzStrauss
X2485El Paso Spanish WaltzesBert R. Anthony
X2490Ritka. (Danse Hongroise).Keyll
X2491La Chaconne. Danse Noble.Czibulka
X2494Kreuz PolkaGross H.
X2495Yale Boola March & Two StepHirsch A.M.
X2498Grand Galop de ConcertKetterer E.
X2501Dawn of Love. Polka Characteristic.Gebest, Chas J.
X2502Silver Trumpets March.Viviani F.
X2505Rag Knot, Cake Walk & Two StepColeman W.C.
X2508Blue Danube Waltz, Arrangement B.Strauss
X2510Leonore, or Deliclosa Polka.Merz
X2511Sur L'onde Waltz.Labadie H.
X2513Dreams of Childhood WaltzesWaldteufel, Emil
X2518Rainbow Dance, The.Rosey, George
X2522Invincible Eagle MarchSousa J.P.
X2525Valse BlueMargis A.
X2526David Harum, March & Two StepDavis ??
X2527Aunt Jemima's Birthday Party. Cakewalk + Two Step.O'Sutton, Harry
X2530Songs of Scotland: Fantasie Waltz
X2533Amoreuse, Waltz Tres LenteBerger, Rudolphe
X2535Creole Bells, Ragtime MarchLampe, James Bodewalt
X2539When Knighthood was in Flower. waltzes.Gustin L.V.
X2541Wiener Type Polka.Strauss, Edward
X2543My Lady Love Waltzes.Rosey, George
X2547Montevideo WaltzLogheder L.
X2550With Fire & Sword. March & Two Step.Johnson, Chas L.
X2552La Fiesta March.Ronoovieri, Alfred
X2553Matinee Girl, The. March & Two Step.Kenetil, Rose
X2555Cotton Bolls, Two StepHunter, Chas
X2557Uncle Eph's CakewalkSmith C.E.
X2559Amorettentanze, Op.161Gung'l, Jos
X2560La Belle Virginia MazurkaHoffman, Carl
X2563Am Woerther See. (Karntner Waltzer).Koschat
X2566Florodora WaltzKiefert, Carl
X2569? Ahora O Nuncer [cant read r/c list]Lusurav, Rudolfo
X2569Valse Brilliante.Lucero, Rudolpho
X2571ACasina Girl, The. Lancers, Figs I, II, III.Englander
X2571BCasino Girl, The. Lancers, Figures IV, V.Englander
X2579Little Duchess, The, March & Two StepDe Koven R.
X2594L'Etoile Polaire - Waltzes.Waldteufel, Emil
X2604Scent of The Rose, Intermezzo.Loraine, William
X2605Si? Pas De Le Maitre (Pas de Quatre).Corretjer, Leopoldo
X2607Cotton Blossoms, March ComiqueHall, Milton H.
X2608Loin du Pays. (vlase Tzigane).Berger, Rudolphe
X2615Hurrah Boys, March & Two StepLacalle, Jos
X2625La Vie pour Le Czaar.?
X2626Barrymore Waltzes, The.Bratton John W.
X2628Coloured Major, TheHenry S.R.
X2629Clorinda, March & Two StepHaines, Chauncey
X2632Varsity March, Society Two StepVan Baar, Chas L.
X2636Donkey Laugh, The. Two Step.?
X2637Blaze Away. March & Two Step.Holzmann, Abe
X2641Dawn of the Century MarchPaull E.T.
X2645The Imperial Marche Militaire (Two Step)Bert R. Anthony
X2648Imperial Edward, Military March.Sousa
X2651Sunflower Slow Drag. Ragtime Two Step.Joplin & Hayden
X2658Eton Boating Song, WaltzKaps K.
X2659Peaceful Henry, A Slow Drag.Kelly, Harry
X2662Black Smoke, A. Characteristic 2 step.Johnson, Chas L.
X2668Right of Way March & Two StepCasey, James W.
X2669Little Alligator Bait, Cake WalkCasey, James W.
X2672An Artist's Model (Music & Laughter) WaltzesJones, Sidney
X2674King's March, TheStella, Alfred
X2676Le Printemps Waltz.Chesley, George W.
X2679Claudia Polka, The.Norwood, Eillie
X2680Toute Passe, Valse LenteBerger, Rudolphe
X2684Sweethearts. Waltzes.D'Albert, Charles
X2687The Padishah, Persian MarchW.L.
X2688Pride of the Navy MarchHunt, Major C.
X2690Virginia, or Lord MacDonald's Reel.not given
X2697Marche Aux FlambeauxClark, Scotson
X2700Alma Waltz, The.Morgan, Bert
X2704Iris Waltzes.Quarles, Jas T.
X2710Doctrinen WaltzStrauss
X2711College Days. March & Two Step.Clarke, Herbert L.
X2715Marche RusseGanne, Louis
X2717Don't Make Dem Scandolous Eyes At MeLee Johnson
X2722Jolly Student, The, March & Two StepZickel
X2727The Army Lancers Figs 1,2, & 3Silvia Bruno
X2736Rose of the Riviera, The. (on Bernard Rolt's Popular Song).arr H.Finck
X2738Choristers Waltz, ThePhelps, Bernard
X2739Navajo, Indian Characteristique March & Two StepVan Alstyne, Egbert
X2743Under the Southern Moon, March & Two Step.Ephraim
X2745Thoughts of Love. Pense D'Amour.Mann, Nat D.
X2752Hold on to The Rope, March & Two StepHerrle ??
X2756Little Indian Maid, March Intermezzo. arr by Ludomir Thomas.Lehmann, Samuel
X2760Dream of Heaven Waltz, A.Bauer, Arthur W.
X2761Under the Palm Trees WaltzSinnhold, Rudolf
X2772General Grant's Grand March.Mack
X2773Response a Francios Celebre ValseA Karasinski
X2778Montebank March and Two StepAlfred Doyle
X2779Kurjer Warszawski Waltz.Karasinski A.
X2784Alexander, Medley March & Two Step, introducing Down Where the Sweet Potatoes GrowVon Tilzer H.
X2790La Capinera. Mazurka.Spinelli, Guiseppe
X2793Down at The Baby StoreVon Tilzer H.
X2796Cradle Song. Improvisation, Op.14, no.17. arr by Merkle.Brahms
X2798Good Bye, Sis. Intro - Longing for You. March & Two Step. Arr Rudy Harlieb.Morse, Theo
X2800Peter Piper, Characteristic March & Two Step. arr by Robert ReckerHenry S.R.
X2803La Blanche. Menuet-Pastorale, Op.28Hegner, Anton
X2810Rattletrap, March & Two StepVon de Mehden Jnr, Lou
X2811A Bit oâ?T Honey An Irish Intermezzo â?" Two StepJ Fred Helf
X2813My Ideal, March & Two StepArnold, John
X2816Sunny Italy. Waltz on Italian Airs, Op.447.Moses Tobani, Theo
X2819Down The Field, MarchFriedman, Stanleigh P.
X2820Stadium March, The.Johnston J.W.
X2821Diplomat March, The.Sousa J.P.
X2822Keep a Little Cosey Corner in Your Heart for Me, Medley March & Two Step, intro - Don't be So Mean.Morse, Theo
X2823Mother Goose's Vocal Lancers, Figures 1,2,3.Von de Mehden Jnr, Lou
X2824Mother Goose's Vocal Lancers, Figures 4,5.Von de Mehden Jnr, Lou
X2825La Belle Rosa, March UniqueDaniels, Chas N.
X2826Dance of the Harvesters, PolkaBasler, Horace R.
X2827Honeymoon Hall, Medley Waltz introducing - Daughter of Annie Rooney. Pearl & the PumpkinBratton, John H.
X2828Killarney, March & Two StepHoffman, Max
X2829Silver Heels, March & Two StepMoret, Neil
X2830Sourire d'Amour ValseLambert, Frank
X2831Highland Laddies, Scotch Characteristic Two StepCasey, James W.
X2832It Happened in Nordland. Bandana Land, Two Step.Herbert, Victor
X2833Buds & Blossoms WaltzDoyle, Alfred J.
X2834Indianola Patrol, Two StepHartz B.
X2835My Illinois, intro Heap Love, Medley March & Two StepHoward, Joseph E.
X2836Rag Bag Man, Medley March & Two Step, introducing - Cute Little Cannabalee.Mortimer & Sloane
X2837Sympathy, Medley March & Two Step, into Good-bye Sweet Old Manhattan Isle, arr Geo A. CraggKendis, Paley & Schwartz
X2838Becky Sharp, March & Two StepCarkeck W.J.
X2839Waltzing with the Girl You Love, Medley Waltz introducing In The Sweet SpringtimeShields, Ren & Evans, George
X2840An Dich (A Toi), Waltzer, Op.150Waldteufel, Emil
X2841Jung Heidelberg, Prinzen MarschMillocker C.
X2842Sherman's March to the SeaMelott, Mary L.
X2843Halcyon Waltz, Op.463, Happy DaysMoses-Tobani, Theo
X2844I Love You All the Time, Medley Waltz, Introducing - You, You, You, arr by W.C. O'Hare?
X2845Jolly German, Medley Waltz, introducing Herzliebchen Mein unter'm Rebendach. [+ 4 other tunes].Ascher-Mahl
X2846Miss Dolly Dollars, WaltzesHerbert, Victor
X2847Spoontime IntermezzoVon Tilzer A.
X2848Eternelle Ivresse, Valse des FiancaillesGanne, Louis
X2849Happy Heinie, March & Two StepLampe, James Bodewalt
X2850Louisiana WaltzesRyder, Fred L.
X2851Free Lance MarchSousa J.P.
X2852Just a Little Rocking Chair & You, Medley March & Two Step, introducing - I'm So LonelyMorse, Theo
X2864Popularity, March & Two StepCohan, George M.
X2867Cherry Intermezzo. [Sept 1907].Albert
X2868Bye, Bye, Dearie Medley March & Two Step, introducing - Lulu & her La, La, La.Von Tilzer ?? Which one
X2869Red Wing, Indian IntermezzoMills, Kerry
X2870Sacramento. [Dec 1907].Von Tilzer ?? Which one
X2871Our Wedding Day Waltz, Op.410Moses-Tobani, Theo
X2872Honey Boy, Medley Two Step, introducing - Insanity. [Feb 1908].Von Tilzer ?? Which one
X2873Selene, The Moon, WaltzRisler
X2874Cherries, Two Step. (La Cerises). [July 1908].Cremieux
X2875Reed Bird, Two Step, The Indian's BrideReed
? nothing above this number in series.
X3001Faniska Overture.Cherubini
X3002Reinzi Overture.Wagner
X3003William Tell OvertureRossini
X3004Jolly Robbers OvertureVon Suppe, Franz
X3006Die Meistersingers, VorspielWagner
X3007Lohengrin, Introduction.Wagner
X3008Sonata Pathetique, Op.13Beethoven
X3009Der Freischutz Overture.Weber, Charles Marie
X3011Cavalleria Rusticana, PredludioMascagni
X3012Cavalleria Rusticana, Intermezzo E CoroMascagni
X3015Tannhauser OvertureWagner
X3016Raymond OvertureThomas A.
X3017Die Meistersingers, Walther's Prize SongWagner
X3018Merry Wives of Windsor OvertureNicolai
X3019Rigoletto [what part]Verdi
X3022Le Roi D'ys OvertureLalo E.
X3024Am Heldengrabe. At The Hero's Grave.Dvorak
X3025Parsifal. Vorspiel.Wagner
X3028Le Roman De Pierrot Et De Pierrette. Serenade. Duo AmoureuxBurgmein
X3029Lohengrin, Act III, PreludioWagner
X3030Die Walkure. Magic Fire Scene.Wagner
X3031Oberon OvertureWeber, Charles Marie
X3032Sylvia, Valse Lente & PizzicatoDelibes, Leo
X3033Gotterdammerung [What part ??]Wagner
X3035Midsummer Night's Dream. Wedding MarchMendelssohn
X3036Tannhauser, Evening Star SongWagner
X3037Faust, Waltz & ChorusGounod
X3039Martha OvertureFlotow
X3040Bohemian Girl OvertureBalfe M.W.
X3041Fra Diavolo Overture.Auber D.F.
X3042Die Walkure. The Ride of the Walkures.Wagner
X3043Lohengrin. Elsa's Dream.Wagner
X3044Robin Hood, SelectionsDe Koven R.
X3045Fencing Master Selections.De Koven R.
X3046Stradella Overture.Flotow
X3048Flying Dutchman, The. Spinning SongWagner-Liszt
X3049I'LombardiSydney Smith
X3050Tannhauser March, Act 2. Scene 4.Wagner
X3051Precioso OvertureWeber, Charles Marie
X3052Zampa OvertureHerold
X3053Magic Flute OvertureMozart
X3058Faust, Fantasie BrillianteGounod
X3059Poet & Peasant OvertureVon Suppe, Franz
X3062Reinzi OvertureWagner
X3063Gabriell Overture.Pizzi, Emilio
X3064Lohengrin, Wedding MarchWagner
X3065Barber of Seville, OvertureRossini
X3066Tyrolean Nightingale Song, The.Zeller
X3067Semiramide OvertureRossini
X3068Il Trovatore, MiserereVerdi
X3070Norma OvertureBellini
X3071Pique Dame OvertureVon Suppe, Franz
X3072Caliph of Bagdad Overture.Boieldieu
X3073Mignon Overture.Thomas A.
X3074Il Trovatore, Di Tale Amor Che Dirsi. Squilli Elheggi La TrombaVerdi
X3075La Prophete, Coronation MarchMeyerbeer
X3076La Fille de Madame Angot. Potpourri.Lecocq
X3077Carmen, Toreador's SongBizet
X3079Norma. Casta Diva.Bellini
X3081Faust, Act 4, Terzetto Valentine, Faust & Mephistofele.Gounod
X3086Vert-Vert, Potpourri.Offenbach
X3087Erminie PotpourriJakobowski
X3089Grand Duchess. Potpourri. arr by Cramer.Offenbach
X3090L'Ombre Overture.Flotow
X3091Jubel Overture, Op.66Bach, Chr
X3092Dorothy Selection. 1.Be Wise in Time; 2.Queen of My Heart; 3.Contentment, I Give You.Cellier
X3093Alphonso & Estrella Overture.Schubert, Franz
X3096La Fille Du Regiment. Potpourri. Arr by Cramer.Donizetti
X3098Faust, Ballet Music, No.1,2.Gounod
X3099Faust, Ballet Music, No.3,4,5.Gounod
X3100Faust, Ballet Music, No.6,7.Gounod
X3102I Puritani, Fantasie BrillianteLeybach
X3103Chimes of Normandy OverturePlanquette
X3106Midsummer Night's Dream. Overture.Mendelssohn
X3108Euranthe OvertureWeber, Charles Marie
X3109Fatinitza March.Suppe
X3110Bronze Horse Overture, The.Auber
X3111Sakuntala Overture.Goldmark
X3113Light Cavalry OvertureVon Suppe, Franz
X3116Lohengrin, Act II, Scene 4; Act I, Finale.Wagner
X3117Faust. Cavatina - All Hail Thous Dwelling; Quartet - Act 3, No.10.Gounod
X3118Chimes of NormandyPlanquette [suspect se
X3119Lustpiel (Comedy) OvertureKela-Bela
X3122Pirates of PenzanceSullivan A.S.
X3123Mikado PotpourriSullivan A.S.
X3124Wang SelectionsMorse, Theo
X3125Patience PotpourriSullivan A.S.
X3126Carmen Prelude, Canzonet BohemianBizet
X3127? Rob Roy Selections [suspect number]?
X3130Sonnambula Overture.Bellini
X3132Tancredi Overture.Rossini
X31331492 Selections?
X3134Coppelia Ballet. Valse de Poupee & Valse Lente.Delibes
X3135Little Tycoon Overture.Spenser
X3136Grand Duchess [What part ??]Offenbach
X3141Princess Bonnie SelectionsSpenser, Willard
X3142Tannhauser, Act III, Elizabeth's Prayer, Wolfram's SongWagner
X3143Murillo OvertureGounod
X3144L'Elisine D'Amour, Fantasie.Leybach
X3146Faust, Flower Song; The King of Thule.Gounod
X3150Wizard of the Nile. What is Love? - Duet; Stone Cutter's Song; To the Pyramid - Song & Chorus.Herbert, Victor
X3152La Belle Helene, selections.Offenbach
X3153The Golden Legend. Scene 3, On The Road to Salerno.Sullivan A.S.
X3160Il Trovatore. Il Balen. Anvil Chorus.Verdi
X3164Die Walkure, Act III, Wotan's FarewellWagner
X3165Erminie, Soldier's Chorus; song - When Love is Young; chorus - Goodnight.Jacobowski
X3170Tower of Babel, The. Pictures. 1.Chorus of Sons of Shem; 2.Sons of Ham; 3.Sons of Japet.Rubinstein
X3171La Damnation de FaustBerlioz, Hector
X3173Les Hugenots, Corale. Cavatina - Say, Gentle Page.Meyerbeer
X3175Aida. Romanza - Celeste Aida.Verdi
X3176Lohengrin. Farewell Dear Swan. (song & chorus).Wagner
X3177Faust [What part ??]Gounod
X3179Aida Act 2, Scene 2 Chorus: Glory To IsisVerdi
X3180Tannhauser, Act II, Duet, O Blessed Hour.Wagner
X3181Mignon, Act 3, Romance, And Little Thought The MaidThomas A.
X3183Pagliacci, Act I, Scene 3, Punchinello DuetLeoncavallo, Ruggerio
X3184Robin Hood. 1.A Tailor There Dwelt; 2.Brown October Ale; 3.Tinker's Song.De Koven R.
X3185Medley Overture. Ten Minutes with the Minstrels.Bowron
X3186Si J'Etais Roi OvertureAdam
X3188Norma. Hear Me Norma.Bellini
X3190Bohemian Girl Sel - The Heart Bowed Down; I Dreamt That I Dwelt; Then You'll Remember Me.Balfe M.W.
X3191Maritana OvertureWallace
X3193Trovatore, Si. La Stanchezza. Coro di Zingari. Anvil Chorus.Verdi
X3194Robert Le DiableMeyerbeer
X3195Lucrezia Borgia. Potpourri by Cramer.Donizetti
X3196La Sonnambula, Potpourri by CramerBellini
X3198La Traviata, PotpourriVerdi
X3200La Prophete. Fantasie.arr Sidney Smith
X3201Girofle - Girofla Potpourri.Lecocq
X3205Masaniello OvertureAuber D.F.
X3209Tristan & Isolde, VorspielWagner
X3212Siegfried, WaldwebenWagner
X3216Parsifal. Act 1, March & Consecration of the Grail.Wagner
X3217Paul & Virginia, DuetMasse
X3219Cleopatra. Marcia Trionfale.Mancinelli
X3220Parsifal. Act II. Scene of the Flower.Wagner
X3221Hansel & Gretel. Scene 2, Duet Der Klein Sandmann; Scene 2, Pantomime Music; Scene 3, Kunsper WalzerHumperdinck
X3222Don Giovanni.Mozart
X3226Whitsuntide in Florence. Potpourri.Czibulka
X3230Geisha, The. Jack's the Boy. - song.Monckton, Lionel
X3231Geisha, The. Toy Monkey. - songMonckton, Lionel
X3232Geisha, The. The Interfering ParrotJones, Sidney
X3233The Serenade, Act 3, Dreaming, Dreaming. Finale.Herbert, Victor
X3234The Serenade, Act 2, Introduction & Opening Chorus.Herbert, Victor
X3238The Serenade Act II, The AngelusVictor Herbert
X3244Crown of Gold Overture.Hermann A.
X3247Trompeter Von Sakkingen. Werner's Abschied. It Was Not So To Be.Nessler
X3250Rosamunde OvertureSchubert, Franz
X3252Midsummer Night's Dream. Paraphrase de Concert.arr Sydney Smith. Mendelssohn
X3255Son & Stranger Overture.Mendelssohn
X3260ManonMassenet, Jules
X3261Manon, Finale DuettMassenet, Jules
X3262Siegmund's Love SongLange
X3265Eine Faust Overture.Wagner
X3269Siegmund's Love SongLang
X3271William Tell Overture[probably arrangement B]. Rossini
X3275Belle of New York, The. The Purity Brigade; They All Follow Me; They Call Me The Belle of New YorkKerker, Gus
X3279Der Freischutz Potpourri?
X3282Garin - Sardana.Breton
X3285Belle of New York, The. On the Beach at Narragansett; Teach Me How to Kiss Dear; When We are MarriedKerker, Gus
X3288Mousquetaires Au Convent, PotpourriDe Vilbac R.
X3291Telephone Girl, The - PotpourriKerker, Gus
X3293Little Host, The. I'm a Shy Little Innocent Thing. [conflicts see 3295]Chivers
X3295Little Host, The. (I'm a Shy Little Innocent Thing).[conflicts see 3293]Chilvers
X3296A Runaway Girl PotpourriMonckton & Caryll
X3298Das Rheingold. Wotan Greets Walhalla.Wagner
X3303Hero & Leander, Act 3. I See Him.Mancinelli
X3304Paragraph III, OvertureVon Suppe, Franz
X3306Midsummer Night's Dream. Nocturne.Mendelssohn
X3307Die Meistersingers. Act 1, Scene 3. By Nature Taught.Wagner
X3309Die Meistersingers, Act 2, Scene 5, Sach's Cobbler's Son G.Wagner
X3312Das Rheingold. [what part].?
X3331Barber of Seville, Fantasieby Leybach Rossini
X3334Mirelle. Waltz Song.Gounod
X3335Mirelle (Transcription).Gounod
X3337Little Duke, The. Fantasie.Lecocq
X3338Haydee-Fantasie.Auber D.F.
X3341Coppelia Ballet Music.Delibes
X3342Cavalleria Rusticana, Intermezzo. For Mandolin & Guitar.Mascagni
X3343Rigoletto Potpourri.Cramer
X3344Overture, La Favourite.Donizetti
X3346Serenade Waltzes, The.Herbert, Victor
X3347Pinafore [What part ??]Sullivan A.S.
X3349Belle of New York, The. Waltzes.Kerker, Gus
X3352Serenade March, The.Herbert, Victor
X3354Singing Girl, The. Song of the Danube.Herbert, Victor
X3355Casino Girl, The. “The Casino Girl”.Macconnell
X3356Casino Girl, The. It's the Chink, Chink, Chink.Macconnell
X3357Casino Girl, The. The Drum Major's Song.Macconnell
X3359Martiana-Alas Those Chimes So Sweetly StealingWallace
X3363Singing Girl, The - SelectionsHerbert, Victor
X3364Ameer, The. Potpourri.Herbert, Victor
X3366San Toy opening Chorus: We'll keep the…Sidney Jones
X3367San Toy, Act I, Six Little WivesJones, Sidney
X3368San Toy, Act I, The Petals of the Plum TreeJones, Sidney
X3370San Toy, Act I, Pynka PongJones, Sidney
X3371San Toy, Act II, The Emperor's Own.Jones, Sidney
X3373Geisha, The. The Jewel of Asia - song.Philip
X3374Faust, Act 3, Jewel Song.Gounod
X3380Echoes from the Metropolitan Opera House [8 songs].arr by Theo Moses-Tobani Various
X3382Tannhauser. Pilgrim's Chorus. trans by Liszt.Wagner
X3388Floradora Act II, Tell me, pretty maidenLeslie Stuart
X3393Florodora, PotpourriStuart, Leslie
X3400Jone. Funeral March. Market Chorus. Brindisi. Aria - L'Amo.Petrella
X3405Aida - potpourriVerdi
X3407Das Leben fuer den Czaar.Glinka
X3408Le Prince Igor - Aria.Borodini
X3411Galka. Recit & Aria.Manushko
X3412Eugene Onegin. All Ages Are Slaves to Love.Tschaikowski
X3414Eugene Onegin. Arioso Des Lenski.Tschaikowski
X3417Fidelio (Leonore), Op.72, No.4, OvertureBeethoven
X3419Florodora, Act I, The Shade of the Palm.Stuart, Leslie
X3427Kentucky Memories? Gilden
X3429Das Rheingold. Descent To The Lower World.Wagner
X3430Das Rheingold. Mimes Lament (The Tarnhelm).Wagner
X3441Coppelia Ballet MazurkaDelibes, Leo
X3443Geisha, The. Selection.Jones, Sidney
X3444San Toy SelectionsJones, Sidney
X3448Gilderoy Overture.Berger, Emil
X3450King Dodo Overture?
X3452Guy Mannering OvertureSir Henry Bishop
X3455King Dodo [What part ??] ? Greg F.?
X3456King Dodo. Look in the Book and see.Luders, Gustav
X3458Gems of Offenbach's Organarr Theo Moses
X3460Burgomaster, The. Selections?
X3463Dinorah, The Pardon of Ploermei OvertureMeyerbeer
X3464La Gioconda. Fantasie Elegante by S.Alassio. [NOT + dance of hours].Ponchielli A.
X3468Romeo & Juliet. Act V. Juliet's Slumber.Gounod
X3473Little Duchess, The. Bathing Song.De Koven, R.
X3474Phedre - Overture.Massenet, Jules
X3475Toreador, The, Act I.Caryll
X3478Toreador, The, Act II. Grand Chorus & March.Caryll, Ivan
X3485Strollers, The.Englander, Ludwig
X3486Emerald Isle. Selections.Sullivan & German
X3488Rigoletto. Paraphrase by Liszt.Verdi
X3505My Sulu Lulu LooMann, Nat D.
X3508La Fiancee Du Tzar Overture.Rimsky-Korsakov
X3510Fridthjof and Ingeborg. Overture.Hanson C.F.
X3512Tridthiof & Ingeborg, Act III, Scene 2, Festal March [Spelling]Hanson C.F.
X3514Silver Slipper, The. Two Eyes of Blue.Stuart, Leslie
X3519Country Girl, A. [Which Part]Monckton, Lionel
X3520I Want to be A Military Man, SongStuart, Leslie
X3527Toreador, The - SelectionCaryll & Monckton
X3530Merrie England, Act I, Who Were The Yeoman, Song with ChorusGerman E.
X3532Merrie England, Act II, The Queen of the May is Crowned Today, The Rustic DanceGerman E.
X3534Lohengrin. Grande Fantasie by Sidney Smith.Wagner
X3536Gondoliers, The. PotpourriSullivan A.S.
X3539Country Girl, A. SelectionsMonckton, Lionel
X3541A Chinese Honeymoon. Act 1, SextetteTalbot
X3545Iolanthe SelectionsSullivan A.S.
X3546Prince of Pilsen, The.?
X3555Three Little Maids, SelectionRubins, Paul A.
X3558Fantasie Sur La Boheme, [ may be 3588)Puccini E.
X3559Boys will be Boys (Mr.Pickwick).Klein, Manuel
X3561Philharmonic Echoes. (Potpourri).Moses Tobani, Theo
X3562Merry Medieval Maid, The. My Lady Molly.Jones, Sidney
X3563Yeoman of The Guard, SelectionSullivan A.S.
X3564Pirates of Penzance, PotpourriSullivan A.S.
X3568Three Little Maids.Rubens, Paul
X3574Carmen. Fantasie Brilliante by W.Kuhe.Bizet
X3575Flying Dutchman, The. SelectionWagner
X3581Il Trovatore, Fantasie, Op.39, No.3.arr by Edouard Dorn Verdi
X3582Peggy from Paris, Selections, arr by Hilding Anderson.Loraine, William
X3587Merce Dilette Amiche Bolero. Die Sizilianische Vesper. Trans by Brinley Richards.Verdi
X3588See 3558 maybe?
X3591.Babes in Toyland. 5.Eccentric Dance; 6. Never Mind Bo Peep; 7.Children's Theme; 8.Before & After; 9.Herbert, Victor
X3591.Babes in Toyland. 9.Floretta.Herbert, Victor
X3591Babes in Toyland. 1.March of the Toys; 2.Barney O'Flynn; 3. The Moon Will Help You Out; 4.Jane;Herbert, Victor
X3603Rogers Bros in London. Grand Selection.arr by Everett J.Evans
X3626Orchid Selection, arr Dan Godfrey.Caryll & Monckton
X3631Lakme, Indian Bell Song.Delibes
X3641Martha, Potpourri.arr by H.Cramer Flotow
X3642Fra Diavolo, Potpourri.(arr Henri Cramer) Auber D.F.
X3644Woodland Selections; 1.Prince Eagles Return; 2.Some Day When My Dreams Come True; 3.Bye, Bye, Baby;Luders, Gustave
X3644Woodland Selections; 4.Tale of The Turtle Dove; 5.Valley of Horus; 6.Message of Spring;Luders, Gustave
X3644Woodland Selections; 7.If You Love Me Lindy; 8.Dainty Little Ingenue; 9.Finale Act I.Luders, Gustave
X3646Royal Chef Selection.Arranged by H. A. Dahlman.
X3665Lady Teazle. In Dear Old Grandma's Days.Sloane, A.Baldwin
X3670Lady Teazle, SelectionsSloane, A.Baldwin
X3675Lady Madcap; 1.Entrance of Yeomanry; 2.Pretty Primrose; 3.Archery Chorus; 4.My Comtesse;Rubins, Paul A.
X3675Lady Madcap; 5.Farewell Chorus; 6.In Scarlet Uniform; 7.I Like You in Velvet; 8.Beetle & The Boot;Rubins, Paul A.
X3675Lady Madcap; 9.Misses; 10.A Way we Have in the Army; 11.Finale Act I.arr by Dan Godfrey Rubins, Paul A.
X3676Catch of the Season, The. SelectionsHaines & Baker
X3685Ensenanza Libre, No.2. Tango del Morrongo. [July 1906].Gimenez G.
X3690Faust, March & Soldier's ChorusGounod
X3691Happyland. Cupid's GrammarDe Koven R.
X3692Forty Five Minutes from Broadway - song.Cohan, George M.
X3693.Forty Five Minutes from Broadway, 3.Forty Five Minutes from Broadway; 4.So Long Mary;Cohan, George M.
X3693.Forty Five Minutes from Broadway, 5.Retiring from the Stage; 6.Stand up & Fight.Cohan, George M.
X3693Forty Five Minutes from Broadway, Selection. 1.Popular Millionaire; 2.Mary's a Grand Old Name;Cohan, George M.
X3694.Happyland, 12.Give me Thy Heart, Love; 13.Ring Out, Sweet Bells.De Koven R.
X3694.Happyland, 4.Pretty Maiden; 5.Twas the Rose; 6.Madigral; 7.Slumber on; 8.Chorus of Shepherds;De Koven R.
X3694.Happyland, 9.Robin Redbreast; 10.Just Eighteen Years Ago; 11.Mimette, My Human Mermaid;De Koven R.
X3694Happyland, 1. Behold the King; 2.Entrance of Troubadours; 3.So Then, away, Serenade Fortunatus;De Koven R.
X3695Forty Five Minutes from Broadway, So Long, Mary.Cohan, George M.
X3696Wonderland. I Would Like to Marry You.Laska, Edward
X3697Wonderland. Nature Class.Herbert, Victor
X3698.Veronique, 10.Hush! Hush! Auntie, Please Tell Me; 11.Finale, Act II.Messager, Andre
X3698.Veronique, 5.Finale Act I; 6.Letter Song; 7.Please Sir, we want, If We May; 8.Dear Little Donkey;Messager, Andre
X3698.Veronique, 9.Opening Chorus Act III, Ah, Well, We'll try to be Precise;Messager, Andre
X3698Veronique, 1.His Military Mein; 2.Sweet Lisette; 3.The Swing Song; 4.Take Estelle & Veronique;Messager, Andre
X3699Veronique, Act II. Swing SongMessager, Andre
X3700.Little Michus, 10.This Little Girl & That; 11.Opening Chorus Act I; 12.Finale Act I.arr A.Ketelbey Messager, Andre
X3700.Little Michus, 3.Three Little Maids; 4.Regiment of Frock & Frills; 5.It's no use crying for the moonMessager, Andre
X3700.Little Michus, 6.Little Sister; 7.Trio, Act 3, Hop O' my Thumb; 8.Miss Nobody from Nowhere;Messager, Andre
X3700.Little Michus, 9.Sextette, Act 3, Monsieur Gaston My Heart's a Weather GlassMessager, Andre
X3700Little Michus, 1.Our Fairy Godmamma; 2.Finale Act II, Prayer, Song of the Regiment;Messager, Andre
X3701Yankee Regent SelectionsJerome, Ben M.
X3702.Miss Dolly Dollars, 10.Finale, Act II.Herbert, Victor
X3702.Miss Dolly Dollars, 4.Good Cigar is a Smoke; 5.Educated Fool; 6.Moth & The Moon;Herbert, Victor
X3702.Miss Dolly Dollars, 7.American Heiress; 8.American Music; 9.Life's a Masquerade;Herbert, Victor
X3702Miss Dolly Dollars, 1.Self Made Family; 2.Just Get Out & Walk; 3.Dolly Dollars;Herbert, Victor
X3703.Moonshine, 4.Friendship; 5.Foolish; 6.I'm looking for My Ten; 7.In My Submarine;Hein, Silvo
X3703.Moonshine, 8.Don't be What you Ain't; 9.Mr. Bonaparte.Hein, Silvo
X3703Moonshine, 1.How Happy Could this Chappie Be; 2. Robinson Crusoe's Isle; 3.A Hundred Years from Now;Hein, Silvo
X3704.Rogers Bros in Ireland, 5.Shamrock of Ireland; 6.Choo Choo Cars; 7.So Different; 8.Hannah Dooley.Hoffman, Max
X3704Rogers Bros in Ireland, 1.Blarney; 2.Irish Girl I Love; 3.Jaunting Car; 4.My Irish Maid;Hoffman, Max
X3705Gotterdammerung, Siegfried's Rheinfahrt. trans by Edwin H. Lemare.Wagner
X3706.George Washington Jnr, 3.I'll be there with Bells On; 4.Washington should come to life;Cohan, George M.
X3706.George Washington Jnr, 5.All Aboard for Broadway; 6.Wedding of the Blue & the Grey; 7.Virginia Song.Cohan, George M.
X3706George Washington Jnr, 1.Your'e a Gran Old Flag; 2.He was a Wonderful Man;Cohan, George M.
X3707.White Chrysanthemum,The. 3.Mamma's Piccaninny; 4.The Latest News; 5.The Butterfly & the Flower;Talbot, Howard
X3707.White Chrysanthemum,The. 6.The only Pebble on the Beach; 7.O Wandering Breeze;Talbot, Howard
X3707.White Chrysanthemum,The. 8.You Can't please Everybody Always; 9.Finale Act I, Ting a Ling. [KetelbeyTalbot, Howard
X3707White Chrysanthemum,The. 1.Six Jolly Sailors & 2 Slim Chinee; 2.My very own Popsy Wopsy WooTalbot, Howard
X3708Boabdil Ballet, No.2, Scherzo ValseMoszkowski
X3709Die Meistersingers, Act I, Scene 3, Pogner's AddressWagner
X3710Benvenuto Cellini Overture, Op.23Berlioz, Hector
X3711.Society Circus. 5.Laughing School; 6.Good, Kind, Jolly Man; 7.Real Society Circus.Klein, Manuel
X3711Society Circus. 1.Song of the Gypsy King; 2.Tainted Gold; 3.Under the Glorious Sky; 4.Moon Dear;Klein, Manuel
X3712.Wonderland. 10.Companions of The Blade.Herbert, Victor
X3712.Wonderland. 6.Indian Dance; 7.Popular Pauline; 8.I & Myself & Me; 9.Love's Golden Day;Herbert, Victor
X3712Wonderland. 1.Hallowe'en; 2.Jografree; 3.Nature Class; 4.When Perrico Plays; 5. Only One;Herbert, Victor
X3713.Vanderbilt Cup. 3.My House-Boat Beau; 4.Vanderbilt Cup Galop; 5.Wine, Women & Song.Bowers, Robin Hood
X3713Vanderbilt Cup. 1.Little Chauffeur; 2.Somewhere in the World There's a Little Girl for Me;Bowers, Robin Hood
X3714.Umpire. 4.Umpire is a Most Unhappy Man; 5.Sun that Shines on Dixie LandHoward, Joseph E.
X3714.Umpire. 6.You Look Awful Good to Father; 7.Clorinda Jackson; 8.Finale Act I.Howard, Joseph E.
X3714Umpire. 1.Drums of the Fore & Aft; 2.Cross Your Heart; 3.Let's Take a Trolley Ride;Howard, Joseph E.
X3715Society Circus. March of the Flowers.Klein, Manuel
X3716Faust Serenade, Scheinst zu schlafen du im Stubchen. [July 1906].Gounod
X3717Mexicana. 1.I Have Heard so Much About You; 2.Major Margery; 3.Fickle Weather Vane;Hubbell
X3717Mexicana. 4.I am The Wizard of Wall Street; 5.The Bolero; 6.I Was Just Supposing;Hubbell
X3717Mexicana. 7.We've got a lot to Learn; 8.United we Stand.arr by Frank Saddler. Hubbell
X3718Pagliacci Selection, OP.240.arr by Theo Moses-Tobani Leoncavallo, Ruggerio
X3720Student King. 1.Rooster & The Lark; 2.Dance; 3.Nudel, Nudel, Nup, Nup; 4.Columbine & Harlequin.De Koven R.
X3721.Rosalie. 5.Japanese Slumber Song; 6.Ze Patent Love Perfume.Spenser, Willard
X3721Rosalie. 1.Introduction; 2.Fairy Revels; 3.Lover's Quarrels; 4.Society Nurses;Spenser, Willard
X3724Lohengrin Potpourri, for 4 hands.Wagner
X3739Merry Widow Potpourri. [before Dec 1907].Lehar, Franz
X3744Grand Opera Bits.arr by George Rosey
X3746About Town Selection.Ellis, Melville
X3757Merry Widow Waltzes. (Ballsiren).Lehar, Franz
X3759.Fifty Miles From Boston. 4.Jack & Jill; 5.Ain't it Awful; 6.The Small Town Girl. [Sept 1907].Cohan, George M.
X3759Fifty Miles From Boston. 1.Brookfield Two Step; 2.Harrigan; 3.The Boys That Fight The Flames;Cohan, George M.
X3760.Girl Behind The Counter, 7.The Land Where the Best Man Wins; 8.Finale Act I.arr A.W.Ketelbey. Talbot, Howard
X3760.Girl Behind The Counter, The. 4.I Mean to Marry a Man; 5.Won't You Buy? 6.In Gay Paree;Talbot, Howard
X3760Girl Behind The Counter, The. 1.Opening Chorus Act II; 2.Shopping; 3.Mam'selle Ninette;Talbot, Howard
X3761Undine, Potpourri, arr for four Hands by H.Cramer. [sept 1907]Lotzing
X3763Mazeppa EinleitungTschaikowski
X3764.Knight for a Day. 3.Hurroo, Hurray & Hurrah for That; 4.Life is a See-Saw;Hubbell, Raymond
X3764.Knight for a Day. 5.Girl of the Great Divide; 6.Two Little Kittens.Hubbell, Raymond
X3764Knight for a Day. 1.Whistle When You Walk Out; 2.Little Girl in Blue;Hubbell, Raymond
X3765Die Konigin Von Saba,Vorspiel Goldmark
X3766Little Cherub, SelectionCaryll
X3767Mefistofele, Ridda e Fuga InfernaleBoito
X3768.Rogers Bros in Panama. 4.Cupid's Gay Bouquet; 5.Way Down Colon Town; 6.Under the Jungle Moon;Hoffmann
X3768.Rogers Bros in Panama. 7.The Adorable Toreador.Hoffmann
X3768Rogers Bros in Panama. 1.Sunrise at the Zoo; 2.In Panama; 3.Smile, Smile, Smile;Hoffmann
X3769Les Contes d'Hoffman. Entr'Acte. Romance. Barcarolle.Offenbach
X3770Adriana Lecouvreur, Selection.arr by Dan Godfrey Cilea
X3771.Hip! Hip! Hooray. 4.Coon College; 5.You'll Never Know What Love is Until I Love You; 6.Old Friends.Edwards
X3771Hip! Hip! Hooray. 1.What's the Good; 2.All I Want in the Wide, Wide World is You; 3.Fashion;Edwards
X3772Merry Widow. I Love You So.Lehar, Franz
X3773Lucrezia Borgia, Morceau de Concert, Op.19, by AscherDonizetti
X3774Merry Widow. Act II. March Septet.Lehar, Franz
X3775Merry Widow. Maxim'sLehar, Franz
X3776.Talk of New York Medley. 10.Gee, Ain't I Glad I'm home.Cohan, George M.
X3776.Talk of New York Medley. 2.When a Fellow's on the Level with a Girl That's on the Square;Cohan, George M.
X3776.Talk of New York Medley. 3.I Want the World to Know I Love You; 4.Burning up the Boulevard;Cohan, George M.
X3776.Talk of New York Medley. 5.I Want You; 6.Drink with Me; 7.Put a Bet Down for Me;Cohan, George M.
X3776.Talk of New York Medley. 8.When We are M-A-Double-R-I-E-D; 9.Busy Little Broadway;Cohan, George M.
X3776Talk of New York Medley. 1.Under Any Old Flag at All;Cohan, George M.
X3777Merry Widow. Act II, Vilia.Lehar, Franz
X3778Ein Walzerstraum, WalzerStrauss
X3779.Auto Race. 4.Sweet is the Perfume of Summer Flowers; 5.Starlight Maid; 6.Riding in an Auto Car.Klein
X3779Auto Race. 1.Opening Act II; 2.Those Days Gone By; 3.Snow Carnival;.Klein
X3780.Top o'the World. 5.Why Don't You; 6.Side by Side; 7.Over the Snow; 8.Busy Mister Bee.Klein & Caldwell
X3780.Top o'the World. 9.Yankee Doodle; 10.Yarns.Klein & Caldwell
X3780Top o'the World. 1.Opening Act II; 2.The One Girl; 3.Cupid & You & I; 4.My Shaggy Old Polar Bear;.Klein & Caldwell
X3781Ein Waltzerstraum, A Waltz Dream, Potpourri No.1Strauss
X3782Ein Waltzerstraum, A Waltz Dream, Potpourri No.2Strauss
X3783.Soul Kiss. 4.There were Actors Then; 5.The Soul Kiss; 6.Let's Pretend;Levi
X3783.Soul Kiss. 7.I'm the Human Night Key of N.Y.; 8.My Old Broadway; 9.Happy Days March.ar Karl Hoschna Levi
X3783Soul Kiss. 1.Happy Days March; 2.My Affinity; 3.Any Old Place in the World With You;Levi
? nothing above this number in series.
X4001Lost Chord, TheSullivan A.S.
X4002Palm Branches.Faure
X4003O Promise MeDe Koven R.
X4004Angels SerenadeBraga
X4005Mocking Bird, Variations.Webber
X4009Star Spangled BannerKey
X4010Marguerite. Romanza.White C.A.
X4011Flower Song?
X4012Queen of the Earth.Pinsuto, Ciro
X4013In Old MadridTrotere
X4014La Paloma. (The Dove).Yradier
X4015Last Rose of Summer, The.?
X4021Alla Stella Confidente. [conflicts 4 examples of Marseillaise seen]Robandi
X4021Marseillaise, La. HymnDe Lisle
X4023Love's Old Sweet SongMolloy
X4024Sweet & LowBarnby, Joseph
X4026.Bugle Calls & War Songs. 4.Tramp, Tramp; Tramp; 5.When Johnny Comes Marching Home; 6.DixieVarious
X4026Bugle Calls & War Songs. 1.Star Spangled Banner; 2.Rally Round the Flag; 3.Marching Thro' Georgia;Various
X4027Annie Laurie.Trad?
X4031KillarneyBalfe M.W.
X4033Come Back to ErinClaribel
X4034AfterwardsMullen J.W.
X4035Pure as Show. Idylle.Lange
X4036When You & I were Young. [number indistinct]?
X4037Six Songs. Annie Laurie, Last Rose of Summer, Swanee River,Various
X4037Six Songs. Believe Me if Those Endearing Charms, My Old Kentucky Home, Auld Lang Syne.Various
X4040Wizard of the Nile. Star Light, Star Bright.Herbert V.
X4041La Paloma, The Dove.?
X4042My Pearl's a Bowery Girl.Mack
X4043Flee as a Bird. (Spanish Melody)?
X4046Holy City, TheAdams S.
X4049O'er Silvery Waves.Phelps
X4050Love's Confession.Lege W.
X4051Bedouin Love SongPinsuti, Ciro
X4053Farewell. (Adieu).Schubert
X4055Goodnight, My ChildAbt
X4056Say Au Revoir, But not Good-bye.Kennedy
X4057Song That Reached My Heart, The.Jordan
X4060When the Swallows Homeward FlyAbt, Franz
X4062I would that my LoveMendelssohn
X4062Dreaming - Wellings: In the GloamingHarrison;
X4063Sweet Spirit, Hear My Prayer?
X4064A Woodland Serenade.Mascheroni
X4065Angels Ever Bright & Fair + Sleep Well, Sweet Angel. [2 songs?]Wallace / Abt
X4066Fritz's Lullaby.Emmet
X4067Molly OScalilan
X4070Non E VerMattei, Tito
X4071Dancing in the BarnTurner
X4077Auld Lang Syne.traditional
X4080Home, Sweet Home. variations.Webber
X4081Watch on The Rhine, The.Wilhelm
X4087GoodbyeTosti F.P.
X4088Whistling Coon, The.Devere
X4091Sweetest Story Ever Told.Stults
X4094Boss Bully, The. (A Coon Song). sung by May Irwin.?
X4097A Hot Time in the Old Town TonightMetz
X40981.My Gal is a High Born Lady; 2.I'm Happy My Baby's come to Town;Fagan (both).
X40983. Honey, Meet Me Do; 4.A Hot Time in the Town Tonight. Aronson (3); Metz (4).
X40991.Mr.Johnson Turn Me Loose; 2.She's My Warm Baby; 3.All Coons Look Alike to Me.Harney (1); Ward (2);Hogan (3)
X4101Les ArpegesThalberg
X4103Old Black Joe, Varied.arr by C.Gimbel Jr.
X4105Yankie Doodle, VariationsWebber
X4106Addio a Napoli. (Farewell to Naples).Cottrau
X4107O that we two were Maying.Nevin
X4109For All EternityMascheroni
X4111Karnther Volkslied.Koschat
X4115Last NightKjerulf
X4116Nightingale, TheDelibes, Leo
X4117Of Thee I'm Thinking, MargarethaMeyer - Helmund
X4118Fond Heart, FarewellTemple, Hope
X4120Don't be Cross.Zeller, Carl
X4124Oft in The Stilly Night, 2 VersesStevenson
X4129Ma Honey Lou. Coon Song.Statia F.M.
X4130I Want a Real CoonAdler, Bernard
X4133Caricatura Musical, Potpourri. (like Aeolian 64 tune 'Mega' roll)Various
X4134Ecos de Mexico (Aires Nacionales)Ituarte, Julio
X4136My Coal Black Lady.Jefferson
X4139Se Seran Rose. Waltz Song.Arditi
X4142Medley Overture - A Gay Old TimeBeyer
X4144Her Name is Mandy; Kaya Kaya Dance; + 2 more. Stromberg;Sandford + others
X4145Say Not FarewellMilland
X4146Le Carrousel (The Merry Go Round) Caprice BrillianteGilder
X4147She was Bred in Old Kentucky.Carter, Stanley
X4153La CascadeEmil (paur??)
X4155All Souls Day, Op.85, No.3Cowen, Fred H. or Lassen
X4158Dar's Somethin' about Yer I Like; Lucille, Ma Lady Love. Kelly. + 2.Morse & Cole
X4164Cradle Song.Gottschalk L.M.
X4168Au Rouet, Op.85Godard, Benjamin
X4172I've Got Him Dead + I Guess I'll Have to Telegraph my Baby. [2 songs]Dunn + Cohan, George M
X4181Snow Flakes
X4182Monastery BellsLefebure-Wely
X4183Russian National AnthemLwoff
X4185Boy Guessed Right, The. + Piccaninnies, The.Monckton + Caryll
X4187Cote de La Mer (Barcarolle)Miles C.R.
X4188AloneJacobs-Bond, Carrie
X4192Pierette, Air De BalletChaminade C.
X4193Pas Des Amphores, Air De Ballet, No.2Chaminade C.
X4196Rememberances of Arcadia for Guitar, Zither or … [can't read]Various
X4197On the Road to Mandalay.?
X4199If I Were a …. [can't read]. Etude. Henselt
X4201Alla Stella ConfidenteRobandi
X4204Dolce Far Niente, Op.7, No.4Orth, John
X4212Gavotte Humoreske, Op.7, No.1Schuett
X4214Day in Venice, A. The GondoliersNevin, Ethelbert
X4216Day in Venice, A. Venetian Love Song + Goodnight.Nevin, Ethelbert
X4217Day in Venice, A. Dawn.Nevin, Ethelbert
X4219Postillion, The.Molloy
X4224Gypsy Airs, Op.119, No.4Eilenberg, Richard
X4225Nightingale & The Frogs, The. Op.119, No.2Eilenburg, Richard
X4227Golden PoppiesVanderpoel, Kate
X4232Order of Red Men. Opening Ode.?
X4238Fair Harvard.Stevenson
X4239Robin AdairBoieldieu
X4240Kommt Ein Vogel Geflogen?
X4241I Fear No FoePinsuti, Ciro
X4244SomedayWellings, Milton
X4245Tar's Farewell, The.Adams S.
X4246Midshipmite, TheAdams S.
X4247Oh Fair, Oh Sweet & Holy.Cantor, Otto
X4249My Wild Irish RoseChauncey Olcott
X4251Absent Minded Beggar, The.Sullivan A.S.
X4253Country Dance, Op.6, No.2.Nevin, Ethelbert
X4255Soldiers of the Queen.Stuart, Leslie
X4257MelancoliaBarros, Robert
X4258BadinageHerbert, Victor
X4260My Girl's True Blue.Rosenfeld M.H.
X4264Will He Come?Sullivan A.S.
X4265One Night in JuneHarris
X4268Creole Lover's Song.Buck, Dudley
X4270Salome IntermezzoLoraine
X4271Rosary, TheNevin, Ethelbert
X4272LouisianaLize Cole
X4277Musician's Serenade, Op.330, No.3 Low
X4280My Girl's True Blue. [also seen on Rettig auction so Rag-time is wrong #]Rosenfeld, Monroe
X4280You Got to Play Rag-Time. [conflicts, both same list!]Sloane
X4282Runaway Girl, A. Soldiers in the Park.Monckton, Lionel
X4289Bubbling Spring.Rive-King
X4291Palms, The.Kunkel, Charles
X4292Old Folks at Home. Concert Paraphrase by Charles Kunkel.Foster S.
X4293Alpine Storm, Op.105.Kunkel, Charles
X4295Rippling waves, ImpromptuKunkel, Jacob
X4304Cloister Bells. Reverie.Read, Edward M.
X4305Ballet Mignon [just said 4305 not X4305]
X4308Album LeafBell, Gus
X4312My Rainbow Coon.Sloane A.B.
X4316Ameer, The. Fond Love, True Love.Herbert, Victor
X4317Mosquitoes Parade, The. A Jersey ReviewWhitney, Howard
X4319Home Sweet HomeArr. Dudley Buck
X4320IntermezzoDe Prosse, Angelo
X4323SummerChaminade C.
X4325Rosemonde - Dream of an EveChaminade C.
X4328Songs of England, Rule, Britannia!Dr. Arne
X4334Last Rose of Summer, Annie Laurie, Swanee River, Auld Lang Syne. [needs checking]Various (actually seen)
X4334Songs of England. The Wolf Shield (suspect numb
X4335Blue EyesLane
X4336Slavery Days. SelectionSwift, George
X4338Valse ArabesqueLack, Theodore
X4341Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes - C?
X4343Tale of The Kangaroo, The.Luders, Gustave
X4344Union, Paraphrase de ConcertGottschalk L.M.
X4346Songs of Wales
X4347Der Rattenfanger.Engelhardt, Robert
X4355Past & FutureDe Koven R.
X4357My Jersey Lily.Von Tilzer, Harry
X4360Fetch Yo' Baby Home. as sung by Weber & Fields.Stromberg, John
X4365Cadet Girl, The. Am I a School Girl, Wife or Widow.Ludwig, Edmund
X4369Limit, The. Medley Overture.Meacham F.W.
X4371Monks of Malabar, The. Joseph, James & John.Englander, Ludwig
X4379Ocean Surf (etude de concert)Guilder
X4381Love's Frolic. [Compo also told V.Herbert].Briegel C.F.
X4384Songs of England. The Anchor's Weigh'd.Braham
X4386Afranquessa [spelling ?]Costa P.M.
X4387Valse, Op.10, No.2 [or No.10 - conflicts r clark 1 + 2 lists]Rachmaninoff
X4390Pas Serpenteen Blueti [unclear]Grossman L.
X4391Bamboula, Danse de NegresGottschalk L.M.
X4401Wnemlia Pesne Sslowia.not given
X4408Moscow Fantasie, Op.195.Oesten
X4412Angelus d'apres Jean Francois Millet.Sieveking, Martinus
X4414Tick Tock Tocking of the Clocking on her Stocking, The.Spaulding George L.
X4418Der Abend, Romance.Monjuschko (?)
X4424Valse CapriceConrath
X4426Mandolina, Mexican SerenadeLangley
X4427Longing for Home, Op.210.Jungmann A.
X4430La LivryChaminade C.
X4431Kathleen Mavourneen, Transcription Op.155Richards B.
X4435Messenger Boy, The.Monckton, Lionel
X4443Gavotte in Grey. In the Twilight I am Dreaming.De Koven R.
X4444In Naples FairBowers
X4445Two Irish Eyes of Tender BlueDresser, Paul
X4448Brook's Lullaby, The. Op.62Gilder, John Francis
X4452Il Ruslgnuolo Op,21, No.5. [In My Neighbour's Garden].Nevin E.
X4454Le Reveil des Sylphes, Op.72Ketterer E.
X4459I Promise YouHolst, Edward
X4460My Blushin' Rose.?
X4464MadrilenaWachs, Paul
X4469Hongroise, Op.93, Pas de Quatre.Labadie H. (or Labadiere)
X4472England's Thanks to AustraliaFlowitt, Amy
X4473Valse Brilliante, in Ab.Moszkowski
X4481Reminiscenses of Scotland. arr by Fred GodfreyVarious
X4483In Summer Time. Gavotte.Barker R.H.
X4486We Part To Meet Again. Ballad.De Koven R.
X4487Bedouin Love SongHawley C.B.
X4488Till DeathMascheroni, Angelo
X4493Der Storm Auf Plattensee Phantasie?
X4494Of A' The Airts + Bluebells of ScotlandRidell R.S.
X4498Tarantelle Op 14Nicolas Rubinstein
X4500The Honeysuckle And The BeeWm H Penn
X4505Sunshine & ShadowWellings, Milton
X4508Caller Herrin. trans by Emile Berger.Scotch Melody
X4509Balmoral, Fantasie on Scotch AirsDe Sivrai
X4510Flowers of the Forest, The.Berger
X4511Rob Roy, Fantasie on Scotch AirsFoster
X4512Strathern. Fantasia on:- The Rowan Tree; And Who is This Comin.Cunio, Angelo
X4513Voices from the Hillside, FantasieRockstro W.S.
X4515Mountain Echoes, FantasieRockstro W.S.
X4516Scotland, FantasieBoyton or Smith ??????
X4518Cupid Might have been A Little Coon, from The Explorers WalzerLewis H.
X4522Salambo, Intermezzo OrientalMorse, Theo
X4524Heather BellsRockstro W.S.
X4526Goodbye Dolly GreyBarnes
X4532I Can't Tell Why I Love You, But I DoEdwards, Gus
X4541Russischer VolkstanzNapravnik E.
X4542Golden Bells, Op.38, Caprice de ConcertSmith, Sydney
X4546Consuelo. Feliz Encuentro DanzaCampos, J. Morel
X4553Go Way Back And Sit DownAl Johns
X4563RitournelleChaminade C.
X4567Echo Barcarolle.Stanislaus, Henri
X4569Killarney, Trans by Sydney SmithBalfe M.W.
X4574Barchetta. Op.21, No.3.Nevin E.
X4576Valse Styrienne.Wollenhaupt H.A.
X4578Como GavotteHenri Stanislaus
X4590Valse Brillante.Stanislaus, Henri
X4591Noblesse GavotteCante C.
X4597Ay De Mi!Hargreaves F.A.
X4601Sea Song of Gofran, The. [or Gafran]Stanislaus, Henri
X4603Come Out Dinah, on The Green - Darkey Serenade.Johnson, Rosamond
X4605Ichasoan. Barcarola.Larregla, Joaquin
X4615Titania, Op.116.Smith, Sydney
X4618Kittie WellsBrigham Bishop T.
X4621Days That Are No More, The.Blumenthal, Jacques
X4623Original Shirt Waist Coon, The.Wuthenow, William
X4625Rosita - Porto Rican Dance.Missud Jean M.
X4638Carnival Dance, Op.69.Gilder, John Francis
X4642God Save the King. Fantasia.arr Kuhe
X4643Whoa Bill. A Country Characteristic.Von Tilzer, Harry
X4647Staccato Caprice.Vogrich, Max
X4648Rag-Time IntermezzoSilver, Maxwell
X4655Remember Me No More.Hope, Owen
X4659Amaryllisarr by Henry Ghys
X4663Ballade in Db, Op.119.Bartlett, Homer N.
X4664Ungarische ZigeunerweisenTausig, Carl
X4665Etude de Concert, No.3, Automne.Harris, Clement
X4666Cupid's Garden, IntermezzoEugene, Mex
X4669Etude de Concert, No.2, l'Ete.Harris, Clement
X4677Little Duchess. Violets.?
X4678Trust in God. into Martin Luther's Choral - A Strong Tower is Our God.Melnotte, Claude
X4680My Little Texas RosebudBurnett, Jack
X4681She rests by the Suwanee River.Stanford, Tony
X4684Let Me Dream AgainSullivan A.S.
X4694Cascade de Roses?
X4695Nell Gwyn. Merrymakers Dance. [box spelling]German E.
X4697Etincelles, Op.36, No.6Moszkowski
X4700Cabaletta, Op.83Lack, Theodore
X4702Hiawatha, Op.6, Summer IdylleMoret, Neil
X4703Nell Gwynne, Pastoral DanceGerman E.
X4709Minuetto, Op.23.Chaminade
X4710Czardas, No.1Michiels, Gustav
X4712Czardas, No.2Michiels, Gustav
X4714Down South, American SketchMyddleton ??
X4715Nell Gwynne, Country DanceGerman E.
X4719Nocturno For Flute.Alcorta, Amancio
X4720Promise of Life, The. transcribed by Chas Godfrey.Cowen, Fred H.
X4723Valse Brillante, Op.6Schulhoff J.
X4728Mackintosh's Lament?
X4731Under the Bamboo TreeCole, Bob
X4732Susie Woosy. “Twirly Wirly”.Stromberg, John
X4735Sur Le Lac, Op.109, Esquire MusicaleSmith, Sydney
X4740HusheenNeeham, Alicia Adeliad
X4741Woodland MadigralA. Ratten, Robert
X4746Dear Homeland, The.Slaughter, William
X4750Czardas, No.4, Danse StyrienneMichiels, Gustav
X4752Good Night, Good Night Beloved (Serenade)Balfe
X4753Marsch-HumoreskeErnest R. Kroeger
X4754In Arcady, Op.16, No.1 A Shepherd's Tale.Nevin E.
X4755In The Good Old SummertimeGeorge Evans
X4758In Arcady, Op.16, No.3, Lullaby.Nevin, Ethelbert
X4759Broken Melody, The.Van Biene
X4760In Arcady, Op.16, No.2, Shepherds All & Maiden Fair.Nevin, Ethelbert
X4784PatrolWest, Alfred H.
X4788Reminiscences of EnglandFred Godfrey
X4792Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
X4796My Queen.Blumenthal, Jacques
X4801Lillian Lee, Variations.Oaks C.H.
X4802Humors of Donnybrook, The. (Irish Overture)arr Carl Volti
X4809My Dearest HeartSullivan A.S.
X4810Reponse D'Amoureuse, Valse Lente.Berger R.
X4814Songs of Wales Potpourri. Intro 3.All Through the Night; 4.The Bells of Aberdovey; 5.The Dove.Various
X4814Songs of Wales Potpourri. Intro The Millers Daughter. The War Song of The Men of Glamorgan;Various
X4822Tete - A - TeteWheatley
X4823Tessie - You Are The Only Only Only?Anderson, Will R.
X4826Sunburst, A Novelty.arr by W.Paris Chambers. Filder, John Fr.
X4827Salut D'Amour, Op.12Elgar, Edward W.
X4828Santa Lucia, Op.196, No.144. “Hold Lachelt Luna”. Neapolitanisches Volkslied.Krug D.
X4829Anona, Intermezzo Two StepGrey, Vivian
X4836Sweet Spirit, Hearing PrayerGimbel C.
X4841Love's Caprice. Morceus Caracteristique.Heindl, Max
X4842By The Sycamore TreeMax Hoffman
X4849Flower of Dixie Land, TheJohnson, Rosamund
X4851O Dites Lui, Op.66Ketterer E.
X4852Reminiscences of Ireland.arr Fred Godfrey
X4853Exultation, Op. 37. No.1 EtudeFoerster Ad. M.
X4856Dreams of the Past. Fantasie.Mack E.
X4860AriosoFrey, Adolf
X4863Ki-Yo, Indian Love Song.Lewis, Andy
X4864Hyacinth Intermezzo, The.Lyon-Hatch, Emma
X4878Overture in D, Op.9, No.1Kinross, John
X4879Postlude in A Minor, Op.9, No.12Kinross, John
X4880Felice, Op.124, Canzonetta.arr by A.Pinter. Langey, Otto
X4882Laces & Graces, A NoveletteSalzer & Bratton
X4887Gondolier, The - IntermezzoPowell W.C.
X4888Chanson de Matin, Op.15, No.2,arr by H.Brewer Elgar, Edward W.
X4895Under the Anheuser Bush. (Down at the old Bull & Bush!).Von Tilzer, Harry
X4898TeasingVon Tilzer A.
X4899Big Indian Chief. Johnson, Rosamond
X4900Zenobie. A Hindoo Love Song.King, Robert A.
X4902Egypt (My Cleopatra).Rummer
X4907Shepherd Boy, The.Wilson G.D.
X4908Come To Me, Sweetheart.Bartlett J.C.
X4913Nancy Clancy (Higgledy, Piggledy)Maurice Levi
X4914The Witches (Isle of Spice)Paul Schindler
X4920Variations on an American Air.Flagler
X4923College OvertureMoses, Theo
X4928Little Johnny Jones. Yankie Doodle Boy [Dandy].Cohan, George M.
X4932Little Johnny Jones. Selection.Cohan, George M.
X4938I'm Just Crazy 'Bout YouKarch, Fred
X4942Mill's Merry Melodies, No. 6.Arr. by Everett J. Evans
X4948Trinity. Intermezzo, Op.445.Tobani, Theo M.
X4950Angels Slumber, The. Cradle Song.Monestel A.
X4951Melodie Du Soir.Shelley H.R.
X4953Alpine Fantasia, Op.452.Moses-Tobani, Theo
X4957Melodie Du Soir.Shelley H.R.
X4960Danse EcossaiseBaker
X4965In The Great Beyond. Meditation Religioso.Brooks, Ellis
X4969Eldorey, Ballet IntermezzoVon de Mehden Jnr, Lou
X4972Moonlight, A SerenadeMoret, Neil
X4974Sweet - Heart. [July 1906].Neidlinger W.H.
X4975Rockin' in de Win. A Racoon LullabyNeidlinger W.H.
X4984Broadway Jingles: Medley.Arr. by Frank Saddler
X4990Dance of The Song Birds [July 1906].Richmond, Benjamin
X4991.Chief Medley. 5.Sally Ann; 6.You're My Heart's Desire; 7.I Love You; 8.Nellie Dean;Various
X4991.Chief Medley. 9.Tammany.arr by W.C. O'Hare Various
X4991Chief Medley. 1.Prettiest Girl in Borneo; 2.Star of my life; 3.Soldier Man; 4.He's Me Pal;Various
X4992Angel Voices ever Near. ReverieSweet A.S.
X4993Dream of Paradise, A.Freeman, Jas J.
X4994In My Merry OldsmobileEdwards, Gus
X4995My Old, Old Home. Three verses. Not given in Catalogue
X4996Thine Eyes So Blue & Tender (Mit Deinen Blauen Augen). paraphrase by E.Klein.Lassen E.
X4997.All Hits Medley. 4.Neath the Pine of Vermont; 5.Wine, Wine, Wine; 6.Farewell Soldier Boy;Ascher - Mahl
X4997.All Hits Medley. 7.On the Dear Old Beach; 8.Spellbinder, Intermezzo.Ascher - Mahl
X4997All Hits Medley. 1.Land of the Red, White & Blue; 2.My Carolina Lady; 3.Only the Beautiful Stars;Ascher - Mahl
X4998.Duke of Duluth, The. 4.No Peach Hangs Too high for Him; 5.If My Man Could Do It For Me; 6.Rosita;Witt, Max
X4998.Duke of Duluth, The. 7.What's The Use of Working; 8.The Sweetheart of My Childhood;Witt, Max
X4998.Duke of Duluth, The. 9.Through All Eternity; 10.Strenuous.arr by Robert Recker. Witt, Max
X4998Duke of Duluth, The. 1.Ensemble Act I; 2.Death or Victory; 3.Dainty Dresden Shepherdess;Witt, Max
X4999In Tammany Hall, Selection.arr by William M. Redfield Schwartz J.
X5001Stabat Mater, Cujus AnimamRossini
X5002Stabat Mater, InflammatusRossini
X5003Threre is A Green Hill Far AwayGounod
X5005Jseun de Vivi. arranged from Attila.Verdi
X5006Twelfth Mass, GloriaMozart
X5007Messiah, I Know That My Redeemer LivethHandel
X5008Creation. With Verdure Clad.Haydn
X5009Messiah, Hallelujah ChorusHandel
X5011Ave Maria.Schubert
X5012Ave Maria Bach -Gounod
X5015Hark, Hark. My SoulDykes
X5016Abide With MeMonk
X5016Stabat Mater Pro PeccatisRossini
X5017Lead Kindly Light.Dykes J.B.
X5018Regina CoeliGiorza, Paolo
X5021Ave MariaOwens B.
X5022Father, O Hear UsPalmer
X5023Stabat Mater. Duett. Quis est Homo. + Cavatine.Rossini
X5024Six Hymns, SelectionVarious
X5026Stabat Mater, ChorusRossini
X5028Cantique de Noel. O Holy Night.Adam, Adolphe
X5030Messiah. [part not given].Handel
X5032O ParadiseBarnby, Joseph
X5033St. Cecelia Mass, SanctusGounod
X5034Elijah, O Rest in The LordMendelssohn
X5036Jesus, Lover of My Soul; Rock of Ages; Gottschalk Hymn; I Love to Tell the Story; Nearer My God to TheeVarious
X5037Where is My Boy Tonight?Lowry
X5038Throw Out the Life-line.Stebbins
X5039Messiah. [part not given].Handel
X5040Messiah, All We Like Sheep Have Gone AstrayHandel
X5044Dead March in Saul.Handel
X5046Requiem Mass. Lacrymosa.Verdi
X5047Requiem Mass. Lux AeternaVerdi
X5049Requiem Mass. Requiem & Kyrie.Verdi
X5053St. Paul Chorus, How Lovely are The MessengersMendelssohn
X5057King of Love My Shepherd is, The.Gounod [unclear]
X5060Creation Aria, The. In Native WorthHaydn
X5062Rock of AgesHastings
X5064It is the Lord's Own Day. Quartette.Kreutzer
X5065Judas Maccabaeus. See The Conquering Hero Comes. (Thine be The Glory).Handel
X5066Messiah, O Thou That ……?Handel
X5067Messiah, 1.Comfort Ye My People; 2.Every Valley.Handel
X5068Creation, The Heavens are TellingHaydn
X5069Judas Maccabaeus. Arm, Arm, Ye Brave.Handel
X5076Hymns. St. Agnes; Migdol; Ware; Old Hundred; Olivet. 2 Verses of Each.Various
X5081Offertoire, in D Minor, Op.3Batiste, Edouard
X5082Ora Pro NobisPiccolomini
X5083Tell Me the Old, Old Story.?
X50841.Go Bury Thy Sorrow; 2.Wonderful Words of Life; 3.Whiter Than Snow;Bliss; Bliss; Fischer
X50844.Pull for The Shore; 5. Rescue the Perishing; 6.We Shall Meet Beyond the River.Bliss; Doane; Main.
X5086What a Friends We Have in Jesus.?
X5089Communion, Op.59, No.3, Upon Ecca Panis AngelorumGuilmant, Alex
X5092Missa Solemnis in D Op 123 KyrieBeethoven
X5097Missa Solennis, in D, Op.123, Agnus DeiBeethoven
X5098Before Jehovah's Awful ThroneMadan M.
X5100Mors et VitaGounod
X5101Offertoire, Op.87.Guilmant, Alex
X5103Saviour,Breathe an Evening Blessing.Stebbins George C.
X5105Elijah, It is EnoughMendelssohn
X5107The Elks Memorial (Mixed Quartet) Chas. B. Schaefer
X5108Eternal Father, Strong to SaveDykes J.B.
X5112Austrian HymnHaydn
X5113Now the Powers, No.1. (Klews Air).arr by Bortniansky
X5114Now the Powers, No.2. (Ancient Air).arr by Bortniansky
X5116St. Paul, OvertureMendelssohn
X5120Samson. Double Chorus. Fixe'd in his Everlasting SeatHandel
X5121Samson. Chorus, O First Created Beam.Handel
X5122Messiah. Surely He hath borne Out Griefs.Handel
X5128The Day of Redemption (Hymn no.65) 3 verses; Hail! Thous Living Bread (Hymn no.103) 2 verses.Catholic Hymnal
X5129Catholic Hymnal, No.97. Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All. 6 verses
X5133Beyond the Gates of ParadiseKing, Robert A.
X5134I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say.Harris, Charles A.
X5135Hark the Herald Angels Sing.Warren G.
X5140.In Memorium. (2 Verses Each). arranged as a Funeral March in A Minor.Various
X5140In Memorium. Lead Kindly Light, Nearer My God To Thee, Star Spangled Banner.Various
X5141Softly Now the Light of Day.?
X5144Cavalry {probably should be “Calvary”].Rodney
X5146Hymns A & M No.23. Canon (6 Verses).?
X5148Christadelphian Hymn Book, No.133, No.100 & No.99Christadelphian Hymn Book
X5149The Race That Long (Hymn no.67); Oh, Worship the King (Hymn no.42).Christadelphian Hymn Book
X5150Hymns A & M No.165. St. AnneChristadelphian Hymn Book
X5153March of the Israelites, OratoriaCosta
X5155Te Deum, LaudamusJackson W.
X5185Messa Da Requiem (Agnus Dei)Verdi
X5190Hymns A&M, Hymn 240, Pleasant are Thy Courts Above, 3 Verses.
X5197St Agnes EveSullivan A.S.
X5198Dream of Gerontius, The. Op.38. Praise to the Holiest.Elgar, Edward W.
X5202Crucifixion, Fling Wide the GatesStainer, J.
X5203Art Thou WearyChadwick
X5204.Three Christmas Hymns. O Little Town of Bethlehem. 2 Verses Each. [July 1906]Various
X5204Three Christmas Hymns. Hark, The Herald Angles sing; Sing This Blessed Morn;Various
X5205.Songs of Praise. Sunlight (W.S.Weedon); Gloria Patri (S.B.Marsh). 1 Verse of Each.Various
X5205.Songs of Praise. There is Glory in My Soul (C.H.Gabriel); Christ is Coming (C.H.Pugh);Various
X5205Songs of Praise. Count Your Blessings (E.C. Excell); Jesus, Saviour Pilot Me (John E. Gould)Various
X5206.Songs of Praise. Hallelujah, Crown Him (O.F.Pugh); I Surrender All (J.H. Van de Venier). 1 Verse.Various
X5206.Songs of Praise. Oh, It is Wonderful (Chas H. Gabriel); Lay Hold on the Life Line (E.A.Hoffman);Various
X5206Songs of Praise. Oh That Will be Glory (Chas H. Gabriel); The King's Business (Flora H.Cassel);Various
X5207O Morning Land!, Duet.Phelps, Edward H.
X5208.Sacred Songs & Solos. No.117. What a Friend We Have in Jesus. (4 Verses Each).Converse C.C.
X5208Sacred Songs & Solos. No.42. What Shall the Harvest Be?Bliss P.B.
X5209.Sacred Songs & Solos. No.494. God be With you. (4 Verses Each)Tomer W.G.
X5209Sacred Songs & Solos. No.165. Draw Me Nearer.Doane W.H.
X5210Ave Maria in D FlatBuck, Dudley. Jnr.
X5211Second Mass. Quoniam tu Solus Sanctus. [July 1906]Haydn
X5215Saviour, Blessed RedeemerDana
X5218Passion Music, Around Thy Tomb here Sit We WeepingBach J.S.
X5226Offertoire for Christmas, Air With Variations. [Sept 1907]Lefebure-Wely
X5230Mass in B Minor. No.7, Domine Deus; No.8, Qui Tollis; No.9, Qui Sedes and DextramBach J.S.
X5233Elijah, Cast Thy Burden on The LordMendelssohn
X5235I Will Extol Thee O LordCorta, M.
X5236Gregorian Vespers, Solesmes Version. Feast of the Purification - B.V.M. [what?]Bas. [Harmonized by].
X5237O Divine RedeemerGounod
X5238Send Out Thy LightGounod
X5239Christ Our PassoverShepperd
X5240Lord is My Rock, The. Anthem.Woodman
X5241Rejoice in The LordElvey
X5242Saviour When Night Involves the Skies, Anthem Hymn.Shelley H.R.
? nothing above this number in series.
X7001La Sorella [July 1906]Borel - Clerc Ch.
X7002Everybody Works, But FatherHavez, Jean
X7003.Breaking into Society. 4.Up & Down the Board Walk; 5.Columbias' Colleen; 6.Bashful Chappie;Edwards, Gus & Leo
X7003.Breaking into Society. 7.I'm The Boy; 8.Ting a Ling a Ling Ping Pong; 9.Daughter of the Regiment.Edwards, Gus & Leo
X7003Breaking into Society. 1.Jolly yourself Along; 2.If Women Has There Way; 3.My Senorita;Edwards, Gus & Leo
X7004.Starlight, Medley. 5.Daddy's Little Girl; 6.Paddle Your Own Canoe;Morse, Theo
X7004.Starlight, Medley. 7.The Leader of the German Land.arr by Carl F. Williams. Morse, Theo
X7004Starlight, Medley. 1.In Timbuctu; 2.The Rose; 3.Keep a Cosy Corner in Your Heart for Me; 4.StarlightMorse, Theo
X7005Himno Nacional ArgentinoAstengo, Enrique
X7006Floral Suite in D, Lillies.Bendix, Theo.
X7007Society Circus, A. Moon Dear.Klein, Manuel
X7008Mandy LeeChattaway, Thurland
X7009Roses's Honeymoon, The.Reverie Bratton, John H.
X7010Love & Kisses CapriceHarris, Charles K.
X7011Earl & the Girl, The. How'd You like to Spoon with Me?Kern, Jerome D.
X7012La Lettre de ManonGillet, Ernest
X7013Rastus Johnson, U.S.A.Vaughn, James
X7014Way Down Yonder in the Cornfield Alabama Cobb &Edwards
X7015All Bound Round with a Woolen [sic] Sting.Simon, Chas
X7016I've Got to Dance till the Band Gits ThroughSpink G.A.
X7017Social Whirl. You're Just the Girl I'm Looking for. [July 1906}Goetz E. Ray
X7020Meditation, Op.90 [July 1906]Morrisson C.S.
X7029B.P.O.E. Elks Odes (Opening Ode; Closing; Invitation, Welcome & Funeral Ode.not given
X7031Tenting on the Old Camp Ground. 2 verses.Kittredge
X7036Nodding Tulip, Pastorale Idylle.Trinkaus, George J.
X7037Somewhere.Harris, Chas K.
X7040Yellow Jonquis.Johanning
X7043.Arrah Wanna, Medley Overture. 3.Won't You be My Honey, Girlie I Love you; 4.Nobody's Little Girl;Morse, Theo
X7043.Arrah Wanna, Medley Overture. 5.Lovin' Time; 6.Good Bye Mamie; 7.Arrah Wanna.arr Everett J. Evans. Morse, Theo
X7043Arrah Wanna, Medley Overture. 1.Arrah Wanna; 2,It's Great to be A Soldier man;Morse, Theo
X7044.Bits of Broadway Hits. 3.Can't You See I'm Lonely; 4.The Summer Time's the Time;Various
X7044.Bits of Broadway Hits. 5.The Bullfrog & The Coon; 6.My Billy Boy; 7.Good-Bye Glory. [Dec 1907].Various
X7044Bits of Broadway Hits. 1.Flying Arrow; 2.When the Golden Sunset Fades Beyond The Hills;Various
X7045Dreaming, Serenade. [Feb 1908].Dailey
X7046Musette, Intermezzo ParisienneMoret, Neil
X7047Love Me & The World is Mine. [July 1908].Ball
X7048School Days Cobb &Edwards
X7049.Broadway 1908 Medley. 10.Merry Widow - I Love you So; 11.Soul Kiss - Happy Days.arr George Swift. Various
X7049.Broadway 1908 Medley. 3.Top O' The World - Why Don't You?; 4.Waltz Dream - Kissing Time;Various
X7049.Broadway 1908 Medley. 5.Talk of New York - When we Are M-A-double-R-I-E-D;Various
X7049.Broadway 1908 Medley. 6.Top O' The World - Side By Side;Various
X7049.Broadway 1908 Medley. 7.Knight for A Day - I'm Afraid to come Home in the Dark;Various
X7049.Broadway 1908 Medley. 8.Auto Race - Riding in a Motor Car; 9.Talk of New York - I Want You;Various
X7049Broadway 1908 Medley. 1.Merry Widow; 2.Oh! The Women! Waltz Dream, Love's Roundelay;Various
X7050.Burning the Midnight Oil. 3.Brown October Ale (De Koven R.); 4.A Francesca (Costa);Various
X7050.Burning the Midnight Oil. 5.Stein Song (Bullard); 6.Radium Dance (Schwartz).arr George Swift. Various
X7050Burning the Midnight Oil. (A Stag Uproar). 1.We Won't Go Home Until Morning; 2.Stein Song (Luders);Various
? nothing above this number in series.


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